In the technology-rich environment of Silicon Valley, a school is going technology-free:  no computers, no SMART boards, no Internet.  These things are being replaced with chalkboards, physical activity…and an old-fashioned education.


The question for you is:  Will this make for a better education? WHY OR WHY NOT?


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  1. Yes I think it would help because more kids now a days learn more things on the internet, and it would be easier to show kids how to break thing down step by step!

  2. i don’t think it will give a better education because with technology you can get things done so much easier and quicker and more inefficiency and people today are so used to use technology that it is almost second nature.

  3. I think they should have half technology and half not because. with technology you can look up more things and get a better understanding of it and and you don’t have to carry books and pencils to class. With just chalkboards and paper you can still interact with other people.

  4. We have to accept that technology is advancing and old fashioned teaching is a thing of the past. New technology can make school better, but that one girl was right when she said that technology is also a distraction. I think we should all just embrace the future and technology because it’s not like it’s going to disappear. Technology will only become more persistent until the point where you can’t really avoid it.

  5. I think that this can be good. I think this because everything is digital now and doing no digital can be good and not good. This can be good for some and also not good for other people.

  6. I think this is better for these kids because it will cost a little bit less to go to college if the do good in high school. If the school takes out all of the distractions from the school the kids could concentrate more. This will help them do good in high school.

  7. The schools have technology because the definition of technology is is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. Therefore every thing in the classroom besides the organic beings are technology.

  8. I think that the education will be better because you can focus easily. Also it will be easier to stay awake because of the physical activity and not having to be staring at a computer screen the whole time.

  9. i think the school should be half and half. Although i do like working in the book more, i think some kids work better on the computer. The computers help us learn new things, but working from hands on activities is better.

  10. Yes, it will make for a better education. It’s cheaper for the schools in the long run, without constantly having technological issues. I having been homeschooled with a similar style of education until this year (no technology, using books, etc.), I know that it is better this way. I learned more than I learn now, and you have a greater responsibility. You cannot just copy and paste answers into things, and cheating is harder, so you have to actually learn. I truly feel that right now we are immersing ourselves too much in technology. We would benefit more without it. Listen to that, rates of kids going to college is 90% higher than those in public schools! Why can we not do the same thing? We cannot just depend upon technology all the time. It’s a shame that other kids disagree with me.

  11. I think it is better to have a social if instead of being behind a computer and be able to interact with people

  12. i dont think it gives you a better education because when you get to collage everything is technological. You wont even know what your doing.

  13. I think that it would make somewhat of a better education, because you won’t be so distracted with the computer. You’ll be able to do your work without having the erg to play a game. You can be more active and can talk to people more often. The only problem would be that in some jobs you have to work with computers.

  14. I don’t think going the traditional way will make for a better education.I think schools need a little bit of both.They need technology so they have access to more information and so they learn technology skills that they need later in life.But they also need to learn social skills that will be helpful later in life.

  15. I think that there are good aspects of both types of school. In the no-tech school the students are learning more hands on and they are interacting much more with the other students. Some people would argue that it is better to learn this way than with technology. Personally i think that it would be good to have school like this but with some technology as well. If i had to choose between the two types of school I would probably choose the more technologically advanced way, but wouldn’t mind the other way of learning.

  16. I do not think having a school without any technology is not a good thing. The class i am in right now is a class with computers, it has taught me a lot about technology and the resources it can give you. Students should have technology in school because our world is mainly made up of technology these days.

  17. Yes it will make for a better education. It saves money for other things that the school needs. There is actual teaching going on, and no distractions. It is a better way to learn things because then you don’t have the interruption of somebody playing something and keeping you from doing what you need to do. I think we would benefit more without it because of all the distractions and you would actually learn better.

  18. i think it truly depends on how a child learns best. If using a computer is how a person learns better then they should work on a computer. If a person learns better by reading and doing the problem in lets say math on the board then they should go to a school where the learning is all done by hand and not with a computer. Either way is a good way to learn.

  19. I think it might make for a better education because some kids find technology very distracting. On the other hand it could make for a worse education because some kids learn better through technology than they do with out it. I think that whether it is better or worse depends on what the kids are like because everyone is different.

  20. Of course it will. The ACT or SAT test, you’re not taking them online. It will be a lot harder when when you’re really into the world of technology. It will be a lot better if we balance the usage of technology, and more writing, WITH OUR PENCILS!!!! I think technology is better if we take them in college. Kids nowadays think technology is better, I think it’s just not right, when it comes to important tests.

  21. I think that technology can really help a class learn. But, sometimes interacting with other people in your learning environment is even more important. Working on a computer is more of a individual style of learning instead of interactive. I personally prefer no technology and think it helps people learn better.

  22. In a way i think it will help them learn better and it will improve social interaction. On the other hand having technology there is a better chance of us learning more that books dont provide.

  23. I don’t think this makes for a good education because it is very boring. Who would want to pull a car with a bungee cord? They need to have a class, like ours, that is online and interactive with others without talking a ton. Also, with technology, we can look up a lot of facts and words we may not know about. The classroom would be so boring and not kewl. #EricCartman

  24. I believe that there are pros and cons to having technology and not having technology. I think it could help because it causes kids to not be so dependent on the computers, but at the same time there are a lot of way to benefit from using modern technologies.

  25. I think that having all this technology is bad, because students aren’t able to learn anything because they would just not do any of there work. I think that the old way is better cause you actually will learn stuff.

  26. i thing that a school with no tec is a good idea but i think that it would be more a school for me at lest compared to a school with only tec . but i thing that the best school for me would be a school that that has a little old school hands on in it and a little of tec so i know how to use a computer and stuff like that. and i also agree with what they say in how the would is moving really fast and kids need to slow down in life.

  27. Ii think it would be better education because i think that learning in a more traditional way gets people way more involved with learning instead of just sitting on computers. Also when learning on computers kids can easily go on games and social websites and mess around while their supposed to be learning. I agree with what that girl said and how when you have computers you don’t get to be with people as much as you should be in school. I think that traditional education is easier and i think kids get better grade while learning in a traditional way.

  28. i think it is better because they can’t copy and paste stuff that is false from the internet… this will also allow them to see how it was old school. they should be able to do this anyways… i think most schools should be like this.

  29. I think that a technology free school is not a good and better education because now a days everything we do is based off of some technology. They will fall behind in all the new tech things that come out and will have a harder time to catch up. Technology is the new way for us to learn and it will be part of our lives all together.

  30. Yes, I think it will give you a better education because there is no distractions in the class room no technical errors and there are no computer melt downs and you don’t have to worry about internet stuff.

  31. I think that it would be better to have a school without technology because it would teach kids to be less lazy and to communicate better with other students. Too many kids spend a bunch of time on the internet or playing video games, I think it would be good to give it a rest.

  32. No, i don’t think so. I think without technology its holding the kids back, because our society is evolvong , and becoming technologically advanced. Kids will miss out on learning computer skills they will need for the future. I also don’t think technology in the classroom is a bad resource. The tuition is also very expensive, so would it be worth it?

  33. i think that this could help use cause it well lat use meat more people and talk to them face to face and i think that cause kids are going outside as much as they did

  34. I don’t think that will make better education because much of our world and its jobs are based on technology and if kids aren’t experienced with any technology then they won’t be able to get many jobs.

  35. i think it will be because when the schools did not have all the technology the U.S. was #1 in the world for Education. With the technology that has been put into the U.S. is now in the 20s for world education.

  36. I don’t think that it will make them learn better, I just think they might connect more to the schoolwork. Also, then they won’t know how to do stuff with technology, which is important in our world now.

  37. I don’t think it will because in the 21st century most of us are familiar with technology so that would be a comfort zone for most of us.

  38. I think the no-technology could help some students, not all. It is helpful in some ways such as students are always interacting with each other. A bad thing would be the advantages that technology provides.

  39. I dont think that this is a good idea because as time goes on, it seems that people are getting smarter and it is most likely caused by upgraded technology. I feel that i learn better because of technology because if i dont know something i can look it up. Also, teachers can do more things with the kind of technology we have now.

  40. i think it will make for a better education because, students do better when they interact with each other and you can’t do that when your sitting in front of a computer all day.

  41. I do not think having a school with no technology is a good thing. I have a class right now which is this one and all we use is computers. I think I have learned a lot in this class and i’m doing good in it. Also you can do a lot more things on computers that you can’t do on a chalkboard.

  42. I think that it could and couldn’t make a better education because, all kids are different . Some would learn better in technology wise, and others would learn better with a teacher and writing everything out on paper . So i say, it just depends on the students in the class .

  43. yeah i think it will make the education better because they aren’t as distracted as the high technology schools. If the classes are more hands on, people would want to do more and do better in school.

  44. i think that this type of learning is good till a point in time when they want to go on technology and use it sparingly.

  45. I do not think that getting rid of technology will teach kids any better. the only thing it will do is get kids to socialize more verbally rather than stuff there faces in computers or phones.

  46. Yes this will make for a better education because they just took out what distracts kids the most. All of the technology like social site updates, texting, and videos. Some people are distracted by music but not all, some benefit from it. But all the things that did distract students are now gone.

  47. I think that it could help because it makes kids interact and do things that are hands on that help these kids try and get a better easier idea of what they are actually dong rather just watching a video of somebody trying to do that rather than doing it yourself.

  48. It is better or worse depending on the learning style of the kid. If he likes computers he will probably learn better on them. If not, then no. I prefer using computers because I always loose papers.

  49. I think it mostly depends on what makes u learn better, some people cant concentrate when there’s computers and other electronics around them. and some people use it to listen to music and things like that and they would be the ones that would concentrate better with electronics.

  50. I think that having no technology is a bad thing because almost every job uses technology and if kids don’t know how to use technology, they might not have a good job. So having technology is a good thing.

  51. the school is doing the right thing because all of the video and t.v. are influencing the way people think and act

  52. Well education is different for everyone. Some people learn better using technology, some people learn better without technology. I for one learn better with technology. But, the pros of using technology are that you can pull up different information at a faster rate, and view more and more information than you could with books. The cons with technology are that you cant really interact with other students (depending on the teacher you have). Also some students can go on stuff like social networks, games, or stuff their not supposed to.

  53. I think that no technology will make a better education. This is because it makes more hands on activities for students, which makes it easier to learn. There wouldn’t be anymore distractions. The students at a no technology school would be more focused and they would learn a lot more without being distracted.

  54. I think that this will make a better education because people are actually learning. They cant just copy and paste things from document to document. I feel like people who interact with other people learn better. Ever since my class has been upgraded to a class where all you do is learn on the computers, my grade has lowered because i don’t learn anything. Also, if you have a class where the teacher is the one teaching you, you’re not sticking your face in a computer all hour.

  55. I think that not having any type of technology will better education, because it will make the students focus more on school and not have to worry about the internet, also it will have students not worried about their cell phones or anything, it should have them more focused and less distracted.

  56. i think that its good because some people learn the old fasten way and computers a distraction them. that means that they art getting home work done. i would like the old way because you get to meet other people, and have fun.

  57. Even though a technology-free education allows students to interact more with each other, I don’t think that a technology-free school would make a bigger impact on the level of the students education. It is important to learn how to use technology as a young student, because in our lifetime, technology will become much more important and used in everyday events. And as we get older and new things are being invented, technology will become a bigger part and we will need to know how to use it.

  58. i think it will affect the percentage of people who go to collegre cause it affects the way people want to learn and it affects the way you learn because its mostly hands on learning

  59. i think it is a personal opinion on if you think it is a better idea if it is a g o o d idea on if you should have a tech class or not ………………………………. because um well you see a……………………. tech classroom may not work for everyone so therefor they……………………………………………would not ……………… like it. but if you had a tech-na-cul person they prolly would fav the tech class ……………………………………………………r o o m (: ahhhhhaahhhhhhhhh.

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  61. I think it all depends on what student is going to that school or how they grew up as a child. Some people learn better in different ways. Because there are 5 senses, some people are stronger in one of these senses than in the rest. If your an audio person then your going to learn better by listening out loud. But if your a hands on person, then your going to learn better by physically doing something. So you can’t say if it’s better. Duh.

  62. It can make a better education for some people because they are interacting so much with each other and the teacher verses learning things on their own and not discussing anything. They do activities in class that will help them remember what they are learning. When we read things on the computer and fill out documents and questions online it doesn’t absorb into our brains as much as it would if we were writing things out on paper. Seeing all of the information written out also helps me learn better. I think it all depends on what kind of learner you are. I cannot say that it not having any technology what so ever in a school will make for a better education because I think it all depends on what kind of learning methods certain people prefer.

  63. Yes, it most definitely will make education better. Technology is somewhat new to the world still and people have lived and been fine without it. We don’t need technology. Some of the smartest people didn’t even know what that was. You wouldn’t have to be so lazy at school either. You could be more physical and actually learn it naturally.

  64. I think that it is better for people to use a no tech education. I think this is better because you can interact with other people more and will be distracted less. Also it would be cheaper to go with a no tech than with a tech education.

  65. no, it wouldn’t because kids wouldn’t understand the old stuff the new things show us how to brake down things like problems and the smart board gives chances to the teachers to talk why we watch and try understanding what things mean.

  66. i think that a no technology school is going to help education because it allows students to interact with each other instead of just sitting on a computer the whole time not talking to anyone. they get to do more hands on stuff which for some students makes them learn more and remember more. also having the internet has its distractions.

  67. this will effect because a lot of people want to do the new way of learning. this is too good to be true because the people of the united states want the best for their kids.

  68. I don’t think that there should be an all tech, or a no tech, but I don’t think that the no tech is good because they still should be able to research things and look up definitions that no one knows. They still need a little tech, not like a smart board or everyone gets laptops, but a computer lab somewhere.

  69. I personally think that they should not use computers and technology in schools, because it keeps the kids distracted and they don’t learn as much. I think its a good idea yo not use this technology because the kids get way more interaction with other kids then there not sitting starring at the computer screen.

  70. I think that the school with no technology is a good idea, it’s a better way for kids to connect and learn social and natural skills, and I would definately go there. It’d be a cool experience and probably more fun, and easier to understand.

  71. I think that the school there could learn a lot more with computers and stuff. But, it would give them a better chance to learn about other people and make friends.

  72. I don’t think so i like learning with technology and I am a visual learner so when I can look at a picture online I learn better. I also like that we can improve our typing skills with computers because we will need that skill all throughout life. So I would say no to traditional and yes to technology.

  73. i dont think it will make for a better education because what about computer skills that you are going to have to know about in the future because whee going to an all teconolgical world and they wont be able to go to get any jobs if they dont know basics of computers and to type because ive learned alot about typeing from just being at school

  74. I do believe this will make for a better education. I think this because with all the technology right now, there is more distractions. And without all the technology students will be more likely to stay on task. Which all eventually leads to better grades. So yes I do believe it will make for a better education.

  75. i think it will make a harder education, but it will help the people attending that school learn better. this will happen because they wont just be able to use computers and go on Google and other resources to get answers. they will have to find answers in books

  76. I feel that if my school didn’t have technology that it would be really boring. So i would have to say yes it would help make me learn better. Its also good to learn out of books. Internet doesn’t always give the right answers.

  77. No I don’t think it would because it doesn’t let students get up and move around during class. The students wouldn’t be able to do hands on activities. I believe some may loss their social environment.

  78. i think that having technology in schools makes it easier to do work. you also dont have to take home books that are forty pounds and will give kids lower back problems. technology brings in a hole new interface that stimulates hand i cordanation.

  79. I think that having a technology free school environment would not be a better education. The world is moving forward in the world with the new technology that we are creating. If we are teaching the students things that don’t involve technology then we will be sending them behind. They need to know how to use our technology so that they can better be prepared for the future.

  80. No, I do not think this will make for a better education. The world is moving so fast paced in this day and age that technology is the basically the answer for everything. Kids need to have the knowledge of the internet for their futures.

  81. i think they should find median between the new technology,and going to the old ways so that kids can learn how to use laptops and things like that, but still do actives.

  82. I think it will make it a better education because some people will need some extra help and not be on their own on the computers. I know that i would enjoy it more because i feel like i am not comprehending as much when i am on the computer than when i am in a normal classroom. I have one class completely online and one that uses almost no technology and i like the one with no technology more.

  83. i feel that it will make their connection between the other students stronger than in a school with more technology.

  84. No, because if the teacher is uncertain about a question, or the students want to do research for a project, they have to do it all at home, they have no way to research at school. Also the chalk boards are hard to write on and in turn, are hard to read from.

  85. Having a technology free education will help with better education. Students rely on computers to get their work done and to have free time. With a non-technology classroom, students can’t rely on the computers to do their work. They now have to get involved with the class and they can have more social time with classmates.

  86. yes in my opinion it should because its hands on and your doing stuff with out much distractions.you can interact with others witch can improve in diff life skills.

  87. I think that the better way of education is with technology because the whole world is becoming more technology advanced so if they have a school with no computers and no internet then when they go out into the real world or even college they won’t be prepared because they were never exposed to it when they were younger.

  88. This will not make education better,because there are plenty of things you can learn on the internet at school and not having this will take from the education of the kids

  89. I think that no technology in schools could be both good or bad. It all depends on the students needs. Technology can be a big distraction. Kids are more involved I feel when there is no technology.

  90. this might make it better for education, one because nothing is now distracting them and two we will spend more time on the children.

  91. The school that decides to go technology free is not a place I would want to go. I like my technology, and I think it makes the difficult four years of high school, easier. This will not make for a better education because it would cut off the students from the forward motion of today’s world. Technology is the way of the future, and by being cut off from that, you would have less ability to function correctly in the world after graduation. It will also make collage tougher because you will go from no technology, to lots of technology and you will feel lost and left behind.

  92. It will make them all bond together and when you bond with people you usuahlly start to share the same interests and that promotes you wanting to do well in school! Many people use technology and it gets very distracting to everyone just knowing that a game or another website is just a click away, so i say that not using technology is a very efficient way and its less distracting. You can focus more better, and when you get bored you cant just click a game and play that instead of doing your work. Another way Not using technology is a working better is, you can actually work you mental and physical part of your brain. On the video it showed kids in about 3rd grade, and they were bouncing balls on both sides with their hands to advance their mental and physical coordination. In technology world you cant really do this unless you have a gym class, which you only have to take once in high school, and or you play some stupid little game online for hours. I think overall you are more better off in the non-technology world then the technology world because of overall you get more experiences and you are more concentrated on you learning and social skills.

  93. I believe that going back to an older education is a bad idea because with technology, we are able to have better opportunities when it comes to learning. We are able to explore much more with a computer then with a ruler, pencil, and a book. Plus, computers make things much easier.

  94. Going technology free could make the education better because it would make the students become more independent in their studies. But also, the tuition fees for Kindergarten- 8th grade are around $20,000 which is basically college tuition so the faculty is probably good if it’s the same tuition to go to college.

  95. I think that it would not make for a better education by getting rid of technology. I think this because the computer is very resourceful for finding info and doing projects.

  96. I think it would be a good idea to get rid of the technology because it distracts us more then it actually helps us. It said that 94% of kids that went there, went to college but the school also costs a lot of money so these kids might already have the money for college, but i think the fact that they don’t have technology is also a big part of it. I would like my classes to be like that because some people don’t have internet to do their homework, so their grades will be affected and because working on a computer can get confusing.

  97. I think that it would be a better educational place because they don’t have all of the computers and internet to distract them from their actual learning. With out all of the distractions they can really learn and interact with their peers and that is a good skill you will need when you become older.

  98. I think it will make for a better education because they are more connected with each other and they are interacting. 98% of the students that graduate from that school go to collage and they can get a good job if they go to collage and more people need to get some job. It is expensive to go to that school but if they have the money to go to that school you can afford to go to collage.

  99. I think that this will make for a better learning space for the children because they will learn and interact with what they are learning more. I am i visual learner so i have to see or do something to understand it fully. But our society is becoming more focused on the internet so it may backfire on these students later in life, like when they get jobs.

  100. I don’t think this will make for a better education because you need to learn about technology. A lot of jobs that students will get is with technology. I have learned a lot of stuff from this class that will help me prepare for the “real world”. Plus most people learn better with technology.On the flip side the kids who go there take education seriously so most of them will graduate.

  101. Although a technology-free education allows students to interact more with each other, I don’t think that a technology-free school would make a greater impact on the level of the students education. It is important to learn how to use technology as a young student, because in our lifetime, technology will become much more important and used in everyday events.

  102. I think you would get a better education because kids are more focused and learn better in that kind of environment. But if they pay 24, 000 dollars a year to go to high school, they probably try a lot harder and they have their parents pushing them a lot harder because they are paying that much money a year. Different people have different ways of learning and maybe a traditional or a digital classroom would be better for that person. I also think that they would need to have better and more experienced teachers at that school because it is a traditional classroom and because they pay so much a year, so they deserve for their teachers to be really good.

  103. I think that this is a better way for education because when your more hands on you learn better. I know in this class (history) that i have to work extra hard because I don’t learn that well on the computer and we don’t really interact with everyone in the class. So that’s why i think it would be better to learn without technology.

  104. I think having technology in classes is a good thing and can make it better but in some ways it isn’t the best. Part of school is having social skills and being able to communicate ideas. By using computers it is harder for students to connect with the people in the school. But technology is good because then you can learn new ways of doing things, and you could also possibly work at a faster pace and not have to bring things to class. It would all just be stored on the computer.

  105. I think that it would help because it will teach you to not rely on technology all the time. There are people who have no access to technology and they get by just fine. Some people depend on technology such as phones, and computers so much that they pity those who don’t have technology. Sometimes those without technology don’t want to have people pitying them. It is almost like those that can afford technology think that they are above those without technology.

  106. This is more of a opinion in regards to the question. The school both trades being keep up with the world and limiting the kids education in some ways for other things. They make this up in having kids have hands on experiences and more socialization. This is good for a future job but by the time kids get a job technology may have to be a part of their job

  107. I don’t think this will make for a better education because the kids will not be as technologically advanced as the other kids around the world. Most of the jobs in the U.S require some technology, and if they don’t no how to use them they cant get a good job.

  108. I think that it would be better without technology but we need to know how to use it if we have a job that involves using technology.

  109. I think that kids without technology interact more with the other kids in the class, rather than just being on computers all day in school. I also think that using less technology is good, but i don’t think that people should totally get rid of technology.

  110. No this won’t make a better education because almost every company and any job available is going to have computers involved and kids need to know how to use this technology because from here on out everything’s going to advance and soon enough almost everything will be technology based. plus some technology helps us learn.

  111. I think it would give the kids a better education because it allows the students to do more hands-on things and interact with other students and not just sit there on a computer all day. They said that around 94% of the students that go to the school will go to college, but, there probably aren’t too many kids enrolled at the school because it is so expensive to pay for one years tuition. It would be a very fun opportunity but it would be so expensive.

  112. I don’t think that this will make a better education because a lot of jobs now a days have a lot of technology in them and you will have to learn about it. The country now has a lot of technology taking over and to learn about it earlier in school would be good. It is important to not do everything with technology but to have some in your life is good.

  113. I think that people without all of the technology would be able to interact with people more in the class. Using less technology would be good but they should get rid of all technology.

  114. I think this will not change the education that the students are getting. with electronics we learn how to use them. Also they can learn more when using electronics.

  115. I think it does make a difference because it shows they have money and as the program said 75% of the students go there there parents are well paid by the local technology companies.

  116. I think that the quality of education would be higher. Public schools are “free” to people in the district, as you pay for them via taxes. But when you pay a private school, they don’t have the same rules and requirements as a public schools, so they can teach in many effective ways. To top things off, normally it is the kids from poorer families which struggle in school. If you’re paying twenty-four thousand dollars a year to go to a private school, chances are, your family can afford sending you to college as well. The idea is good, of technology free. There would be less distractions and more person on person time, so I do think overall the quality if learning would increase.

  117. I think that it would make for a better education. The students who attend this school have a higher percentage of going to collage. They can focus more, and learn more, and not forget what they have learned.

  118. I think that it depends on the student. I think that using the old stuff helps some people and the new stuff might be better for some. The old stuff is more out dated and the technology we use it more updated. I noticed that the high payment to go to the school means probably most of the students have richer parents then students that go to public schools.

  119. I think that it would be a better way to get an education because technology is sometimes hard to navigate and understand. Also, you wouldn’t get as distracted because you would have to sit and concentrate on what the teacher is talking about so you will get a better understanding of the information.

  120. I don’t think that these schools will help the kids because the new technology now is helping kids learn things better, and making things funner for them and computers and other technology being used in school is what most kids like to use and the price it is to get into the school for a year, you could buy like 100 computers.

  121. I think that it could make for a better education for sure if you were in a social field because you are always interacting with other students and doing physical activities so you wont be socially awkward. I also think that if your paying that much for school than they must have some pretty good teachers there that will have some one on one and other things like that which will have a increased graduation.

  122. I think that if we have a little bit of both it would be best. The kids need to learn how to use computers and books for resources so if they can only use on or another then they know exactly what to do. Also kids need to have interaction with each other so to keep a social society in swing they need to keep partner ships with paper and pencil going. Technology is an easy way for us to also get the information we need such as quick researching and typing skills. If we use both resources i think we will be better off in school.

  123. Yes, I think that it would make for a better education because they have natural stuff. Also, since their school is so expensive they might get pressured by their parents to get good grades. & they are obviously good in school if they want to trade out technology for an old way of learning.

  124. I think that this will help people with education because then people will not get involved in doing stuff on the computer they are not allowed to do. This will make it so kids can learn to interact with each other and teach them how to get along.

  125. i dont think that it matters if you pay nothing for education or thousdands of dollars you will still get the same stuff taught to your child.

  126. well i think that no tech would be good for a school so that kids would have more time to play but them moving slower is not a good thing when the hit colig thay will not be able to keep up with whats going on there

  127. Yes, I think if we don’t use technology in school kids will pay more attention and ask questions and be more interactive with other people. they said that the college rate was 94 percent.

  128. I think that not using technology would probably help with education, because your doing more with your brain than just using a computer for everything. But the prices to go to that school are ridiculous. I could understand that price for like an all computer school but, thats not the case.

  129. I think this is a better way of school for some students, but not for others. Some students need more hands on activities and see technology as a distraction, whereas others see it as a useful tool. The percentage of students who graduate from this school and go to college is very high (94%) and they have to pay very high fees just to go to this school meaning they probably can afford to go to a college.

  130. I think that having no technology at school actually helps because students could pay more attention in class and they will be able to get higher grades and they will interact with each other and get to know each other more. Instead of going on the computers I class and doing individual work with no talking or learning at all.

  131. I think it has a huge effect on how the kids learn. Working without electronics would be much better. The cost is wayyyyy too high though.

  132. I think it all depends on how the students prefer to learn. If most of the students like to work with technology then its obvious that they should work with it. But students that would like to be more physical should work without technology.

  133. this will make a better education because if you are paying that much to go to school, then you will have enough money to go to college and your parents will be way more involved with your school work. If you go to a normal public school then most likely, you will not like going to school and it will be a bad experience and then it will make you not want to go to college.

  134. I think that it would be so much better. I think technology really can be confusing and distracting. It’s better to not have technology because then you can’t just copy and paste stuff from computers, you’ll actually have to write it out. It helps with your writing to so your not typing all the time. But then a lot of students go to school because they like seeing the technology. There be attendance problems if we don’t have technology because then students may think school’s even more boring.

  135. i think that it would have an impact on if you go to collage because if your spend more for grade school.

  136. i think that because of the money the charge that would make a big differences. i think this because thew parents are going to push them because there paying a lot of $

  137. I think this will make a better education due to all of the opportunity you have, and it supply more of a hands on work experience than one where you just look at a monitor and talk to no one.

  138. I think that doing thing without technology is stupid. Like, we have the resources online, so why not save some money and use them. And plus information on the internet is a lot more updated then textbooks.

  139. I think it will make a better education because there are so many students that are getting to involved in the internet and the technology and when they do they are learning basically that they should rely on technology and we shouldn’t be we should be able to do most of our work without technology.

  140. Technology is the new thing, many people learn in different ways and technology in my opinion is a very good way. Many people get bored with books and writing on paper, technology is a change for everybody. All the answers are at the tips of your fingers. We can watch youtube videos of teachers and learn in that type of way, more movies, better understanding.

  141. Do I think having technology in schools is better? In certain ways, yes, but in others, no. I think technology in school is better because my class hour goes by much faster and I work better with computers than I do with pencil and paper. However, it doesn’t provide a strong connection with my peers and doesn’t allow much student-teacher interaction. It also hinders hands-on experience.

  142. I think that having no technology will hurt. You can not stop this technology revolution. Either you get on board or you will be left behind. We are seeing phones that can do more that a computer. We are seeing new products and ideas DAILY. now you will have companies like blackberry who are keeping the old stuff. In the end you have to teach students how to use these sources to their advantage. Well look at it right now, we have a class all on computers!

  143. I don’t think this makes a better education not using technology because when a school does uses it the students are also learning how to use the technology and keep up with the modern world around them along with learning the things the class teaches.

  144. I’m going have to agree both ways. No technology would give you much more time to do other things (physical exercise, social activities, etc.) On the other hand, if more students did use computers and electronics in school, they would have many resources to help them with their work.

  145. I feel the tech classes are getting to be to much. I prefer to have the natural, chalkboard and book way of class. i was brought up in that kind of school environment and i am easily distracted as it is. i find that from switching from the natural to way to this tech class has been extremely difficult.

  146. I think that it would be better without technology because a lot of kids get distracted on the internet and go on sites that they are no supposed to. I feel like more student pay attention when there are books or hands on things. So i feel that if there were was no technology that students would pay more attention and learn better.

  147. I think it depends on what kid you are putting into what classroom. If you put a kid in the digital class room who is distracted by the technology they wont get anything done. On the other hand if you put a kid who is struggling into technology classroom they could use the computer as a resource.

  148. I think that it would keep us more focused on our history, mathematics, and science. But we also need computer and internet skills. There’s no reason that we can’t integrate both types of education in separate periods, it may be more distracting to the students to be on a computer or it may be harder for them to learn by reading.

  149. I belive we are moving forward in technology for a good reason, It has givin us many things that we take for granted, When you com pair life back then to now we live twice as long as a great grandfather we have gained the knowledge of great and powerful medicine and we know so much about our body. Our world is reliant on technology, and most jobs have a aspect of it were you need the knowledge of working computers as an everyday task, Yes we are moving fast, but it dosnt mean we need to stop.

  150. In the technology-rich environment of Silicon Valley, a school is going technology-free: no computers, no SMART boards, no Internet. These things are being replaced with chalkboards, physical activity…and an old-fashioned education. Will this make for a better education?no WHY OR WHY NOT? Because we were put on this earth with no technology, we advance and advance until we can’t any more and that is the way it’s supposed to be. We will always invent new things, adapt, then invent even newer things and adapt even more. To take away technology is depriving them from certain ways of learning as well.

  151. I think that this would make a better education for me. As long as I could have my iPhone. I learn better with textbooks and like drawing activities and that sort of creative and interesting hands-on activities. I really don’t like the fact that we use computers all the time just because we’re never really socializing with other people in the room and part of school is learning how to be social and get along with everyone, even if you have a problem with them. But then again, the smart board does help with seeing and explaining things more clearly and helping out and letting the students get somewhat interactive. But we’re always plugged in and soon all that school is gonna be is students plugged in listening to their iPods all the time and not paying attention to what’s going on around them and they’ll stop being social. Technology has already taken down talking face to face with texting and IMing. Why bring that into school where you’re supposed to be talking and working with other students and teachers? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

  152. I do not think that going technology free is beneficial. In reality, technology is an ever increasing resource these days. More and more things are going digital. For this reason, i think schools need to introduce technology to students because it is going to be very much a part of their lives later on. Also, technology such as computers and TV’s are a good source for education. Many learning sites can be found on the internet along with typing which is needed in many jobs. TV’s allow students to keep up to date on the political, economic, and social aspects locally and around the world. It is very important that people use technology because it IS growing and always will.

  153. I think that having no technology well help the kids a lot. I say this because this way they can interact with other students. Not only that they can also communicate with teachers and get help with work. It would also give the teachers a chance to teach. not only that they are able to stay on task with out any distractions.

  154. i think no tech would be better in some ways because it gets kids more active and they get to know the teacher and kids better. also its easier for the kids. but its bad because the world is filled with technology and the kids will need to know how to use them.

  155. Do i think that a non-tech school would be better? Um, in some ways for me it would. I don’t know if i could go completely without technology. But i like having tech. I can focus more, but i don’t feel as connected with the other peers. My school goes by faster when i have it with me. I would like to not go to school with at least some technology.

  156. I think a school without technology is a better education because I think you understand more by learning that way than having a computer give the answer to you. I think the school system knows what their doing and they know that their going to benefit the kids better if they don’t have technology to distract them.

  157. I think that a no tech school would be a good and band thing. the better part of it would be that kids would get to know their class mates better and that more more money would be saved, due to not having to buy electronics and the saved energy for computers. Also being more active instead of sitting behind a computer for hours can cut down on the child obesity rate. But the down side would be that you could not do a lot of things that you could do with a computer like search the web for info.

  158. I think that having a technology based learning system is better. This generation pretty much revolves around technology, mostly everyone knows how to use computers. I think that kids can get done faster and focus better while on the computer. I personally focus more and get done faster while using the computer.

  159. i Think that this will be better for kids because they don’t have the distraction of computers or the temptation to go off task. it also allows a more natural way to learn and i feel it would be easier to learn when you only have the book to concentrate on. the students have a better chance because they can be more social interactions and are more hands on learning not sight learning.

  160. i think that it is good and bad. it is good because you actually get to have a face to face conversation with people and you learn from books and some of the electronics distract people from the learning. the bad part is that things will be slower, no more powerschool to put in attendance and you would have to have kids go down to the office to send it down there. also i don’t know what they would do for lunch with lunch money, that would be slowed down alot

  161. I do not think that taking away all the technology is going to benefit education. There needs to be a mixture of the two. Technology is uprising every year and new objects dealing with it are created. If you are just sitting there all day learning through a text book, using chalkboards, and being lectured you are going to get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. With technology we have the opportunity to use other materials to do work. With a mixture of the two you can still interact with other classmates and still learn using “the old-fashioned” way of teaching.

  162. Yes it will make a better learning experience for the children because it fits every childs learning because people do not need to learn with technology while other children do not know how to use computers and everything else so learning without technology would be fair for all the childrens learning experiences.

  163. I thin that we need technology to be tot to us. This is because we use it in our everyday lives, and if you don’t know how to use it then you wouldn’t be able to do your things in school later on in your life. I don’t think that everyone should have there own personal laptop, i just think that you should have some technology.

  164. i think that it would be easier to learn with and with out technology. it would be easier because there is a lot less distractions around you. it would be harder because the internet is a great resource because it has the most resources out of any one thing. you type what you need to know in to Google and boom hundreds of thousands of result for you to use!

  165. I think that it will not get you a better education because almost all jobs when you are older include some type of technology. if you go to college and you haven’t used a laptop in a few years your not going to get everything you need to know you will be slower than everyone in learning. they wont be as technological literate as others.

  166. yes, I think that a no technology school would give a better education than a school filled with technology. All of the computers, projectors, and smart boards get in the way and block the focus of what we are really learning. The new technology coming out is just a distraction, something someone would like to play with while the teacher is talking. If there is no distraction then the outcomes will be much higher because the only thing you can do is pay attention.

  167. I think that there is a balance that is very important to reach. The fact is that pretty much regardless of the job that you get, you will need to know how to use technology weather it is in the form of computers, iPads, or Phones, they will be necessary. But it is an interesting theory that this school has derived and I think that some of the hands on activities that they do may be better than the simulated things that we do on the computer but technology is advancing and it important to know how to use it. Think of old people…they are missing out on so much that could make their life ten times easier simply because they don’t know how to use it and I would not want that to happen to the youth.

  168. Depends on the students. I think that kids should be enriched with the internet at a young age so that they are exposed to the world around them. When kids are not exposed to the world around them they are subject to follow only the beliefs of their parents or the school system or their peers which are all they would have to reference. With the internet, they can search for any question they might have and remove any mystery the world holds. A well-educated society is something we need.

  169. 1 agree that the economy is bad and that we need to stop spending money on stupid things and i think the people creating robots and things needing alot of money is stupid why would you use millions of dollars to create something stupid.

  170. yes i think tech free is a good thing because they can focus in class and not be distracted by playing game on the computer.

  171. I think that having no technology helps. I personally think that if i had to do “book work” all day my grades would be way better off. would i be as happy probably not but it would be better then all the technology.

  172. I believe this form of school would make a better education in many ways. Technology is very distracting from classes, decreases face-to-face interaction between students that can hinder them in the real world, and cyber-bullying becomes a huge, unstoppable issue. I think these kids will learn better without all those distractions.

  173. yes, because the technology that we have today is incredibly distracting and in that no technology school they are just focused on doing school work more than stuff like facebook, twitter, stuff like that.

  174. i think it is a better way of education but i also think that having some technology is better because these kids are not going to know what to do as they grow up and have no idea how to use a computer or make a video. butt i can see how with no technology you are more interactive with other students.

  175. I think that with no technology students will less distracted and learn more because it’s more hands on and students will be able to work together. Having no technology can be bad too, because most jobs today require some sort of technology.

  176. i think that no technology is better in some cases like you won’t get distracted as much but i would like technology to be able to find the answers and learn how to do it quickly instead of flipping through a huge text book.another reason why no technology is good is because the students can figure out problems and be able to understand the problems more efficiently.

  177. I don’t think this would create a better education necessarily. Yes it promotes interactive learning but using the old boards and chalk is very slow compared to the new computers. If a classroom used computers, they would be able to access information faster and easier, therefore moving along faster in the class and learning more.

  178. I think that this will not make a better education because the children are not being exposed to what is most likely going to be a big part of the future. The children need to learn how to use the technology. The old fashioned way also dose not have the capability to teach as good. I mean come on bouncing balls from one hand to the other to make both sides of the brain work? That is absurd. That should be a part of normal childhood.

  179. I think that this could be a really good thing with no technology. Students get to interact with each other more and they wouldn’t be distracted with technology. I like how they do more physical activities too.

  180. I believe that in a type of enviorment like that would create a good learning structure and they said it had a 94% college rate.

  181. I think this will make for a better education because were not all caught up in the technology, and also were not distracted. I like how they involved physical actives for the children because that shows that they care about education and physical fitness as well.

  182. With no technology it might make all the kids have better social or people skills. That is good for when they get out in the real world. One downfall is that almost any job involves technology so they need to learn how to use it correctly.

  183. I think it would be better because when you bring in technology you also bring in more distractions. The old fashion way of teaching school with chalkboards and books is over looked now a days. They should start bringing those type of teaching methods and styles back.

  184. I don’t think that the No Technology rule will help students learn better, because they won’t be able to know about Current Events, and Natural Disasters that are happening in the world now.

  185. I dont think NO TECH helps because then you cant connect around to other places, and its more difficult to organize and keep track of your grades without computers to put them in!

  186. It could and it couldnt, the internet gives you access to so much that you can use to better your education, but it can also be distracting like the girl in the video said. I think no tech classrooms would give you a lot more hands on opportunities for things science related, but in the sense of having access to information, tech classes have the advantage.

  187. I believe it will make them smarter because they are getting to interact more and more hands on projects giving them more experience and a better understanding of how things work.

  188. I think a no technology education would be much better. When using the internet there are unlimited sites to go on. Since there are so many sites, there’s a lot of distractions. People will easily drift away on a different site and go off topic and not accomplish much that day. So providing a no technology education would provide a much less distracting environment. Also since people have always argued that sitting behind technology is worse, and to get outside more and do more physical activity, with a no technology education you could do that and learn things by doing the physical activity. Possibly this might lower America’s obesity percentage, which is extremely high right now. Yes, technology will be used in the future with our jobs, but you also need knowledge as well. The no technology education would make us more smart, and the technology for our jobs could be easily taught to us.

  189. I think a school without using any technology could help remove distractions that slow teaching down. The fewer distractions would give educators more time to help students learn, which might improve their grades. On the other hand, technology offers valuable resources to find information, and in a location where technology is so important to the economy, I think it would be a bad idea not to teach about technology. This can limit the amount of jobs they can get, which can make them less competitive to other countries. The Silicon Valley has been losing money to other countries because they have education systems that are competitive in the global scale.

  190. Yes i think that it would teach you better because most people learn better with hands on activities.

  191. People seem to be more brilliant without technological environments, naming Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Edison, Gutenburg, Plato, Mozart, Shakespeare, DaVinci, Galileo, and many others. People are losing social skills, and imoportant human traits since the rise of technology, and preferably, it should be back to standard classroom, no matter how much easier things may be with the use of technology.

  192. This school is just trippin’….No internet or technology of any kind? That’s crazy , i don’t want to be trash talkin’ this school and its employees…..but… their kinda nuts. I wouldn’t really wouldn’t like that……that sucks.

  193. I think it would be easier to learn without technology, because you wouldn’t have distractions, like the internet, and it gives the kids a chance to connect with each other. I also think that they need to have some kind of introduction into technology, because most jobs, involve it.

  194. I think that it could make a better education because students will learn to stop relying on technology and they’ll be more hands-on with their classes. They also won’t have the distraction of the internet to take away from their studies.

  195. i think computer suck there should be no electronics i think people would learn more better

  196. I think that it would make better education. Without all of the computers and standardized tests students would be a lot less stressed out and enjoy school more. The physical activity would also keep them healthier. Personally I would much prefer that kind environment over a high tech one.

  197. I think that having no technology will make for a better education. Without technology people will be forced to learn things that other people rely on the computer for, such as spelling. Also, technology isn’t always 100% reliable. Like when the power goes out or the internet is down.

  198. I can see good and bad on both sides of having technology and not having technology in a school. Not having technology will allow students to concentrate on school without getting distracted. On the other hand, having technology could be good. Students need to learn computer skills because when they grow up and get jobs, most of the jobs are involved with some type of technology, I think it would make better education with out technology at schools.

  199. I think that a no technology school is better in some ways, but in other ways it is a bad idea. No technology does mean that kids would be more physically active at recess, and it also means that math type things would come quicker (since they’d probably have to learn how to do everything in their heads). A downfall is that, while they’re living without technology, the outside world is constantly advancing. The students of a no technology school wouldn’t be used to things like that.

  200. I think that the no technology school is better in some ways than others because the students get more face time with the teacher and this can help students learn better. Also they are using physical activity to help the kids learn better, most students are kenistetic learners so it will help them learn more efficiently.

  201. i dont think this will make for a better education because the world is becoming more advanced while they are staying behind, just ask ancient japan how well that worked out for them… everybody will be way ahead of them and they will not know how to use the new technology.

  202. Yes i think no computers will give the kids a better education.It will allow the students to interact with each other a lot more.Also it is way harder to work on a computer that to write on a sheet of paper.

  203. No it would not because it would get you majorly distracted. Also I think it is harder to do your work on the computer then on a regular sheet of paper. So i guarantee if someone checked the GPA of a school with technology and the GPA of a school without technology the school without would have a much higher GPA.

  204. i don’t think it will because are generation is growing up in the middle of a bunch of technology break throughs that are happening every day and if they don’t learn how to use it now they wont go far in the world.

  205. yes, i think that you will have a better education than when you have a bunch of technology because you are learning from a teacher and not just getting an assignment and working on it. there are more things to distract you when you are on computers or have smart boards. when you aren’t distracted i think that you can learn and understand what the teacher is saying much better than if you had technology.

  206. I believe that not having any technology could help in some ways. Students are more interactive with classmates and would have more contact with their teachers in a closed environment. On the other hand, the world is constantly changing and evolving in technology, and the farther they get behind, the harder it’s going to be to learn. Many jobs are technology based these days and not knowing how to use all of the things needed could be a problem in the future.

  207. A technology free environment at school will handicap the kids. In a world run by computers, these kids will have no experience. these kids will be like old people when it comes to computers and will have a smaller range of jobs compared to other schools.

  208. In the technology-rich environment of Silicon Valley, a school is going technology-free: no computers, no SMART boards, no Internet. These things are being replaced with chalkboards, physical activity…and an old-fashioned education.

    The question for you is: Will this make for a better education? WHY OR WHY NOT?

    NO! I think technology would be a better learning environment because the students will want to learn more because “tech. teaching” is “fun.”

  209. I don’t think that a no tech classroom will make for a better education or smarter kids, but it is just another way to learn. The advantages to a no tech classroom is that there is a lot of classroom connection and interaction. This can help students get good speaking skills and learn how to interact appropriately with others. The disadvantages are that they do not have the same resources and learning tools that a school with technology have. They also cannot learn computer skills, and I see this as a very large problem because most jobs these days store information in computers. Society and life these days is based on technology, and these kids in a no tech classroom are going to fall behind and it will be harder for them to adapt to college and the real world. I think that the best way to learn is in a classroom that has no technology so you can interact, but have computers available to use for resources and to learn computer skills.

  210. I think that it would help the kids understand more things cause they would interact more with kids instead of sitting in front of a computer or a tablet. The kids would be more active and socialize more with the other kids around them.

  211. I believe that it would lead to a better education because the internet would not be a constant distraction and the students would have to actually get up and interact with the class. The new things that we are learning can be easily taught on a chalk board, we do not really need all of this technology. Does it make things a lot easier? Yes it may, but also sometimes the easier something is for you to do, the easier you can forget about it.

  212. I don’t think that no- technology is the way to go because I think it’s good to learn the new things that are being created in the world because i think eventually everything will have something to do with technology.I don’t think it necessarily gives a “better” education but both with or without technology your still learning either way. But I do think it is good because you interact with students more.

  213. I think that using no technology at school could be beneficial in many ways, students wouldn’t have anything to distract them from doing their work and homework could be done no matter what because it would all be hand written.Also much more student interaction would be involved.

  214. I think no tech teaching will elevate education because students would be disconnected from the outside world and would help them have control over their free time to school work and make them work harder to achieve the better grades

  215. its hard to tell you if it would be better or not since i grew up going to schools with technology, but it might be better because there would be less distractions and more time to focus on your work, on the other hand it could cause the children to not learn things as well unless they had a really good teacher. but im not sure which.

  216. I do not think that going technology-free will help the learning of students improve in
    Silicon Valley. I think that since most of the world is heading towards a technology dominated life, it would be best to teach students with the available technology, that way they are ready for life after school.

  217. I personally dont think this will make a much better education, technology was made for the purpose of making things easier. They wont have experience with technology which basically runs this world. All the technology is to help with school it only is bad when people abuse them.

  218. It would depend on the way people learn to decide if it would be better or if it wouldn’t. There are good things about having technology and there are good things with having none. If we didn’t have technology in school we would have to write everything down by hand and have no hand outs. If you were absent it would be a lot harder to catch up. I don’t think technology should be completely cut.

  219. No I don’t think it will because for our age we grow up with a lot of high tech things so its a little easier to use then a textbook. Also its much quicker to do stuff and its much more organized. I can for sure type faster and neater than I can write. We go through things slower when were using a book but on the computer its faster and we aren’t stuck on one topic way to long.

  220. i believe that this could make better education because they will not have to rely on technology and the drive to finish school will be better because there are less distractions. Also, there is more student interaction.

  221. I think that the traditional method of teaching where the students are learning from books is better than learning on computers. I don’t think that an absolute no technology is a good way to teach because some of the most resourceful places are on the internet. It would make the internment of the school a better place but i don’t know about the education part. It said that 94% of the kids who graduate go onto college but it didn’t say how many actually do good in college. I would make it so there is less technology but still be able to use it as a resource.

  222. The idea of an old-fashioned class room is a good idea and I think it will get people more involved with learning so it would be better then technology but most of the people today are so use to using computers and know how they work so I think it is just way easier to stick to using technology.

  223. no i don’t think so because you can do stuff a lot more faster on a computer like typing instead of writing and kids are so use to doing things on a computer.

  224. I think that it is a good idea. It’s a good idea because what use is a bunch of fat highschoolers that sit on a computer all day and have no social life…oh yea…wait…NONE.. By giving kids physical activity and no technology they are less distracted and more physically fit. They have better hand eye coordination and they have better social skills because they are constantly being social with other students.

  225. I think that there needs to be a combination of the two. In today world we need to know how to operate things like computers but we also need to know how to interact with people witch computers can’t teach. Also tecnoligy is a very big distraction to people so you need to limit the use of it.

  226. I think that you cant completely cut out technology. I understand how it can help the kids interact and be less distracted but computers are good tools that can help. With the internet you have access to a lot more information.

  227. I think it is refreshing to see a No Tech school, especially in Silicon Valley. The advantages of technology are useful, but sometimes it just feels good to get away from computers, phones, and the internet. The school boasts that it sends 94% of its graduates to college, and although they don’t take standardized tests at the school, which makes it hard to compare, that rate is better than it is here at Howell, unfortunately. I think a non-technological outlook on education improves the important social skills that are disappearing in this generation and just leads to a generally more rounded education.

  228. Yes i do think no technology would be better for schools. Some students may not know how to handle and use technology and no technology brings students closer.

  229. I think students would be more connected to what was going on in the classroom. Some students do better work on computers though. So I think it would really depend on the student and how they learn best.

  230. I believe it will not because this world is technology based and if students do not get used to using technology they will be further behind then the rest of the kids in this world. The more and more schools advance into the future with technology the better kids will be and the better kids will do in the real world. This form of education will not benefit these kids for our technology based world. Times have changed and times right now are based off technology.

  231. I think it would make for a better education because students are interacting with other people and not a computer.It also teaches them how to react in social situations and teaches them old stuff as well as new stuff. Although it would make education better I don’t prefer it.

  232. I could see this system of learning helping certain students. However everyone learns differently and technology may help some people learn better. I suppose it is all up to the students and their ability to learn new subjects.

  233. I think they should keep it high tech schools, because there is still books in libraries, we still have chalkboards but having internet adds A LOT more tools a student can use to learn. Using books is good, Using online games to learn is also good. Kids can also feel more advanced and they may even like to use the computers better, then they will learn more. But i don’t think the school should give all their kids laptops or iPads, just have a computer lab.

  234. yes it will because there is less of a distraction, and more physical activities means more in shape people.

  235. Examples of European Imperialism

  236. no i think that older teaching is a lot beater because you do not get deserted with other stuff. plus i did grow up with computer to play on and i did aver thing by books and it was simpler.

  237. I think that no technology would not be as good as having it, because things are a lot faster if we have more resources to just look things up. And also typing is a lot easier than writing with a pencil, like it can correct and spell check.

  238. I think that it is a bad thing that we wouldn’t have smart boards in school or anything I think that it would make it harder for me to learn but sometimes it would be nice to talk with people in class and not just sit at a computer all class hour.

  239. I don’t think it will make education easier because of all the things we do on the computer here. But i also think that some the things we do could be on a chalk are good but there boring. The computer thing though has teach a lot with us kids.

  240. i would say that it could make u learn better, by helping u learn with your mind more, than like using a calculator. but also it makes u more sociable.

  241. i think that it will because students will have a more hands on approach to learning and they will have more contact and interaction with their teacher and classmates than they would if everyone had a laptop or used computers all the time. i also think that students will be less distracted without the internet.

  242. No it wouldn’t because were more fimiliar with computers.It would be hard to understand stuff with out a computer and all the other technoligy.

  243. i think it would be a good thing so the kids can take a break from all the stress and work that comes along with technology.Also the better percent of 95% kids going off to college is an even better supporter of this so we can have better futures by going to college.

  244. no because with out some tech then we could not get the latest education each year without spending millions on books. plus what if the is a natural disaster and since there is no tech at the school they could get killed. but with this new tech we can see what the teacher is saying as they wright it on the smart board for better under standing

  245. I think that the style of education taught in this school is better. No technology means people can go back to the past and teach and learn how we have been doing forever. I also believe technology is one of the reasons that Americans are so obese now. Without technology being introduced, people would have habits of getting out more and exercising. Me myself would prefer to have this hands-on style approach to learning for many reasons. Two of the main reasons are that we can be more connected with our classmates because were all working together. Second, i would want to get outside and be active more, and i don’t want to be dragged into a life of being a couch potato over technology and becoming obese. This old way of teaching was good for many many reasons, these only being a few of those.

  246. I think that it wouldn’t be a better education because, some people learn better with the stuff we learn with now. We are so used to the technology and learning the new stuff that we learn now, but then again I do think that it would be cool to try that teaching way out, just too see how long we can go to school without all the technology we use in our everyday learning.

  247. I don’t think that the old style classrooms are a good way of learning. You need to be prepared to use technology in the future. The more education time you get, the more technology your going to use. So now these students might suffer in the future because they don’t know enough about technology.

  248. I don’t think it will help education because the world is uses technology all the time. You can’t really go one day without using it. The future is just going to get even more technology so i think teaching with methods that are out of date is just going to hurt the students.

  249. Yes I think it can because when your using a computer For an hour your eye site can go bad. Computers are a distraction and hands on learning is better for kids.

  250. I think that the people that are participating in this “movement” are very proud about what they are doing, but in the long run, technology is a better way to learn. It provides endless information on what millions of people know. It’s quick and easy unlike books “games”. I think that if they compared the two learning styles, the technology style would know the information faster and have a better grasp and what they just learn.

  251. In several ways, yes. There are no distractions and kids don’t become brain-dead at a young age from having an Ipad in their kindergarten classroom. It is a more pure way to raise children. There are also a few ways this is held back, technology makes understanding some things easier and I wouldn’t remove ALL technology, but it sounds like an interesting idea.

  252. No because most of the students would be too used to the new technology and wouldn’t understand how the older things work and would probably need constant help.

  253. I think this would be better because that way it is more of a hands on education and you can’t just sit back and not do anything you have to get up and get involved with it. I also think that this would this would help people understand more because then that teacher can talk with them and go through to problem slower and it you had the smart boards then you would just have it done and the students would not have time to understand how the teacher got the answer they would just talk and that is not as fun as if you could do the whole problem together.

  254. I think in some ways it will help but in some ways it will be not as good as if you have technology. I think it will be good because it will have the students interacting more with each other and it will help them to look things up in the book. But how this could be bad is the classroom would operate a lot slower than a class that is filled with technology, and also typing for some people is easier than writing.

  255. No, because the technology is getting more advanced and those kids will not understand how to use it after they graduate. They will be clueless.

  256. I don’t think a tech- free school would be more educational because you need to know how to use technology for the future. You can also learn more stuff on the computer than in a text book. I’m not saying use technology for everything because the textbook is still a good tool, but I think technology is better for learning.

  257. It may for some kids. but definitely not for me. I like to be able to type and print. it is faster and neater than writing. Plus technology gives kids more learning opportunities. If someone took away Howell’s technology in schools i would switch schools, because i need to have technology to do good in school.

  258. i think that haveing no techno schools is good for kids and there learning kids will be much more interactive and and it will improve there social skills as a student

  259. No i think it wont make a better education because it all depends on the kids and the way they learn the best.

  260. I think it will give a better education because they get to interact with others and get up and move. When learning from a computer you don’t use as much as your brain as you do when up and doing activities. And you’ll learn better because the technology won’t be distracting you. Besides most of everything we do now is using technology so why not give it a break for 7 hours a day?

  261. No i think this would not make a better education because they wouldn’t get the latest education. The new stuff helps us break down thing and solve that problem were they don’t have any of that and there reading from books ad using chalk boards. Also the new education helps us because the teacher has a smart board to help us understand more clearly.

  262. I think that the no education environment would be better to learn in than at a school that uses some sort of computer in class. The main reason is because I think technology is a big distraction to kids, and when you have it in front of you, its pretty easy to get off track. Also the interaction with other kids is minimized in our school life because we’re attached to a computer half the time. I think it would be interesting for our school to have a no-technology week, and see what happens.

  263. I don’t think i would like it because when we use technology it helps easier then not having it and it will cause us to forget how technology helps us.

  264. Yes I do think that if we had a no technology in our school it would make thing a lot easier and then instead of using i pods and phones all the time you could meet some new people and get to know your friends better.

  265. I do think that it is a better way to have schools be. When kids have internet access, they tend to not do their work and go onto social media websites. The teachers would have to do a lot more teaching and working with every student. Instead of learning on a computer, you would have to find all your info in a book. Also, It would cause Kids to work harder because they have no distractions.

  266. I think it would make education better for students because we’re not always going to have a computer here for us to use for everything. It might be easier for students but in the end it isn’t helping us at all.

  267. to an extant, yes. however, alike with the new way, it has its share of problems. n the constantly evolving world, we have shown time and time again that technology will become very relevant in tomorrows world. with out learning how to properly operate said technology, students will be at a disadvantage in the technological era of tomorrow

  268. Yes the no technology will help their school for many reasons. some kids just may have a tough time handling technology and the technology could be a distraction to most kids.

  269. No i don’t really think that it would make a better education because taking away the computers and other stuff is gonna make the kids think about the computers more and it will probably just end up in them spending more time on computers at home.

  270. I think using technology will help you learn better than having an old fashioned education. Using the technology we have today might help get kids to learn quicker rather than getting information from books.

  271. I think this will make a better education because then the students will be able to get involved with the whole class and learn better.

  272. I think that the no-tech idea is good. This teaches kids how to have social skills and be able to interact with other people without the distractions of cell phones and iPods, ect. Maybe no technology will make kids determined to actually do their work. The only downside of this is kids not having good keyboarding skills and not being able to operate a computer.

  273. yes so the students learn from a old fashion book then a computer because no one can rill knows what the students are on they just say they do but they don’t. but if we have text books the teachers can know what they are doing in class. also there is more kids that dont read a lot so the teachers make them read a part of the book every day so they can get beater at reading.

  274. I don’t think it would because not everyone can focus in a classroom without electronics. Some people do better in those types of class rooms.

  275. I think this education is not better, but different. The schools who have more technology are trying to prepare the students for jobs in the future. It seems like most of the economy now is focused on new technology so by getting more technological education in high school can help in the future. The old school teaching method would not prepare you for the technology parts of the world ahead but I think it would help understanding of concepts that happen naturally and create stronger bonds between people.

  276. I think that it would not be a better learning environment. We need technology to get class news and many other things around the world. Also class would be boring and stupid really fast. Those kids have no reason to go to school because it is not fun anymore.

  277. no not really i think the only good that will come from it will be that the kids will be socially smart but other then that i don’t think anything else will come from it

  278. Yeah I think not having any type of technology will better education, because it will make the students focus more on school and not have to worry about the internet, also it will have students not worried about their cell phones or anything, it should have them more focused and less distracted.

  279. This would make education more hands on and better. There would be more activities and lectures to teach each individual lessons.

  280. I think it would be worse because when kids get jobs, they are going to be using computers and technology so why not use them while they are in school so they can get an idea of how to use technology.

  281. I think that this wont make a better education because everything is done on computers these days. in our school we don’t even have to carry books to most our classes. and being taught how to use the computer is important.

  282. I don’t think this will help because kids are so used to doing things on computers and smart boards. Also having technology gives us a chance to learn better, and have it shown to us better!

  283. I find it to not matter no matter what. Technology or not, people will learn.

  284. I think that this could help a lot of kids with education because they wouldn’t have the distraction of the internet of anything like that. They also can connect and interact more with the other students.

  285. no i think i wouldn’t because more kids wouldn’t understand the old stuff the new things show us how to brake down things like problems and the smart board gives chances to have teachers talk why we watch and try understanding what things mean.

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