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Grading Policy

We believe that a students grade in class should reflect their actual learning. In order to make this more accurate, World History quarter grades are calculated as follows:

Daily Work/Homework: 20%

Assessments: 80%

If a student scores below 70% on a assessment, (s)he will be required to retest, in an attempt to score a minimum of 70%.

The goal of this process is mastery learning and we want to provide all students with ample opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.

Should, after a student retakes an assessment and does not meet the 70% proficiency requirement, students will be given an alternative assessment at the discretion of the teacher.

A third option for students should they feel comfortable is an face-to-face exam with the teacher in which students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the important topics on the test. This will be in a question and answer format in which students will be expected to show their understanding beyond the surface level.

Retake assessment scores will be given a maximum of 70% in the grade book.

Each quarter students will be given the opportunity to retake 1 passed assessment, regardless of their original grade, for a better grade.


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