Mr. Andrews


Presidents have kept company with critters of all types. Theodore Roosevelt turned the White House into a zoo with parrots, horses, ponies, bears, a zebra, snakes and, inexplicably, a one- legged chicken. John Quincy Adams actually used to love surprising guests in the White House with an alligator he kept in a bathtub. Pictured above: […]


If you haven’t heard it already, you will:  Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, teachers and CNN Student News anchors are almost always willing to give you advice on how to plan your future.  This time around, though, we’re giving you graduating seniors and underclassmen the virtual microphone! YOUR QUESTION: What advice do you have for […]

CNN BLOG: Tuesday, May 15th

JP Morgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, first reported a $2 billion loss last Thursday, adding new fuel to the already fiery debate surrounding financial regulation and oversight, and prompted an SEC investigation into the firm’s practices. The debate in Washington is: what to do with large banks that live and breathe risk. Listen to […]

CNN BLOG: Wednesday, May9th

Investigators are studying an explosive device that they say could have ended up on a plane heading to the United States. This is part of an alleged terror plot that officials say was broken up recently. They seized the explosive device and authorities say the person who intended to use it is no longer a […]

CNN BLOG: Tuesday, May 8th

Your 3 Questions: What technology do you find most beneficial to your education? What technology do you wish your teachers would use more often? What NEW technology would you like to see developed/invented for your future educational career?

CNN BLOG: Monday, May 7th

Monday is the official beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, and CNN Student News is looking to honor educators worldwide! Your Question: We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life.  How has a teacher made your life better?

CNN Blog: Friday, May 4th

Following an autopsy Thursday on Junior Seau (Hall of Fame NFL Linebacker) the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office said he died of a self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest. Seau’s family will make the decision regarding further study of his brain for possible damage from head injuries during his long football career. Your […]