Unit Four – The Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution

The second quarter starts off with a look at some major innovations and changes in Europe after the Middle Ages. We will be looking at the Renaissance which started in Italy and spread throughout Europe changing art, science, architecture and more. The Protestant Reformation which changed religion forever both in Europe and around the world. […]

Mr. Moore’s Study Guide Turn In

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR GOOGLE DOC IS SHARED WITH ME AT MOOREC@HOWELLSCHOOLS.COM BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT. Follow the directions below. Use the URL address from the address bar in Google Chrome in the “Link to Assignment” box at the very bottom.  

CNN BLOG: Tuesday, May 8th

Your 3 Questions: What technology do you find most beneficial to your education? What technology do you wish your teachers would use more often? What NEW technology would you like to see developed/invented for your future educational career?

CNN Blog, Thursday April 26

SB 1070 is a law in Arizona which allows Arizona police to check people’s immigration status if the police have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the country illegally. There is a battle currently going on in the Supreme Court over who is responsible for enforcing immigration laws, the federal government or individual state governments. Your […]


Should Eric Eric Dompierre’s (a student with Down Syndrome in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) high school athletic career be cut short his senior year because of the Michigan Athletic Association’s age rule? Why or why not? 3-5, Caps, Spell & Grammar Check! Here is a link to the Change.Org petition to urge the MHSAA to change the rule if you would like […]

Map of Europe after WWI

Europe after World War I Europe before World War I

Welcome Back!

We know coming back from break is hard, but look on the bright side. Only 37 school days left until summer vacation, lets make the next month and a half great! The finish line is in sight!