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World History Grading Policy

World History Testing Policy

Your grade in class should reflect your actual learning.  In order to make that more accurate,  your World History quarter grades will now be calculated as follows:

Daily Work/Homework: 20%

Quizzes and Tests: 80%

If a student scores below 70% on a test/quiz, (s)he will be required to retest, in an attempt to score a minimum of 70%

Should, after 2 re-tests, the student still fail to achieve a 70% score, (s)he will be given a take-home, “open-book,” essay test – a few questions designed to give the student an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes.  If that essay is deemed unacceptable, the teacher will provide specific input as to areas that do not show sufficient understanding, and the essay may be redone.

Retake test/quiz scores will be given a maximum of 70% in the grade book.

  • Students are now able to retake 2 passed tests/quizzes per semester, regardless of the original grade, for a better grade.
  • There is no other extra credit available.

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