Imperialism Timeline

Imperialism Timeline

1763 End of Seven Years; Great Britain Gains control of India
1830 France occupies Algeria
1839 The Opium War begins
1842 Opium War ends with Treaty of Nanking
1850 The Taiping Rebellion in China; Chinese revolts against the manchu rulers, millions killed
1853 Commodore Perry opens up trade with Japan
1857 The Sepoy Mutiny agaist British rule in India takes place
1858 India comes under direct rule by Great Britain
1869 Suez Canal completed
1870 Cecil Rhodes arrives in Cape Town, South Africa
1875 Great Britain gains control of the Suez Canal and begins to establish a protectorate of Egypt (in 1882)
1884-1885 International Conference on Berlin meets to establishguidelines for European Imerialism in Africa
1882 British land troops in Egypt
1885 Germany controls German East Africa
1886 British take over Burma
1899-1901 The Boxer Rebellion in China against Westerners takes place
1899 Open Door Policy is proposed by the United States for China
1899-1902 Boer War; British crush rebellion by Dutch farmers in South Africa
1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War; Japan takes Korea and Port Arthur from Russia
1910 Union of South Africa is formed
1911-1912 Manchu Dynasty overthrown; Dr. Sun Yat-Sen named President of Chinese Republic

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  3. we learned that the Chinese are hording these metals. rare earth meatles are used for tvs and computers and phones. i don’t think they should be doing this because its just not fair.

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