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The U.S. Women`s Field Hockey team is hard at work getting ready for the games. And one way they`re doing that, they`re training with Navy SEALs, the elite special forces unit. Katie Reinprecht, a midfielder on the team, talked about the experience: I think there`s a lot to learn training with the Navy SEALs, obviously not really skill- based and focused on field hockey, but there`s a lot to learn, not only about yourself, but the teammates around you and I think it`s been a really good team building exercise for us.

You learn a lot about leadership and what works and how to stay calm in extremely stressful situations. So I think we`ve been able to pull a lot from our sessions with the Navy SEALs and apply them into game-like situations.

It`s just a mental test the whole time. You`re — physically, you`re pushed to your limits. And you just have to learn how to cope with it and take it step by step. And you learn a lot about yourself and the person next to you. And you learn what way to push each other to get the best results.

And I think each time we`ve gone with the SEALs, we`ve learned some sort of new lesson about what we`re capable of convincing our minds. And I think that`s been really important for us on the field, and I think it`ll continue to be beneficial for this team, heading into the London Games.


Your Question: After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not?


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  1. The Navy Seals are just nuts. Even their personalities are crazy. Kids going through Navy Seal training for discipline would make people cry because of the pain. Also kids would turn into little crazy soldiers. So I disagree.

  2. I think it would be a great idea to teach students discipline by going through a Navy Seal training program. It would show all of us challenges that are so hard that its mentally exhausting but you can manage to do it if you fight through it. A lot of people need this kind of discipline. It would teach you many things and teach you that there is no reason to give up at anything in life.

  3. Yes because students need to know these stuff when they become independent. All these trainings can change your life straight up.

  4. yes because they would get discipline and know how hard it would be in the real world and understand that everything is not so easy

  5. I think that they should cause you need to know these things before you become an adult. But it wouldnt help them learn math or anything.

  6. After looking at how the U.S. students do compared to the rest of the world, I do think that American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type of training regiment for students to learn discipline and leadership. I think this because the United States doesn’t have that much discipline and it needs more, though maybe not as much as the Navy Seals. Also the United States is falling behind behind many countries in test scores, I think that more discipline and leadership would lead to higher test scores and that would be better for the United States.

  7. I think that we should because it will help teach leadership and discipline and some people don’t have either or both of them. Also, it could help make it to where some people are less aggressive, so there would be less bullying. And this would be a great way to prepare those who plan on joining the navy/military.

  8. I think American Public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach them discipline and leadership. I think that its a good idea because a lot of kids don’t have discipline. If they were taught discipline and leadership I think they be more mature.

  9. I’m not sure if they should or not. But I don’t want it to happen. That would be so scary to have that happen. But like I said I have know idea.

  10. They should do this only if the person is a really bad person and needs to be set straight. Not everyone has to go under water and possible die. Only the bad kids in the school should have to do the navy seal training. Other than those, I don’t think that anyone should be under military control. It would also be a good tool in getting kids in shape. This isn’t the greatest idea because people are too young and they could die.

  11. I don’t think that we should go through Navy Seal training. We should practice the discipline and leadership that the Seals withhold. Maybe we can do some of their training, but some of their easier workouts.

  12. Yes, so many kids need that training. The kids in public schools have no respect for their elders, and leaderships couldn’t help. We could use some more focus on the math and science categories as well, as seen in the above chart. I think that there only needs to be a little of this type of training to be effective, after all, a little goes a long way.

    • I totally agree with you. There are a lot of kids that need training. A lot of kids these days do not respect their elders.

  13. I don’t think we should. I think that we should try to be more like the Finns. They are just tanking all of us in just about everything. Whatever the Finns are doing seems to be working. I don’t really think that we need a ton of leadership skills to do good on some tests. Discipline would help for studying and doing work but that’s it. I think discipline should be something you obtain yourself. You don’t need training to do your best.

  14. No and Yes. No because it does seem a little extreme, and some students might not want to participate so they probably wouldn’t take it seriously. Yes, because some students need to learn discipline and self control.

  15. I think that American Public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training because i thing that it would be fun to see if I could do it and also see how hard it is. It would also teach’s us many things like leadership. Also i think that it will bring people closer together because it takes cooperation.

  16. No I don’t think they should. Like that guy at the bottom of the pool, I probably wouldn’t do too well and it’s just scary. I would not like to die at school.

  17. Yes I do think we should do things that the marines do. It teaches kids discipline and to be well behaved. If we did this there wouldn’t be as much bullying because people would have a better sense of friendship and team work making them lees likely to be mean to each other. It teaches kids hard work and that not working hard will only hurt you in the end.

  18. yes i think they should because some kids need to learn discipline.also some kids need to learn leadership.another thing it that it would make you strong.

  19. I think that would be a good idea because students need to be disciplined. Also some people need to get into better shape and that would be better so there wouldn’t be more bullying on weight. Some people also need to learn about leadership.

  20. a navy seal type of training would be disliked in are schools because of its brutal training but if it teaches kids discipline and teamwork than it is a good idea. The reason is many students fail not because they were taught enough, but they just don’t care and have discipline to go to school and do work. Also if we were to follow the type of training in all schools obesity would fall do to tense training.

    • Sure the obese people wouldn’t be obese, but sometimes you can’t really say that it’s their fault. It could very well be in their genes. You can’t necessarily assume it’s because they eat too much or are lazy.

  21. Yes-sir, I believe our school should have a Navy SEALs program specifically because it WOULD be great to teach kids and young adults how to work together and how to become a leader as well. I’m pretty sure it would eliminate any bullying problems the school may have as well because we sure can make them work together with the other students. So yes, I say having that program in school would be perfect.

  22. yes i do think people/ us schools should be implement a Navy Seal because it would not just be about teaching discipline and leadership every body would be in physical shape and everybody would feel good about them self and people/students would get to know each other on a hole new level

  23. I do think that we Americans need A LOT more discipline, maybe not that harsh, because not everyone is that physical, but definitely something more productive than what we have. A lot of teenagers-and even adults-take our country for granted. He are so very lucky to live here, and we need to WORK for it. Not just shoot for the average.

  24. I would have to say yes. This may lower bullying, as kids would have better discipline. It also seems like it may be fun for students.

  25. It would be cool to have a Navy Seal program. Only for those who really need it, such as kids who need straightening up or people who want to go into the military when they’re older.

  26. I think they should. I think it will teach you many things . I also think that it will teach you teamwork.

  27. I think that American Public Schools should implement a Navy Seal training. It is a good way to teach others and themselves discipline and leadership. It is also a way to get to know your other team mates better and gives you a chance to bond. I also think that there would be more respect for others. After looking at the graphic, I think they should really consider the Navy Seal training.

  28. I think that it would be kind of cool to have a Navy Seal training program. I have always wanted to do something close to that type of training because it teaches good skills and it is very hard work. I think that it would be a great thing for leadership as well.

  29. Yes, I think it would really help kids out in the future. It would teach them how to be leaders and how to be well disciplined. Kids are going into the adulthood still acting like kids and I think it would really help them enter adulthood with a more adult like manner.

  30. No i don’t think that the United States needs to be that strict against kids because kids are smart. I think that it would be an honor to be trained by US Navy Seals though. The United States education is fine the way it is.

  31. If they were to make a type of class like that honestly I wouldn’t take that class because its not something I would like but for students that are planning into going into that navy then I would say yes we should have a class that students would take because a lot of kids actually are planning on that and a lot of kids need discipline and learn leadership.

  32. I think our country needs to look for now ways to learn. I think we need to look at how other counties are teaching and learn from them. We need to swallow are pride and see how others do things.

  33. I think that it would be a good idea to implement a Navy Seals program into public schools. The charts show that the United States has the some of the lowest test scores in science and math. The Navy Seals programs would help the students become more disciplined and do better in school.

  34. You can’t go and throw children into marine training if they don’t want to. Some kids may be responsible and have no interest in physical training. You could offer marine training as a choice for some kids, but not force it.

  35. Yes, i think that would be a really good idea. It would teach students disciplined, how to work hard, and to push yourself. I think it would help bring up test scores and the graduation rate.

  36. I think it would be a good idea for kids who are not disciplined. It would teach people not to give up and make them stronger.

  37. Yes i think it would be a good idea. It would teach students discipline and how to work hard and push themselves. But I think if Howell High School would do a program similar to the Navy Seal they should make it optional for students not required.

  38. I think that having a marine course would be pretty cool for everyone. It sounds fun and you would also learn some leadership skills as well as discipline.

  39. Yes because it would help kids. It would help them learn what is bad and what is is good. Some things kids shouldn’t do in school and some are okay to do. Kids should learn discipline and leadership.

  40. Yes because the students need to learn more about how discipline and leadership work before adulthood. Also it would help with any sport you do!

  41. I don’t think we should, because a lot of students probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. Also, many people would be upset by the difficulties of it and quit. It would probably be very hard to cope with it every day of your school life.

  42. I’m not really sure that we should implement a Navy Seal training regiment in public schools because there are some people that really don’t like to do that stuff. In some high school sports like football, that would be OK, but in any other sport, I don’t think they should because a lot of them don’t require training from Navy Seals.

  43. I think that for certain sports it would be very helpful and great conditioning to push yourself and work just as hard as a navy seal would do. I think that it would also be good for certain sports because you learn how to work hard together as a team and learn how to push each other as hard as they can. It would also teach respect and discipline because of the training done.

  44. I think they should. This would make everybody stronger and less bullying would occur. Everybody would be buff so nobody would be much smaller.

  45. Yes, because it can teach kids structure and things that we need to know before going out into the real world. I think teaching this to kids will also give them a better understanding about discipline, and leadership. This could teach many kids a life lesson.

  46. I don’t think that the U.S. should have to implement a navy seal type training because then we wouldn’t have very much freedom. I think that there is always at least one person in every class that doesn’t get what is being taught by the teachers, this would then put them behind.

  47. I do think that it would help some students. Especially if they plan on joining the Army or Navy later in life. Also it could help some kids with sports. Students would become more disciplined and they might even do better in school. The students would need to be able to handle the extreme things that the Navy does though.

  48. I believe it would be good for the kids to be shown responsibility and it would be an honor to be trained to even meet a NAVY SEAL in my opinion. BTW someone help the poor guy in the back it looks like hes going to like drown or die or something!! HELP HIM!!!!!

  49. i do think it would be really cool if we had a program like that. I have seen how they train them and it looks really hard.

  50. I do think that we should have some type of navy seal program because we would get a lot of exercise. And it would be a fun after school activity. ;D

  51. I think we should have a program like that. I think if we did though it shouldn’t be assigned to everybody, and it should be optional. I think having a program like that is good for mental stability and physical. If we had a program like that a lot of people would push themselves to the edge and find out more about themselves.

  52. I think that the students should train with the Navy SEAL’s. It shows them discipline, leadership, honor, and teamwork. Basically, they would train you both physically and mentally. Also, it would be a great way to start your military training if you were to go into one of the branches.

  53. I think it would be cool if Howell had a Navy Seal program because it would be fun to do. It should only be used for teams though so if you aren’t on a school team then you shouldn’t be able to do it. It would be good training though and it would show kids discipline and good leadership.

  54. i think it would be a good idea because ive seen how they train and teach they can actually be nice and they have fun exercises that would be pretty fun i bet and im kinda worried about that guy in the back of the navy seals picture hes kinda like on his side drowning or somthing

  55. If Howell schools had a program like this I think it would teach students discipline and respect. It would be a good idea. If we had program like this students would work a lot harder.

  56. Yes, I think American schools should teach students discipline and leadership in a Navy seal type training. Because it will teach students to be strong and be more successful in the hard times in life. It will also teach students to be more responsible and learn to keep away from drugs, violence, and stay out trouble.

  57. Yes, I think schools should be allowed to have a course similar to that, to be available to them. I don’t think it should be required to take, since some students may not be able to have the physical ability to support that class, or the confidence to show leadership. I do think if schools did have a course like that though, athletes, and other students who would like to pursue a military- like career in the future would improve their athletic ability, and give them idea what the military is like.

  58. yes i think that all students should be taught leadership and other training to overcome stuff that kids will face in life. It will make them hard workers show respect .

  59. No I think that is a bad idea because i don’t know how that would make us better in school. If there was a class for this then it would be okay but during social studies were not going to lift a log. If that is all we did we wouldn’t learn a thing but I go think these stuff would make us stronger people mentally and physically.

  60. I think that it would be a good idea to have a Navy Seals program. It would teach people to become a more responsible and disciplined student. Also it would teach us teamwork skills and how to cope with stressful situations.

  61. I don’t think that public schools should be training kids to gain discipline and leadership because their parents can teach them discipline and leadership they don’t need to get schools involved.

  62. I think that the US could impose Navy Seal style training but there are so many rules that would make it illegal. I think allot of kids just have it to easy and that makes the US as a whole look bad, especially when it is compared to other countries with high academic levels.

  63. I don’t think having a seal typed training would help. People need to learn how to care about their grades and their future. People just blow off school like its no big deal and like it wont matter. They need to be more discipline and training like the navy seals wont help that.

  64. no they should have been ask to or they could ask if they want to do it. they should not be forest in to it. they should have a say in it.

  65. I don’t think that they should have it be a requirement, because maybe there are kids who physically do it, and they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. I personally wouldn’t mind so much if I had to do it because I think it would be good to be in better shape, and have a better mentality.

  66. I think that they should, it would be nice if we had a Military person teach us discipline. Because are parents are not always home to teach us and study us to see are reactions. Like instead of getting kicked out of school for a few days for like a fight. Make them go through an course and work together to pass it, like they do in the military. This would be a nice big change and a chance to learn like a military person.

  67. Yes because it will teach respect and discipline. and it will get the kids who want to go to the military a look at what the will be doing and learning.

  68. I don’t think it’s a very good idea. To launch a program like this it would cost way to much money. However i think teachers should just give out LOTS more homework and school should be 12 hours long.

  69. i dont think that we should have that kind of training because i think it would cause kids to rush and thats not good because everyone learns at a different rate so that would only hurt the nations learning not help.

  70. I feel like it isn’t necessary. If you want to train to be a navy seal, you can go ahead and do it. I also think that it is your parent’s job to teach you discipline and leadership.

  71. I do not think that the navy seals should only be for those who want to go into the army or the navy. If schools want the education level to go up then they should start doing more stuff to farther educate students. If they want to teach discipline then i think there could be other ways to show it.

  72. I think that a program like that would be kind of cool, but I think that it should be optional, or there should be summer courses too. Like how they have summer gym courses for kids who didn’t want to take gym during the school year. They could do something like that, but I don’t think that it should be manditory. It should be optional. I mean, kids already have to take atleast one semester of gym, so why make them do this too? Some kids would like to do that, and other kids wouldn’t want to. They need time for other classes.

  73. It is necessary for some people to go through this program. I think a lot more people should try to become better leaders. They should be better peers for others.

  74. I think students should decide if they want it or not. I think in the schools they should vote to see how many kids would really want to do it or if it is a waste of money and time.

  75. I think it would be a good idea. Some people don’t take school seriously and using the navy seals program would help us realize how knowledge can help us. I also think it would help with the US’s weight problem.

  76. I don’t think they need too, Most of the u.s. is fine and not bad overall so why change anything if its not broke.

  77. Yes, I do think it’d be helpful to have a skill training regiment with the Navy SEALs. I think many people in highschool are too afraid to speak out and be a leader, so in their case it’d be extremely helpful for them to learn to voice their opinions and make their own decisions, as well as learn more about others.

  78. no if it was like a navy seals training sorta thing then they wouldn’t learn anything i think things should keep going like they are because we’ve been doing good the way we are why change anything?

  79. I definitely think that schools should be set up with the training program with Navy Seals. This would be a great opportunity for many kids to get their act together and become something that they would be proud of. Many kids nowadays don’t understand what discipline really is and many students also don’t know how to become leaders. This would also help in many other things as well such as their grades.

  80. Yes, it would be good to teach morals and discipline. It would teach the importance of hard work and push toward a good future. So it would be a good idea.

  81. I think it would be a good thing. I don’t believe anyone would bully anymore ether because you bond. It would push kids to do more.

  82. I think that we should do this. It would teach kids to be more mature at a younger age. It would also show a great deal of discipline.

  83. I don’t think so. I think we already have enough work to do at school. More work would make it unbearable. I guess it’s good that they offer this but I sure wouldn’t. I spend enough time in school.

  84. no because then many kids would just drop out of school completly cause it was to hard.

  85. i do think they should make a workout for those who are being disaplined. because it would show them that they cant do those kinds of things in school like swearing and what not. it should also teach a student leadership in a school.

  86. Yes, but only to like students that want to do it. Because we need to know some of these things before we become a adult. Also i think that having us know some of this stuff will help have a better understanding on what discipline and leadership really is.

  87. yes it can teach them exercise and discipline and to show them more about them selves. by it it can help out with the Olympics and the experience as well must be great. i think navy seals should start programs where they train you and teach you.

  88. I think it would be a cool experience. I think it would help a ton too. I do agree that we should have some sort of class like that.

  89. well they kinda need to do the training like navy seals but not push their players as hard as we can and then that student have a health problem. Plus, it might lead us to think differently and take more leadership, but pushing is not okay.

  90. I don’t think that students should be in Navy Seal training for discipline and leadership. I think this because parents should be teaching their kids this stuff, not a Navy Seal program. It’s not fair for the students, they should have been taught by their parents growing up.

  91. Yes because the students should know these things before they grow up to become adults. If they knew this it will help them understand what is right and wrong between discipline and leadership.

  92. No, I don’t think they should because there are a lot of children that are not in shape and that would just make their lives miserable if they have to do intense physical activity everyday.

  93. I don’t really know. Honestly if someone wants leadership and discipline training then go out on your own and get it. People shouldn’t be forced to go through military training if they don’t want to. Although I do think it could be fun, but you really have to work hard, and together. It would be a great experience, I think I would want to do it.

  94. I think that American schools should implement a Navy Seal regiment. It would teach teenagers things that they would never learn in school. It would teach them trust from doing things like carrying a log and trusting them enough to not drop it on your feet. It would cost a lot of money but I think it would be worth it.

  95. i dont think that we need anymore studies or anything alse in are school experience we already have enough crap and if you want the drop out rate to be higher then go right ahead.

  96. I think that we should have a Navy Seals training because it would be a great experience. If someone wanted to join some type of military field this would be great training but they shouldn’t be so hard because we aren’t as old as them.

  97. Yes, because we are spending alot of money on school and getting nowhere. Also, I think it would be a great experience and fun to do. It would work.

  98. I don’t think that American public school should use navy seal training because they are two very different things. if students don’t want to have good leadership skills and discipline that is their choice not the schools. Kids would still act the same, with or with out the navy seal training.

  99. Yes, I think that having a program to teach kids discipline and respect would be good. Having the navy seals come is too much but a program that is not as over the top would be good and could help. Kids need to learn respect, discipline, and leadership which could be learned from physical activity.

  100. I think some sort of sort of enforcement should be made to keep America caught up to the rest of the world. I am not sure that it should be as severe as the navy seals training but it should teach kids about leadership and other qualities. Many good qualities come from being a part of a team that not enough students are learning.

  101. I think that if American public schools would have one of them a lot of students would be in it. I like the whole discipline and leadership idea. Plus this would probably help a little with the obesity level a little because kids would be having physical activity in there day when they are in the program.

  102. I don’t think they should implement such training types everywhere. It would cost far to much money, money that the nation doesn’t have. Although this would produce many positive results, it should be optional. For those who desire it, this program should be optional.

  103. I think that students that have problems acting the way that they should, and students that have gone too far should have to attend a program like this to learn how to grow up, and be a leader. So I’m on the middle in whether or not to have a program like this.

  104. I don’t think that its necessary that the Navy Seal teach us things, because everyone has their own limits. I think if people started to push themselves to their max that would be good enough. According to the picture thing we spend the most money, but we are in the bottom 3 or 4 for scores. We are obviously spending money on the wrong things.

  105. yes. It would be a good way to learn to teach others respect and discipline. Also it would be a good way to prepare those that want to be in the military.

  106. Yeah I think that it could benefit us because we need to learn about discipline and respect before we are adults. This could also be a good way to show students how our navy seals train and it might give them a bigger respect for them. It might also help raise grades.

  107. Yes, i think that students need to take disciplinary actions before they grow up to be adults. This is because it will teach them how to behave like a normal adult and put more effort into their school work. Lastly it may influence then to join the army an fight for our country, instead of wasting their lives wondering what they could have done if they actually tried in high school, and went to college.

  108. I don’t think that we should because it would cost allot more money. Also it would be hard for little kids. A good thing is that when they got out of school they would be well disciplined. Which could help with the creme rate and more.

  109. BUT all you have to do is not start the sentences with but.

  110. I think we should because it could teach immature boys disciplined and self control which a lot of them need. Also it could help people get in better shape. Training with Navy Seals can make us more responsible and get better grades. We should do it.

  111. I think it would be a good idea to have a kind of navy seals type of training. It would teach us good leadership and good discipline. Right now our schools have really bad leadership and discipline so it would help us with that. Also it may help us to become a smarter nation. We are kind of low on the charts so we would be able to get farther up if we use those ideas.

  112. defiantly, training like a SEAL from a young age will help us all greatly. Lessons about leadership and how to coop with situations. Also other things like respect and focus to help us in school. Lastly it would help make it so not so many kids are fat in america with physical aspect of the training

  113. I don’t think they should, the navy seals are grown women we are just lazy kids who don’t know what we are doing. This is a totally different subject, that is punishment for adults we are just teenagers who are already getting disciplined enough.

  114. Yes i think they should because it can teach kids a good lesson.

  115. I don’t think that American public schools should make a Navy Seal type training regiment for students because some people not might want to do the training. Others can do the training if they want to. And it will make people more aggressive.

    • They shouldn’t “have” to have an opinion on it. Kids can’t decide for themselves. If they got forced to do it, it would teach them a lesson.

  116. I think doing that would be a good idea because some students need to learn how to behave and have good discipline before they are adults. Some things what wouldn’t be a good idea is that some kids might have family member that went over seas and it might bring back bad memory’s or something like that. I think it would be cool though.

  117. No, I don’t think the Navy Seals should come to our school and train us because their training isn’t going to do us any good. Navy Seal training won’t teach us anything about school work. It would be pointless for them to come here.

  118. No, I don’t think they should because not everyone wants to. I think they should only make a class for it and who ever wants to be in it can and everyone who doesn’t wouldn’t have to have anything to do with it. Plus students might skip school or something so they wouldn’t have to do it.

  119. Yes, I think it would be a good idea. It would help a lot of people who want to be in the Navy or that type of thing to get ready. It also helps with discipline and leadership which I think would help people throughout school and their life.

  120. No we should not. Are serious, like do you really think students could do that stuff? We are teens, not body builders.

  121. No, i don’t think that the navy seals should come to our school and train us for disciplinary actions. If kids actually cared enough about their actions and impact on the world with what they do, they would do it. Its their decision on how they act and if they don’t want to try to do their best it will reflect on them in the future.

  122. No, i do not thing that the public schools should do anything like that. All it would do is make kids that get in trouble want to do bad things to themselves. It would also make them feel like they are worthless if they cant complete the punishment.

  123. No I do think that a NAVY seals program should be brought into schools. However, I do think that it would be a great after school program for kids who want to take it. I think that would be very exciting but it isn’t school related what so ever.

  124. I think that for some of the students it would be a great way to teach the students disciplined and leadership. I think that it isn’t for everyone because there are already students who are disciplined and are leaders. It would be a great thing for the students who tend to get in trouble often, it would teach them to respect themselves and others.

  125. Yes, I think that it would help students learn to not take school for granted. Not every one can get an education and here are students doing almost as bad as Mexico in Math and Science. If American public schools had some sort of Navy Seal training they would probably get the discipline and leadership needed to succeed in school.

  126. I would say yes because some teens just do things without even thinking and they don’t even realize that they are doing the wrong things or not. That can hurt them and we don’t want that. This will also help them grow up a lot more I mean yes were grown but we aren’t really sure what to do. This will help us teens a lot and help us grow up more and actually act like an adult.

  127. Yes because it would raise test scores and grades. It would also teach kids discipline. I also a lot of parents wouldn’t like their kids being pushed like that so that could cause a problem. It depends how much schools test scores raise and how much they are improving.

  128. Yes because it would teach some of the more bad kids at our school to show some respect for their elders and to do better in school. It would be good to have a good discipline program for the sports programs that our school has because it could show students discipline and make them better. But there could be downfalls to this because they could push a kid to far and then there could be some sort of stupid law suit over it.

  129. yes and no, i like that they are pushing you and disciplining you and well, making you a grown up and mature. But i think we are doing fine now, maybe it would be best for those students who aren’t that good to do this, but some kids are fine and don’t need this.

  130. Yes, i do think they should because It could be a nice learning experience. Also some kids need to learn discipline because of how they act. I think it would be a good idea.

  131. Yes, I think that if the schools had a type of discipline like the Navy Seals, less people would get in trouble because they would have to pay for what they did in labor with their body and mind. The punishments that schools have now is not very effective. The kids know that if they do something wrong they will get off with and after school or even a Saturday school but nothing worse then that.

  132. I think that some Navy seal training should be implemented in schools. I think that the severity of the training should be monitored, but otherwise I think that it would teach students different types of qualities. Qualities like leadership, hard work, and respect not many kids are really taught these on a daily basis.

  133. No? Were kids, those are full grown adults. There would be a lot more drop outs most likely too.

  134. Yes, I think that students should have to have that type of training. I think that it shows a lot of things and if you’re the type of student you should go there to learn discipline but if you just want to go there for a sport training or anything, that could be a possibility too. It seems like a good idea to me.

  135. Yes it think it would help kids stay in shape and acquire physical attributes that are important in everyday life…unless you work in a cubicle 😀

  136. Yes, because some people might want to join the navy, so it would be good practice. It would give them a better understanding about leadership and discipline. But I don’t see how it would help in school subjects like English or Math.

  137. I do not think schools should do this because the training can be humiliating for those who are not physically fit and bullying would be likely to happen. But, I do think some people would want to do this so, I think that private schools should take this method and if people really want to learn that way they can attend a private school.

    • The training would help get those who are not physically fit in shape, and I am sure they would do something about bullying.

  138. Having kids go through a discipline system would help them respect teachers and other students way more. They would also be more physically active through this system and would get students moving. They would learn leadership skills and to treat others the right way.

  139. no i think that we shouldn’t have a program like that. gym is just fine for me, plus if you go to work outs in the morning on Thursdays. it worse

  140. I think that it does teach discipline and leadership. Because they are forced to do all these things that require strength and agility to do them.

  141. No, I don’t think that we need to have Navy Seal training to teach us discipline and leadership. You learn throughout school how to be a leader some are born natural leaders others take time. I think it’s the teacher of you school to help you become a leader and how they should do that is have each kid to a task and rotate. I don’t think training with the Navy Seals will help you, it will if it’s a sports team but not just kids in school. Maybe we are behind the other countries but it’s the school decision and have others follow but the navy seals isn’t going to help our education.

  142. Yes I think they should. It would teach kids the importance of being a team player and how important leadership and communication skills are. Also kids would be more determined to raise the bar and set higher goals in sports, academics, and in life.

  143. No, schooling and Navy SEAL training are very different scenarios.

  144. I don’t think the navy seals should be at schools to teach the leadership and discipline but I also think they should, I think they shouldn’t because, the seals are important to the U.S. government and i just don’t think they should be at schools to teach students discipline and leadership. I do think they should be at schools because, if students want to join the military when they’re older the seals could teach them all the stuff they need to know and they could be a big influence on the football teams so the players can try harder.

  145. I Think that if a student does something bad, they should punish the student physically like, 50 push-ups or something. This way, the students will learn discipline and not to do it again. I think this is a good idea.

  146. No, I think that is way overboard! There is a limit and that is definitely crossing it. Sometimes you have to get a grip of reality and realize that physical punishment is just crazy. For some students it may have the opposite effect than what the statistics say. Due to the physical punishment they may not want to come to school at all and obviously that would be a negative effect of the system. I think it would be good if the students had an option if they wanted to participate or not so that way, those who didn’t want to do it weren’t forced but those who do could benefit from it.

  147. I don’t think we should have a navy seal like training regiment for schools. I think this because I think this because the students aren’t the only problem, we have the curriculum and teachers too. If were going to put that much money into schools then we need to get the most top notch of those two things and see if that helps. Then focus on the students, and I’m not saying to stop cracking down on bullying that still needs to be stopped.

  148. It’s kind of a good idea, but its way over the top. I think schools should just be way more strict, and teachers shouldn’t take “back talk” from students. I’m not saying that incorporating the Navy Seals would be a bad idea, i just think it’s a little over the top. Plus the districts would be paying a LOT of money.

  149. I don’t think we need to have the navy seals. That would be taking it to far. Yeah we need to do something because I have seen people get suspended a lot and and they never change.

  150. I think yes because people really need to learn how to be mature and respectful in our school. All these people think its funny and cool to be immature, but in reality they just look stupid. The Navy seals program would definitely help. I also think it would bring out the true abilities of some students that have been hiding them to look cool.

  151. No i don’t think that the united states should imply navy seal training. Because i think its wrong to make somebody push themselves to their limits if they don’t want to be pushed. But maybe it could be a separate that you have to sing up for. Also it would cost the U.S. a lot of money.

  152. Well I think that we should, for everyone’s sake, you can learn a lot of life lessons. I’m not sure everyone could take the training though, some people around here are pretty wimpy and I’m not sure every girl could take it, and Im not even sure every guy could either…

  153. I think it would be a good idea to have more discipline in the school. I think that they should have a Navy Seal type training as a class not a requirement, if students are up for the challenge I think they should take the class. I don’t think it should be required because not all students are able to do the Navy Seal training.

  154. yes i think that would do a lot of good for our society. it might even take care of crimes like theft, shootings,and most of all it might even stop bulling.

  155. I think students need to be disciplined the way the seals are. There should be no easy way out. Many children in america are lazy and really need help.

  156. i do think that we should cause the school i went to had a program like that and after students would take the class there test scores improved and it would help teach about discipline and leadership and helped prepare you for the future showing that nothing is given but earned

  157. Yes they should because kids are immature these days. We need to learn how to be leaders. There is no negative parts to it.

  158. Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not?

    I think more discipline would be a great thing, but not Navy Seal type discipline. That’d be ridiculous to use that high level of discipline on High School kids. More discipline is essential though. We get away with way to much, and I hate to say this but when we have children; I can’t even imagine how much the teachers will lack discipline. It’ll be insane.

  159. After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not? I don’t think we need a Navy Seal type environment to achieve higher scores. Comparing ourselves to other parts of the world is hilarious, Our school system is a joke, we should try an approach closer to the one the Chinese have set up.

  160. yes that way itll get kids in shape when they start young

  161. i don’t think that we should implement the Navy Seal program. they are Olympic athletes and they have been training their entire life and they are in the best possible physical condition. The public school system has a lot of people that could possibly handle the mental stress that is involved, but there is even more that can’t handle even a little bit of the stress. there are many other ways we could teach leadership and discipline.

  162. i do not think that they should because a lot of kids would begin to drop out. they don’t want to go through that because they hate school as it is already. plus adding this course would cause the U.S. to pay more money for schooling.

  163. After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Uh, no. Why or why not? That’s ridiculous. You can’t do that to children. The people that went trough that were grown women and were an Olympic team and they said that was almost their breaking point. to put children through that would simply be immoral.

  164. Yes because the students need to know these things before they grow up to be adults. Also i think them knowing this will help them understand a better understanding about discipline and leadership. kids wouldn’t be so helpless when they hit 18.

  165. I don’t think using a Navy seal type method would work. I think the best thing to do is to make them want to come to school or reward them for graduating. If a reward is put in place more students would want to come to school and want to graduate.

  166. Definitely not. We should do whatever Finland is doing. It clearly is working the best at a much more reasonable price, while we spend far beyond every other country and we see some of the worst results.

  167. I think that some sort of program to promote a positive attitude and leadership would be nice. At school, the kids who just don’t care wont learn anything because they just don’t care. A program that could actually make them care in some way would be nice

  168. I think there should be some kind of discipline, but i don’t using Navy Seals is necessary.

  169. I think American schools need more discipline and leadership in them, I just think we could do it a different way than the Navy Seals. We need a better way to implement success in school without the pressure of Navy Seal type training. I think lots of kids are already under a lot of pressure and there are better ways to get them reach their full potential for their education. However, for the kids that aren’t doing as well by choice and need to step it up could benefit from that type of program. If the Navy Seal training is implemented I think it should be selective for those who need it.

  170. Yes. I think United States should implement a navy type seal program to teach people discipline and leadership. This should happen because it is so sad how many people are SO undisciplined in this country. This working with seal program would help out so much. Just like in CNN we we will learn how to work hard at all times and if we do not we would be punished. This would be the best idea ever.

  171. Yes and No . Why i say yes is because people need to learn discipline. and why i say no is because some kids family could have died over seas and it could be hard on them i should say it is their choice if they want to do it or not . I mean some kids are good kids so why would you put them through that and they could be a leader already so i say they should only do it for the trouble kids. But that is just my opinion on it.

  172. I think that we need more discipline in schools, but not like the NAVY SEALS have. We’re still in high school afterall and growing up. Having more discipline is good, but not a military level one, because we are still teens and want to have fun and be able to goof off a little bit, not be adults right away and all that.

  173. Yes, i think that students need to know and and understand discipline. This will also tech them leadership. If they don’t understand discipline or don’t know about leadership who know what would happen.

  174. I think that it would be good, not just for the discipline and leadership, but also for kids to stay healthy and fit. If they did start doing that they should make it optional though, not just force kids to do it.

  175. i think its the students choice if they would want to go through this type of training because its very hard.i would like to because it gets you in shape and your being active instead of sitting at home and doing nothing like black ops or something. So i do recommend this to students to get off the games and TV and start some training and physical activity.

  176. I think they should let navy seals come in and teach them some discipline and to actually learn how to act. A lot of people are lazy and don’t do anything. They’re going to wanna go out and get a job, when they are lazy it won’t be to easy. So if schools have that, it could teach the students how to act. I wanna go to a boot camp, just to see how it is to be disciplined and stuff. If the navy seals came in, everyone could see how far they could go and feel good about themselves after they’er done.

  177. I think that we should. It could stop bullying. Most of it occurs when kids just don’t talk to know that person. This could end bullying and make us a stronger community. I really wish we could just get behind the differences.

  178. I think it would be a good idea for kids that are into sports and physical activities, but as a program that all kids have to participate it i don’t think it would be necessary.

  179. i don’t think that they shouldn’t not have a navy seal training program because that do good in school don’t need that kind of training.

  180. I don’t think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership. I think this because physical punishment shouldn’t be a way to teach students to be more respectful. and to teach them to be a leader, there are plenty of other ways to do so.

  181. i do not believe that physical punishment is the answer. I am 100% against that. It is not right for one, and what is it going to help? Making them go through pain because of grades is way over the top. If they really want the students to get good grades they should have an after school study that they need to attend and if they do not they get an after school or something like that. Having a navy team punish them is definitely not the answer though.

  182. I think that would be a great idea. I think hat we need to work harder. We have advanced so much but knowing our schooling is below everyone else is kinda sad. Also, I think growing up being disciplined would be good for some of us.

  183. I think that we should have some source of military in the schools. I dont think we have enough discipline in schools. We can fail classes and still be on sports teams. I think that we shouldent be able to play sports until we are passing all of our classes and i think that having someone there with more “force” that we can accomplish that and also have a higher graduating rate.

  184. I think that kids do need discipline some more than others. But i don’t think that we should go as far as getting the Navy SEAL’s. If your kids is that undisciplined, then they should be put through a boot camp.

  185. I think that we should do a SEAL type training. This would help kids with discipline. It would also help teach kids leadership. It would also be a good life experience.

  186. I think that they should implement some kind of discipline too students in the U.S. because a lot of students are not disciplined and think they can just get through school without any real effort. And maybe more physical discipline would help with the laziness and overweight problems.

  187. I don’t think that Public Schools should. They’re athletes that are going to the Olympics, so this will be good training. If we were to have this program, then we would probably die of exhaustion.

  188. Yes, because students in the US are very slack about their education and taking the initiative and bettering themselves on their own. This could bring them back to Earth a bit, while also being a challenge. Also, it could help inspire people to enlist in the army.

  189. Yes I think they should attend these because most kids in high school are immature and not behaved so it would be nice for them to learn discipline and leadership for things in later life. There are no negatives in this.

  190. I believe that they should. It would probably be both challenging and fun. It would teach leadership, discipline, and would get rid of most teen obesity.

  191. Yes, so that our armies a better and we have insane soldiers instead of whimpy ones. Plus, you learn thing easier when you’re younger.

  192. After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not?

  193. I think that we should focus on improving discipline in students, but I don’t think it should be done with Navy Seals. I think the education system can be improved by updating and revising the discipline codes in the education system. All too often students are given another chance, rather than being punished. If stricter rules and limitations were put in place, schools would have better students.

  194. I think more discipline should be used in public schools, but not a Navy Seal level. Our students need to learn time management and need to learn more faster, but the training used for some of the worlds most elite is a little too much. Our scores just keep getting lower and lower, something needs to change and soon.

  195. I think that American public schools should have a navy seal type of training so they have a motivation to do things and stay on track with school. If schools do have navy seal training the will learn leadership because some kids would lead some groups. If they do something wrong they would learn their discipline and they would learn to do it right the first or second time.

  196. I don’t think they should because it would cost the schools more money that they supposedly don’t have. But the idea is a good thought because it would help students to trust each other and learn to work together while being active also.

  197. I think that they should make a Navy seals training program. It will help teach them about discipline and respect. Also it would teach the kids about leadership and how to be a great leader.

  198. I think putting a program in schools that are as focused and hardworking as the Navy Seals could help get students on the right track. Students are constantly getting distracted and are loosing their motivation to go to school. If a program was put in place that could get them motivated and focused then it could make our test scores better. Putting something in that worked the students minds like the Navy Seals training works them physically them I believe that there would be a higher success rate.

  199. I think instead of P.E., we should be put through basic military training. kids and teens these days aren’t being disciplined enough, and lack the will power to discipline themselves. Basic military access will not only discipline us, but can make all of us physically more capable, and followed by more mental stability. ( we’ll technically get a wee bit smarter) Something like this would I think, benefit us greatly, even though it would be very costly.

  200. I think the school should introduce a navy seals type training program to teach students to be more mature and disciplined and learn that all actions have consequences, good or bad.

  201. I would say yes because students don’t really understand what they are going to have to over come in life. I think the idea of bringing navy seals to school would do a lot of help for the kids that are getting bad grades. It would help them think of whats important in life and maybe help them pay attention in school.

  202. I don’t think training with Navy SEALs would help schools skills. Yes it would improve discipline and leadership, but we are still at a young age and some kids won’t have what it takes to do it. Students can learn leadership and discipline by joining sports.

  203. No I don’t think so. Students can learn leadership and discipline skills in other ways. I think that if students want to take it that would be great if they offered it through school but I don’t think it is really needed and shouldn’t be required.

    • I agree, the Navy Seals way is just one way. There are other ways to get kids to do better in school by giving them positive incentives instead of negative ones.

  204. i don’t think it sis a good idea because if someone is not dedicated to doing well in school then they will not do well in school, just because you send someone threw a seals discipline system doesn’t mean they are going to magically do well in school

  205. Yes, I think so because students need to know and understand discipline. If they don’t who knows what could happen. This will also teach them about leadership.

  206. Your Question: After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not?

    Answer-) No because that is not the best way to teach discipline because then more people would skip school due to harsh teachings. Plus it is going to bring back bad memories for the people who lost loved ones over seas. It also doesn’t make sense to bring in Navy Seals training, and it will be a waste of money.

  207. Yes, because it would get the students to be more disciplined and focused in general. A lot of students aren’t very focused at all in the US and some of them think its okay to slack off, and so they don’t go to college and they get a job at a place that doesn’t require a very good education.

  208. YES! U.S. schools should definitely try to implement a navy seals type training. Almost no in U.S. schools have enough discipline. We don’t know how to work together as a team and get things done. If we did navy seals type training kids here would learn to respect each other and have more discipline.

  209. I think yes they should because they can teach you a lot! stuff about discipline, leadership, loyalty, and honesty. Also physically they can help keep you in shape and smart about your body.

  210. I think that having a discipline program set into U.S. schools would be a good idea because we got a lot of jack knobs…….some people are nuts…….need to be set straight… I don’t think that we have to go as far as getting a navy seal kind of thing going, there are other ways to do it

    • Agreed . I think the Navy Seals thing would going way to far with kids are age, I don’t think we would be able to keep up with them .

  211. i think that it would be good to teach kids to be more disciplined because it would make society cleaner. it would also help them for when they grow up they wont do anything stupid.

  212. I do not think that the United States should implement Navy Seal training to teach “discipline and leadership.” I think that because if we incorporate things like that into our schools, it’s going to lead to rebellion. Any type of uniform, or stricter teachings, and kids are going to rebel. Like when they had lanyards at Highlander Way. Nobody followed the rule to wear them. Who’s to say kids are going to follow the rules and listen to their teachers when they get too strict?

  213. I think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership because this would not only be a good learning opportunity, we would be learning from the best. Many students need this kind of learning experience because many don’t believe in themselves and need some one to take their hand and help them out.

  214. I think that American school should implement something like the navy seal program but have it start out young because you can’t forces teenagers to do something one way when they have been learning to do it the opposite way. If you start with teaching elementary children discipline and leadership they are most likely to remember that good habit.

  215. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea, because that’s pushing kids way to far. Some people might benefit from it and others might not benefit anything. There are a lot of other ways that they could teach students discipline.

    • That’s true too! They can’t force them to do that

    • It is pushing the kids way too far if they want them to get good grades why would they make them go through a training that’s not going to help them at all but take them away from their school work because they’ll possibly be too tired to do it.

  216. Yes, I do think that a Navy Seal type of training could be useful to help students learn discipline. We spend so much money on schooling and education, but in turn we are nearly the lowest in Math&Science scoring. I don’t think students really care much about their education, which in most cases, could learning discipline be so useful.

  217. Yes, I think they should implement that kind of program because it would teach both self discipline and teamwork. It would teach self discipline by forcing you to do drills and never give up. In NAVY seal training, if one person fails at a task, everyone starts over. If we did something like this in school, kids would persevere through hard times to help everyone else. It would also teach teamwork. If we did activities like the log carry, kids would learn that you need to work together with others to complete a task that tough.

    • I agree. Teamwork is a huge skill to have in life. If you don’t know how to work with others, you aren’t off to a good start.

      • I agree. We need to have more self discipline. Working together would be a good way because then everyone in our country would improve their discipline and overall develop a better country.

  218. I think they should and shouldn’t. I believe the idea for test scores would be higher but I don’t think they should drill it into kids heads. I believe that each student has their own learning style and I don’t believe a Navy Seals based training would help most kids.

    • I understand what you are saying, but I find it hard to see how it would provide better test scores.

  219. No because the that’s harassment for the people that can’t do the workouts. Unless the parents signed something for there kids to be doing something like that. I also think this would be a waste of all the schools money.

    • I disagree, because any task could be completed with help from others. This type of training would be a great way to teach teamwork.

    • I don’t think kids should be worked to the full extent a Navy SEAL is, but each individual should be pushed to their limits. It is the best way to learn things like determination and self-esteem.

    • I agree, and it’s not going to help their performance in school. It’s teaching them discipline yes, but not for school work.

    • I don’t think there would be an affect.

  220. well yes it would be a pretty good idea…but dont you think thats a little extreme… “YOU CALL THAT A PUSH UP GIVE ME 200 LAPS AROUND THE SCHOOL!!!” i dont think that would be the best idea…but im being over dramatic. It would be a good idea.

    • Yeah, it’s not like we’re going to be drafted or anything. Just taught how to summon will, and also taught discipline

  221. Your Question: After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not?

    I do think this would be a good idea.I think it would be a good idea because it is strict, and the students need strict instructions otherwise they wont do anything. I also think this would be fun.

    • You can do that, but the rest of us will just sit back. Or you can build cars like you always talk about. Apparently your really good at it, according to all of your posts.

  222. I think that they should do something similar at the high school but not the same. They should make it without the Navy seals but teach the same consepet of leadership and perseverance to make you a better student. There isn’t many opportunistic to learn about leadership in this school or any school witch would be nice because you are going to need to use it in life allot. Also it would teach some kids to treat their work way more serious.

  223. No I think that they should not have a seals type of program, one because many schools already have a lot of discipline and leadership. Two, it would take time out of school anyway. The whole reason for the program would be to help you be a better leader, and missing some school may effect that. If the program is in school time, there will be fewer grades, so the fewer grades, the harder the GPA’s are. If your GPA is lower, it may be harder to get into a good college, making that program pointless. If it were out-of-school it would be even better, you need to discipline yourself to get homework done for the next day. This program could be really good, or really bad.

  224. Having a child go through a navy seal type training regiment could be a good or bad thing. It could be bad because not every student needs to do that and also not every student would be able to do that. Making students train like navy seals is a drastic statement. Some students wouldn’t be able to do it in the first place. On the other hand, it could be a good thing. Teaching children leadership and responsibility is a good thing. It could get children far if they know leadership and responsibility.

  225. i dont think we should put seals training in schools because some people cant handle it. also because if you decided to take the physical aspect out of it it wouldnt mean the same.

  226. I think that a military-style training program in schools in America would be helpful because many students don’t put their best foot forward in school and basically don’t try. If a no-nonsense training militant program were put in to place, it would encourage kids to gain respect, determination, and leadership skills. Also, looking at our scores compared to those of kids in other countries, and the amount we spend trying to educate our children compared to other countries, it’s obvious that our current approach is not working well enough.

  227. yes i think they should work out with the navy seals it will teach them more discipline.

  228. i don’t think we would need a whole navy seal regiment to gain discipline and leadership in our school because we could easily use other ways to learn discipline. also there are the right kids that demonstrate leadership and i think they can help us with that it will just take a little for them to show.

  229. I don’t think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment. I think this because Navy Seals are training for something that most students will never have to face. Plus, I think their ways of training would be to harsh for kids.

  230. I don’t think training with navy seals will help improve school skills. I think if anything it will make kids more tired and exhausted and sick and then they really wont want to to come to school.

  231. I think that they should do it because maybe it would teach kids to respect each other and to work hard. It was also teach them that quitting and not trying your hardest only brings consequences. Also physical activity helps improve brain function and attitude so that is an added bonus.

  232. I think they should because this will help them in the work place, it will teach the students leadership qualities and how to follow instructions to the point. It will show the students that they need to do their assignment right the first time or there will be consequences.

  233. I don’t think we should implement a Navy Seal type training because we are doing pretty well on the charts against other countries. I think doing a training once or twice a year would be a good idea to get kids understand the maturity and discipline of being an adult.

  234. i think that they should have some sort of training like that because nothing else teaches team work like that. kids need to have team work to be successful so i think it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  235. Yes, I think there should be a class like this because this could be a class someone could take if they wanted to be in the military or navy seal. Also, this could be a class someone could take for punishment, if they needed disicipline teaching or leadership.

  236. I don’t think a navy based program is going to be very helpful to students. The problem with school in the U.S is kids lack of interest in going, if you make it harder then they’re just going to want to go even less and preform worse as a result.

  237. I don’t think that U.S. schools should use a Navy Seals training program to teach discipline. You should have a choice if you want that training, and not have it forced on you. Maybe to teach discipline schools could make it a little harder to pass classes so more people would try harder.

  238. No because the schools don’t know the kids back round info and may have a condition where they cant do stuff like that, also what if the students get hurt? or possibly die?

  239. no, because even with Navy-type training kids will still be disobedient. High school is supposed to be for getting an education, but also having fun and enjoying your teen years. With a super strict program we won’t be able to do that.

  240. I don’t think the United States should bring a Navy Seal training to schools. That might just make things harder for kids and might not teach them anything. It would be a huge waste of money and schools don’t have that much money already. It might make kids a little more violent in a way and not help them at all.

  241. I don’t think that they should because i think that schools already have enough discipline and the program would take time out of the school schedule. i think that they should make a specific class for it for people who want or need to learn discipline or what navy SEAL skills they should learn about.

  242. no that would be sort of unethical but i think the parents need to take more response ability for there child after school work that is the difference maker we need to read more books

  243. I think they should put a Navy Seal training in american schools to teach about discipline and leadership. I think they should do that because it could help people if they are in a sport to gain power and learn how to take control of themselves. It would be good for everyone because they would be learning and getting a workout at the same time so it also benefits too.That’s why i think they should put Navy Seal training in American schools for learning discipline and leadership.

  244. you could do that but it might just make things worse than they already are. if they dont wont to go to school then they wont definitively do what they are told when doing some of these things. but you can try it some students would do it but it also could be a big money waster.

  245. I don’t think that’s needed. No reason to spend money on something like this.

  246. I think that the U.S. doesn’t really need regiment training for their schools. But if they did, I think they would have to scale some of the stuff back big time until it was school appropriate. I don’t really see the point is in enforcing discipline and leadership. If people weren’t going to discipline themselves in the first place, they wont after either.

    • I agree that they should hold back until it is school appropriate. Exposing kids to things they aren’t ready to see is terrible.

  247. i think that would be a good idea because some students have bad attitude and this would get them right out of that and to teach this would help discipline and leadership a lot and most kids need that. But if we do this it could make things worse but it also could make things better.

  248. No, I don’t think schools should enforce a Navy Seals type training. Sure it will make you stronger and teach you discipline but High school is supposed to be fun we don’t want to be doing training exercises. I don’t think the Navy Seals would appreciate kids training like them, it makes them look weak because we can do what they do.

  249. I don’t think that schools should implement Navy Seal like training because it’s not needed. Students who want that kind of discipline will go to a special school for it but it should not be forced on everybody else. You can learn leadership from being on a sports team or club and you don’t need to be trained like a Navy Seal to do well in school. I think we should just focus more on education.

  250. I think that they should do something maybe navy seals are a little much but I think that they should have a more intense consequence then a suspension because i have never gotten one but I know students don’t care about them.

  251. yes because students will be able to be wording as a teem. it will teach students discipline and leadership. because is is all with the Navy Seal are about.

  252. I don’t see why it would be necessary to be a school program. I could understand signing up and going to a place and they train you like they do the navy seals. Teaching them leadership and discipline is a good thing but not as a public school program.

  253. Well, no. Seeing the graph, we spend way too much money on schools to be on the lower end of test scores, It’s mainly due to kids not caring, and money gets wasted on kids like that. Could navy seal training help? Maybe. But it seems so far off to force high schoolers to go through the extreme strenuous workouts they go through. It’s just about impossible for anything like that to gain any support from students and their families.

  254. I think that students need to be taught discipline but I don’t think having a Navy Seal program is necessary. Schools can design other programs for the students. I personally would not like to be in a Navy Seal program.

  255. I think that it would be a good thing for the Navy Seals to come and do a session with are football players. It will help them stay strong and give them more things to do on there own when they are working out. I think that it will also teach kids to respect how hard it is to be a Navy Seal. And it gets a big group of people together and if HPS did this then it would be very good..

  256. I think American Public Schools should have a Navy Seal type training program. I think this would help the performance of the students. Also it would help kids become leaders and teach them discipline.

  257. No they should not. As a student most of us already have enough stress on our shoulders in getting into a good college and clearing the path for a good future. But to single out the less able in a Navy Seal Training would just be mean. I agree, yes, many people in school need to be snapped out of their bad attitude towards others and maybe if the Seal thing would be a result of bad behavior seen by teachers, more bad students would shape up.

  258. I don’t think that schools should have a Navy like regiment in schools. Not all the kids are doing bad, its Nation wide. Maybe they should have it for the kids that don’t really listen and don’t really try in school.

  259. I don’t think that they should because that’s kind of to much. Were just in high school and we don’t need to be pushed that hard. It would be cool but that’s way to much for us.

  260. I don’t think they should have a navy seal program because that’s just extra money the US doesn’t have. I don’t think it would make kids have more discipline, i think it would make less kids come to school. I don’t think kids will come to school because they don’t want to try to work. I just don’t think its a good idea.

  261. I do not believe that the Navy should get involved in school for many reasons. I also believe that NO Military Groups should be involved. If we start getting the Navy involved and the Marines, Army, or Air Force, there will be a problem. One problem is that they need to be out doing what’s needed and protecting our country. If the Armed Forces came to all the schools in America, it would either take a long time or we wouldn’t have enough people actually fighting or training. Another reason is that if the Navy seals train us, some people would not be able to do it, which could cause bullying or making yourself feel bad. A third problem is that even with the Navy training us, I don’t believe that many people would change. There would still be bullying and problems and different groups of people in the school. Students brains aren’t matured enough to accept everyone for who they are, and some Armed Forces training us would not change that in my opinion.

  262. No i do not think they should have a navy seal training. It should be the parents to teach there kids respect and discipline them that not schools. Even though some kids do need it.

  263. No there is not many people who would like to go throught navy seals tranning.It would be to hard and take a lot of time.If they did do this it should be opsional.

  264. I think they should. It would keep students under control and they would probably mature faster. Plus I think it would be kind of fun. Also the skills they will learn from it , they will use for the rest of there life.

  265. I think that having Navy Seals come in and do a session with the football and other large groups of students who’s sport involves discipline. It will teach the kids someone discipline and even some respect for the people they live their everyday lives with. If HPS did, this it could be very beneficial.

  266. No i don’t think we should do navy training just to teach discipline and leadership, there’s other ways, and it would be way to hard.

  267. I don’t think schools should have a navy seal type training. Yeah it might be fun and some people might want to do it. But making students do more physical work is not going to help us get smarter it might help us get stronger but that’s about it. Maybe determination. But I just feel like if students wants something like that then they can do it on their own time.

  268. It would be a great experience for the students here, and i think that it would be a great idea to be taught by the US navy seals. It could also be a great motivation for students as well.

  269. not discipline, but teaching them what it means to do well in school most defiantly. while i doubt Finland gets their variant of the navy seals to train their children, they have a need to prove their cognitive ability. the vast majority of students in the students in the united states lack that and therefore will fail more

  270. I don’t think that would be right. The navy SEALs are a very secretive group of military force, I don’t think that they would appreciate students my age running around their training grounds. That would only interfere with their training so i think I’ll stay in the classroom.

  271. i think that if public schools put that as a class you can take i think that only a select group can take it like if your in shape and if you want to take it because kids that want to join the navy seals can take that class to know what its like.

  272. Yes I do think that we should be able to have something like this because it will motivate people and if you can;t handle it well then its not for you i guess. Go big or go home.

  273. No, I think that the navy seals should only be for those who want to go into the army or the navy. If schools want the education level to go up then they should start doing more stuff to farther educate students. If they want to teach discipline then there could be other ways to show it.

  274. I think that would be un needed and kind of against our rights as normal students. We already have tons of rules and regulations at school and sometimes the school is way too strict already as it is. It would be unfair and then kids would really hate school.

  275. Yes i think it would help kids be active, and teach leadership, Discipline, and responsibility. I would definitely attend it, Because it seems like a lot of work and hard to do, and i love challenges. It seems like something that would help kids stay in shape or get into shape.

    • Well think about this. There’s a ton of Navy Seals out training us. So were down a huge number because they’re at our schools teaching some half matured people to try and be smart and nice and respectful etc.. Then we have another problem from another country of which it’s the Navy’s job to handle. Well were down a few thousand Seals. So they cannot go out and fight, but the other Armed Forces cannot do it because it would mess up their whole plan. So yes it would be fun, but the Navy needs to be out there doing there job.

  276. I think we should because my self wants to go in the navy seal training. I think that they should come look at us and see what we can do. It can get looks of people and there leadership could go up!

  277. Yes, i think it would be good for some students to have the experience. It could teach them life lesson goals and to improve their skills. it seems like it would be fun too!

  278. I don’t think that will work because you cant make students do physical punishment.It would be a bad idea and probably not work. I think maybe using teamwork leadership skills could work and will work.

  279. i don’t think that they should do a navy seals thing because not all the kids that want to do it will get the chance. i also think it would cost money which i wouldn’t be paying for it. I think that kids can be taught discipline without have navy seals, Sports teams do that too.

  280. I think that’s a little over bored to be honest i think the school should ask the students why they passed there class and or failed it. With that info go from there to make the class easier to understand while at the same time keeping up what needs to be learned.

  281. No, I do not believe we should implement such a program. This might cause many students to drop out at an even earlier age than they do now. Implementing such a program would not be beneficial to the community.

  282. Yes i think that would be a good idea. This would discipline kids and teach them many good lessons. This would also raise grades and test scores.

  283. I kind of think that school shouldn’t have navy seal type training. Why I think this is it doesn’t really make sense, I think that kind of thing would work if it was some sort of training for a physical challenging event. I don’t know how navy seal type training would work for math or science.

  284. I do think they should have a class like that but the students would have to sign papers and other things so that they cant press charges on the school or program. Also the kids would have to be physically fit so they don’t get hurt.

  285. Well that can be good or bad but a good thing would be that it makes students learn and can quite possibly make someone less aggressive(Bullying). I would have to say yes to this.

  286. Yes i think they should because some people want to join to navy or military and this would be a great way to prepare them! Also because its a great thing to do just for fun! And as said on CNN, it would help with any sport you do!

  287. no because some kids family’s might have died over seas so it would bring back horrible feelings about how the government destroyed their family’s.

    • I strongly object to this. The government did not “destroy their families.” If you are talking about soldiers, remember, it was not a draft. They chose to be a soldier. If you are talking about having lived in another country, this would make no sense, as the gov. would have had nothing to do with that.

  288. Yes because the students need to know these things before they grow up to be adults.Also i think them knowing this will help them understand a better understanding about discipline and leadership.

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