If you haven’t heard it already, you will:  Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, teachers and CNN Student News anchors are almost always willing to give you advice on how to plan your future.  This time around, though, we’re giving you graduating seniors and underclassmen the virtual microphone!

YOUR QUESTION: What advice do you have for the Class of 2012?


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183 comments on “CNN BLOG: THURSDAY, MAY 17th

  1. We all know you’re going to college. Just don’t get to riled up. Also keep studying.

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  3. my advice for students of 2012 is to get good grades throughout high school, because it will reflect on what college you go to and what your future is.Also don’t make stupid mistakes and get in trouble because that might have a effect on the college you want to go to.

  4. I have very little advice for the Class of 2012, because they’re seniors and we’re freshman. Some advice though is try and not make stupid mistakes after high school, and in college. Also, think before you do something, and be safe.

  5. I would say to get to your college and go to the enrollment dates and just visit the college. Make sure you have your classes and live the summer out the best you can. I would advise to not get in trouble over the summer too. Have fun over the summer.

  6. Have fun, if you want to make a bad choice after high school then that’s your problem, but I’d have to say go to college and get a degree. Make the world see how you shine, you’ve all come so far and this is the end of the old beginning, it’s the new time to show who you’ve become. THE FUTURE IS TODAY! (Die Zukunft Ist Heute)

  7. My advice is that the graduating seniors should go to college. The job market is pretty rough right now. Though it’s getting better, a person with a college diploma is most likely to get a job over someone who only has a high school diploma. You’ve worked hard for four years, make it four more and the world is yours!

  8. what i would do is go to college and try to get to know new things and try to get a good job

  9. YOLO!!! you only live once, so go to college, finish it up and partay…and focus on your courses too.

  10. Don’t make the stupid mistakes you know others will. Life tends to be better when you don’t screw it all up. Don’t throw away everything because you think you know what your doing because a lot of the time you don’t, you just think you do. THINK!!!!!

  11. Don’t do anything that you will regret. Be yourself and do what you love doing. Do all you can before and during college. Love life and your family. Take it one day at a time. Most importantly have fun!

  12. The Advice i have for the class of 2012 is not to do anything that you will regret when you graduate. So don’t do anything stupid. Also just go to college and get a good education for your future. You will be happy you did it in the long run.

  13. what some advice would to be good on test.also do your homework.another thing is that don’t make stupid mistakes.have fun when your in high school.

  14. My advice would be to go to college. You need a high education to get a good job. I think if you go to college for 4 years you can get a good job.

  15. Stay on task, get to collage, pass high school. Don’t drop out of high school keep trying and don’t give up high school.

  16. mi would have to say have lots of fun and do the right thing also smart decisions and nothing that will get in in trouble in the future

  17. If I were to give advice to the class of 2012 I’ll probably just say to be true to yourself. If you’re going into a work field that doesn’t really suit you and you’re maybe only doing it to please others, that’s not the right decision. You’re regret it in the long run because your work wont be enjoyable.

  18. My advice for the class of 2012 is to go to college and not make bad decisions. If you don’t go to college now you won’t be able to find a good paying job. Also, don’t party too hard while at college.

  19. I would have to say go to college get a good job. Then you graduate college and get a great job. Finally retire and live the some of the greatest years of your life in piece.

  20. Keep your heads up. You might want to analyze the situation that you’re currently in. You need to understand where you’re at to make your next move. Definitely go to college. Work on essay writing skills because a lot of colleges make you write essays for your admission. Work as hard as you can. Make sure you make your schedule manageable.

  21. All I have to say is do not make any stupid mistakes, get a very good, high-paying job, and get a college education. Most jobs are depended upon a college education. Have fun in college, good luck, and be safe.

  22. Don’t be stupid with what you do. If you’re going to do something, think about it, then think again. If you’re not going to tell your parents about it, don’t do it.

  23. My advice for the class of 2012 is go to college. Make good decisions. Learn from your mistakes

  24. I would tell them that you should not get over-excited about graduation. You may still be going to college, in which you have a long way to go, or if not, you still need to get a job. Dont be dumb and party “too hard” and parties, or you might only have jail, or nothing at all, in your future.

  25. My advice would be to get to collage, get a degree, and make sure you get a good paying job. While you are in collage get a small job so you can provide for yourself. But you need to make sure that you don’t make many mistakes. Don’t get into drinking, drugs, or anything illegal.

  26. Some advice I would give the class of 2012 is to stay on task, go to college, and to be smart. You don’t want to do something stupid to mess up your career. Also, going to college will help you get a better job in life.

  27. My advice for the 2012 students would be to not do anything stupid for their school year. I would also say to enjoy life and all of the little things, i would do whatever makes you happy everyday of your life.

  28. Good luck in college and getting a job, have fun, and make good choices for you and your future. Don’t do anything that you will potentially regret later in life. Also, don’t forget to be organized and keep up with all your school work.

  29. Definitely go to college if you can. You need to get a good job, so you can live a good life. Work hard at doing what you want.

  30. Go to college. Keep going to school so you can get a nice stable job. Be safe and good luck.

  31. Live life to the fullest live everyday like its your last.

  32. Have fun in the next step of your lives and make good choices. Do good in college and enjoy life as an adult.

  33. My advice for the Class of 2012 is don’t give up on your dreams. No matter what anyone tells you keep going.

  34. I would say make good decisions while you are in college, and always think before you do anything. And have fun in college .

  35. I think my advice to the class of 2012 would be to make good decisions for yourself. Don’t do anything that you will regret. Also to have a goal for yourself and put in a lot of effort to achieve it.
    NO mistakes! Literally!

  36. My advice to them is to go to college your no going to go any where in life if you don’t get a good education. If you do go try don’t just be lazy and waste your money it will help in the long run.

  37. I would tell them to make smart decisions, and remember that this is the start of their new life. Their high school days are over now and it’s time to be mature.

  38. I would say to not make stupid mistakes. Get a good education and try your best in college.

  39. My advice is to go to college right after high school. Because if you don’t you might put it off too long and eventually never go. Having a college degree is kind of a requirement now to get a job.

  40. My advice for the class of 2012 is to do the best as you can to go out into college. Because there might not be any jobs out there in the future, so going to college is probably the only possible way to get a good job in order to provide for yourself (or others). But if you don’t go into college, try the best as you can to survive out there in life. Also, provide for yourself until you have a home, a good paying job, a decent amount of money in the bank, and a vehicle.

  41. I think that everyone should try and go to college. It doesnt matter if you go to a small community college, just you should try to get more education. If you have some kind of education you can get a job.

  42. my advise is to go strait to college. I heard if you wait a year, you will end up not going. The sooner you go, the sooner you will get done. Don’t worry about the cost. You will eventually pay it off.

  43. Some advice is try hard in college and don’t make stupid mistakes. Try to get a really good job so you will make a lot of money when your out of college. Have fun but be safe.

  44. I would say to the Graduates to go to college. Don’t go to parties all the time and not work on your classes. And, to be safe with drinking.

  45. Don’t waste a year after you graduate. Go to collage. don’t make stupid mistakes.

  46. My advice would be to go to college. Then get a degree in something your interested. Also make sure to have fun along the way.

  47. The advice i would give to the class of 2012 would be to go to college, and to follow you’re dreams! good luck!

  48. Don’t mess it up you got this far in school there is no reason to do something stupid and then not being able to walk at your graduation!

  49. The advice I have for the Class of 2012 is: that they exceed in their future and good luck!!!

  50. They should go to a community collage first and they transfer the credits over to the school they really wanted to go to. They should also save money and not spend it unless they need to. Also they need to remember to manage their time efficiently and keep up with the class.

  51. find your way to college any way you can if you dont your not going to make it in the world at all you have to compet for your job

  52. my advice it so go strait to college so that they will not be failures in life

  53. My advice would be to not make stupid mistakes and do what you want with your life. Don’t tell anyone you can’t do something. Follow your dreams.

  54. My advice to the class of 2012 would be to make good decisions for yourself. Don’t do anything that you will regret. Also to have a goal for yourself and put in a lot of effort to achieve it.
    NO mistakes! Literally! -nate garrison

  55. My advise to them is to keep working hard and put your education to good use. Don’t make stupid mistakes or decisions. Doing that would be one of the worse things that you could do with your future.

  56. The advice that I have for the class of 2012 is that you should continue to get an education. Statistics show that usually the more education you have the higher that you will get paid. So getting as much education as you can is a good idea. Another piece of advice is that you should go for a job that you like because you will be doing this the rest of your life so try to find a good job.

  57. The advice I have for the Class of 2012 is if you’re going to college actually go to class. What’s the point in going to college if you don’t actually show up for college?If you aren’t going to college try and get a job you will actually enjoy.

  58. Advice I have for the class of 2012 is that go to college..Because i can get a really good job..:)

  59. all i have to say is have fun with the freedom and party,but still focus on the goals you have set and Get a job and go to collage.

  60. This year when you graduate don’t make bad mistakes in the future. Go to a good college and graduate college so you can get a good job in the future. Good Luck Guys!!:)

  61. Go to college then graduate from there. Make the best of your life follow your dreams and keep your head up high no matter what happens. Good luck and have fun. 🙂

  62. Go to college and have fun while your there make it so its not just all book work and boring stuff like that. Go to some sick parties and go crazy but don’t get some stupid chard like an MIP or anything like that. Graduate college with your class and when your out go and get a goof job.

  63. Some advice i have for the class of 2012 is to don’t make the wrong choices and because it could turn into something bad. And do your best and stay strong for anything that happens. Be safe and good luck for the future ahead.

  64. I would have to tell the class of 2012 that they need to just chase their dreams. If you don’t chase your dreams then you won’t really get any where in life. I would also have to tell them that they can’t make stupid mistakes now. If they do they could screw up the rest of their lives. If they make the right decisions then they will be alright.

  65. I would say go to college after school is completed, even if you didn’t get good grades, community college is always open. Try not to over drink when you go off to college, and make sure to have study time and actually do school, not just party.

  66. I would say for the graduates to go to college and get a degree for your dream job and figure out what your doing after that and see if your life is turning out the way it was mean’t to be.

  67. Some advice would be to make sure you get your work in on time. Homework might not be your favorite thing to do but if you do your homework then it could affect your grade more then you think. Also go to college it might be more work, but it’s completely worth it.

  68. All I really have to say is to go to college and get a good education. Also to follow your dreams, work hard and be smart about what you do with your life.

  69. I’m not really sure if any senior would listen to a freshman for advice. But, all I really can say is follow your dreams, don’t let any one tell you what YOU want. Always work hard and give all you can, even if that’s you being at college or you trying to succeed at your dream job. You never know where you’ll go in life.

  70. Go to college and make good choices. Get a good job.

  71. My advice would be that if you should go to communty college first. Then go to College, because you are not only just adjusting to the courses and how hard it will be but you are also getting more credits. Its always good to do this and then transfer to the college you want. Also study hard because you need too! If you dont you will be behind very fastly!

    • Yeah that is a great idea and if your parents are the one paying for it you don’t want to make them spend more then they need to.

  72. Don’t get killed, and do not do anything to get you expelled. Have a plan on what you wanna do later in life and do not mess up.

  73. Make the best of your life because you only have one chance to live. Dont get caught up in bad influences that will affect college life for you.

  74. i dont really have anything to say and all i got to say is good luck.

  75. Don’t get off task when it comes to jobs and the goals you have set previously.

  76. Don’t do anything you’ll regret, follow your dreams and always do your very best.

  77. not everyone is perfect no wait no one is perfect there is no such thing as perfection. so yes you will make mistakes but you will learn from them and thrive on your down falls because they make you who you are today. after high school it is not a one way ticket to the easy life it is the gateway to responsibility and hardships but when you are 80 you can look back and hold your head high because you didn’t just survive in the real world you thrived. so never ever be mad at yourself because you made a mistake, you should be proud if you take that problem and use it to be a better person, because that means that you truly are striving in the real world with its difficulty and it all started when you graduated.

  78. Advice I would give is to just go for what you want, don’t do anything you might regret. And make sure you get a job, don’t be one of those people who sit around and do nothing, life’s to short for that.

    • good use of words i personally would say go for the goal and live your life to the fullest but be safe about it that is if i got your message correctly.

  79. I would want them not to do stupid things. And also that your grades actually count now and colleges look at your grades all through high school. I would also want them to have fun and enjoy high school.

  80. Take responsibility over certain things, wholesomely, and focus on what you primarily want in life and hold that above all else.

  81. I say go have fun at college but don’t get in trouble, like get caught with drugs. Get a job. Settle down, then when your loaded, retire.

  82. My advice to the 2012 graduates from High School is make sure you know where you are going with your life! Plan things through before you jump into something. Going to college is very necessary if you want to be successful. Going into college have a idea of who you want to be but also be willing to change to something different if it doesn’t fit what you want to do. Be open-minded!

  83. My advice for the class of 2012 would be have fun with your life, don’t regret anything and if they want to go to college, go after it and don’t stop and quit at anything you do.

  84. My advice would be go to college and study hard when your there so that you can have a good life when you get older. Also go to college and study the career that you want to do so then when you grow up you will be happy with your job. I would also have a job while your in college, so then you can have money to pay for it.

  85. go to college get a job get married have a wife make some babies live a good life

  86. The advice i would give the 2012 class is – Be careful on the decisions you make , get a good job , keep your grades up in College if you are planing on going, Don’t be stupid at college parties , don’t do anything you will regret in the long run , choose your friends wisley , be responsible when it comes down to it , keep your head up when times gets rough , keep in touch with family if you plan on moving out of state or anything . Spend money wisley if you are going to look for a apartment or house and most of all just have fun (:

  87. My advice for the class of 2012 is to go on to college and get a good job. They are setting an example for us so they need to make good decisions with what they do in life. But also to remember to have fun! Life isn’t just about working all the time. They should work to live not live to work. I would also say to keep friends and family close because going off on your own for the first time is hard and everyone could use the support. Good luck class of 2012!

  88. Don’t be stupid. Also, save up your money and don’t spend spend spend. The economy is going to be hard to go through, if you have credit cards, don’t use those to much in less you absolutely HAVE too. Have fun with your life, and get into a good college and get a good degree.

  89. YOUR QUESTION: What advice do you have for the Class of 2012? Jump head first into the best years of your life, Have fun on the weekend and get your work done on the weekdays. Think about the future and what goals you have set for yourselves and accomplish them.

  90. go to college for a higher education and so when your done you can get a good job and not have to worry about the future

  91. My advice is to enjoy college. Party, study, do sports. Just be safe, don’t let the freedom overwhelm you. Because after they graduate, you have to have a job and need to start thinking about supporting a family and such. But all in all, be safe.

  92. What advice do you have for the Class of 2012?\

    Don’t wait to go to college go right after yo graduate. Don’t take a year off. You’ll get lazy and you’ll end up regretting it. Also don’t wait to get a job either. Go to where ever your campus and find a job close to it! Money is money whether it a lot or not.

  93. Keep getting good grades throughout college. Don’t throw away all the hard work from High School just because it’s over! Have fun, but make good choices and stay on the right track.

  94. My advice for the class of 2012 would be to don’t mess it up now and to go to college and to get a job.

  95. My advice to the seniors this year is to not make stupid choices when you are first getting out on your own. Be smart and make good decisions because one bad choice could possibly effect your life forever. Stay in school, stay focused and stay positive. Also, I would say always know your parents and family are there if you need help. They’ve been through the same thing and know some things that would help so don’t go off and do something you’re not sure about until you get another perspective.

  96. Class of 2012, my advice for you is to stay as far away from drugs as possible. All it can do is mess you up for life. Also work hard in school, get a job now to have money for later, and just spend money wisely. Money is running thin for people so just spend it wisely and your life will be great.

  97. Some advice would be not to be stupid on Facebook because that can keep you from getting onto collage. Also think before you do. Most importantly have fun!

  98. Just be smart about the choices you make. Choose classes that will help you in the future and don’t give up on what you want to do. Go to college and get good grades. Don’t screw around and risk messing up the rest of your life. Remember what you want to do with your life so you don’t find yourself going to crazy parties and doing stupid stuff, just keep your head on straight.

  99. What advice do you have for the Class of 2012?
    Don’t drink too much at your graduation party, go to college if that’s what you have to do for the career you desire and if you take a year off after you graduate you probably won’t want to go back to school so just go to college at the end of summer. Don’t be an idiot.

  100. Class of 2012, don’t throw away everything. If you cant get into a four year college do 2 years in a community college. Have fun for sure, but still learn. In this day and age you have to have a college degree.

  101. Some advice I would give to 2012 graduates is to go to college and study hard to be able to get a good job when your older and make good choices. Study, and study will help you get through college. Don’t make stupid decisions.

  102. What advice I have!!!!!! they should give me advice!!!!

  103. My advice for the 2012 graduates is to go to college. In this day in age if you don’t go to college your not getting a job. Also be smart with your money so when you want to retire you can. Lastly I want to say good luck.

  104. My brother is a senior this year so I have way to much to say. But i will keep it short. You guys should stay safe when you are out at college. Also make good choices with the only life you have! studyy, studyy and studyy some more

  105. Class of 2012, be wise with your choices this is the real world. before you start school in the fall (If you Choose) Be sure you NEED that class because now that your on your own you need to be money smart and take responsibility for what you do. But most of all go out have fun and live life:)

  106. I would tell them to have fun in college. (if their going).

  107. GOOD LUCK.

  108. My advice is don’t do drugs. Get a job. And then go retire when you have enough money.

  109. My advice is to just work hard in high school. If you get good grades in high school you can get into a good college. When you get into a college get a bachelor’s degree, find a job, then go back to college for a masters or PHD. If you stay in college without finding a long term job, the debt from college will overwhelm you when you try to find a job.

  110. My advice to the graduating class would be not to screw things up now. They should go to college and find a career but they shouldn’t screw things up and make stupid mistakes. A lot of teens do stupid stuff after graduation and could ruin their life after that. If they don’t do anything stupid they should be fine.

  111. Go party!But stay safe!Have a good time!My biggest advice that i have is to not do anything that would put you in jail or prison!

  112. After you get out of high school don’t make any stupid decisions or mistakes. Like going to parities because you could get arrested. Also making stupid decisions could affect getting into collage or having a good job.

  113. My advise for the grads. of 2012 is to find a good job, buy a car that is good on gas, and don’t buy a brand new car from a dealer, because in about 10 years when you need the money and try and sell the car it will be from a $40,000 down to a $15,000 car and then you just wasted your money. Don’t do stupid stuff. Don’t waste money on pointless stuff.

  114. I would suggest that you be smart and don’t do anything to get you in big trouble or kicked out of college or work. Also go to college and make more money. otherwise good luck.

  115. Dont be stupid. stay away from drugs and alcohol and just live your life and be successful

  116. I would tell them to not do stupid things because it can ruin your life and to make sure you are doing what you want because college causes a huge amount of debt. Also to do what they want with their life and not let anyone keep ’em down.

  117. I think that if you go to college for what your actually supposed to go for, which education, they will be more successful. I believe if they take it very seriously they will be a lot better in the real world to make decisions. If they don’t do anything stupid they will be better off.

  118. I would say go to college! Get a good education before you step out into the world looking for a solid job. Don’t rush into being an adult the moment you get out.

  119. What advice do you have for the Class of 2012?
    Some advice for the Class of 2012 is that don’t go do stupid things and go to college to get your degrees. My brother is in the Class of 2012 and he is going to college.

  120. YOUR QUESTION: What advice do you have for the Class of 2012?
    My advice is to not do anything you will regret and stay with college, like don’t drop out.

  121. Well there is really only one thing to say and it is don’t do anything stupid keep a clear head.

  122. My advice would to stay focused on productive things like college and geting a good job and house. And also to be careful when going to parties and to not do anything stupid.

  123. advice i have is that to go to some after highschool education. without that you wont be able to make a difference in the world. i think that people should get a good job

  124. Don’t take a year off school only take the summer off then start college that fall. Don’t get caught with anything against the law. Try not to get involved in anything that is going to mess up your future. Start fast once you get into college.

  125. Advice I have for the Class of 2012, is to not do anything that they will regret and stick with college, and have fun!

  126. The advice I would give to the class of 2012 is to never give up. Always chase your dream no matter what the cost. Also, don’t make stupid decisions that will ruin your life, but try to have a bit of fun.

  127. Don’t make stupid mistakes after you just got out of a fight with someone. And keep it going into collage. Think before you go to any parties or places where there is something you don’t like there.

  128. Not to do anything to get you arrested

  129. Don’t be stupid. Go after a job that interests you and get an education for it. You don’t want to be working at Mcdonald’s in 10 years. Don’t make stupid mistakes and just be respectful.

  130. Go to college and find a job yes you will get a job even if you don’t go to college but if you do go to college you could get a better job that makes 2 times as much as the job you could but not going to college, unless you don’t more money then you should go to college

  131. I dont have any advice that. I don’t know what to say to try to make things better

  132. My advice would be to go to college and get good grades. Also get a really good job so that you can pay for college.

  133. The only advice i can give is don’t waste your life away, get a job go to college, make something out of yourself, i think everyone is here for a reason, so make the best of it.

  134. I dont really have advice for anyone because im not a senior and I dont really wanna give anyone advice for their own future. My plans are to go to college and move out of my house as soon as possible. And after I graduate college I want to go get a good job and start a family I can support.

  135. i think that they should not try to get masters degree and stick with the bachleors that will make you cheaper and less likely to get fired

  136. The only advice I could really give is go to college. Don’t wait until you’re older to go and go right after you get out of high school. Getting a degree will really help you get a job in the future.

  137. to keep their heads up lifes not easy and to keep moving in the right direction and dont let anyone bring you down and take your future or dreams away and only you can prevent that from happening but standing up for whats right no matter 3ho it is even if you dont like the person or if that person is your best friend you need to stand up for what is right you are your own person nobody elses.

  138. Some advice id give to the seniors is try really hard in college because it will pay off. Don’t act stupid. Be responsible. Have fun because it will go by faster then high school.

  139. Go to college and get a good education for your future. Don’t think that college is just for partying because you will get yourself in trouble.

  140. advice to class 2012 dont do anything dumb. i know this one kid he had a full ride and blew it because he got pulled over. if there is a party think before you go. A

  141. The class of 2012, collage is going to be expensive so you better start saving up. Also finding a job will be hard because of America’s economy this day in age. But if your smart enough to graduate high school everything is going to be mire easy from now on.

  142. To get jobs and look towards the future because we only have so much time on the earth. I would also tell them to be good at what ever you want to do don’t be lazy. To make your self a financial nest egg.

  143. I don’t really know what advice I would give to this years graduating class. People need to just follow their dreams and work hard. However, they have been alive longer, and know more about life. If anything I would want them to give ME advice for when i get older.

  144. Be smart about what you do get your grades up and then go party all night i mean have fun enjoy your life before you get to old to be able to party but be smart about it to.

  145. My brother is a senior and advice I have for him is to do good in college because a lot of people are not fortunate enough to get the education he is getting. I know he will be very successful, but I don’t want him to take his college education for gradient.

  146. Go to college and don’t make any mistakes. The economy sucks as of right now. You need to go to school and get a good job.

  147. Think before you act! Make sure you have fun entering life as a young adult, but be safe! Try and find a good supporting job. & gooood luck (:

  148. Advice I have for the class of 2012 is that go to college. Because you can get a really good job and when you graduate from college it will look better on you for getting the career you really want.

  149. the job market of today sucks. ensure that you can use your degree to actually get a job and not just spend the money you did on college for no good reason. and good luck

  150. Don’t make stupid mistakes after you get out of high school and possibly into college. Think before you go anywhere or do anything at parties. Have fun but be safe!

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