CNN BLOG: Wednesday, May9th

Investigators are studying an explosive device that they say could have ended up on a plane heading to the United States. This is part of an alleged terror plot that officials say was broken up recently. They seized the explosive device and authorities say the person who intended to use it is no longer a threat.


What officials have said is that this bomb was designed to slip past airport metal detectors. On Monday, Brian Todd was reporting on the possibility of that happening.

Now Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rodgers, have just said, essentially, last night and this morning, that they believe that these scanners would have detected this potential explosive.

But if you talk to terrorism experts and security experts, that is not at all clear, that even these so-called back-scatter, these body scanners would have detected it.  Body scanners are not used in every airport overseas, not even used in every airport in the United States.

Your Question: Should US airports increase security measures as a result of this investigation?  Why or why not?


CNN BLOG: Tuesday, May 8th

Your 3 Questions: What technology do you find most beneficial to your education? What technology do you wish your teachers would use more often? What NEW technology would you like to see developed/invented for your future educational career?


CNN BLOG: Monday, May 7th

Monday is the official beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, and CNN Student News is looking to honor educators worldwide!

Your Question: We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life.  How has a teacher made your life better?


CNN Blog: Friday, May 4th

Following an autopsy Thursday on Junior Seau (Hall of Fame NFL Linebacker) the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office said he died of a self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest. Seau’s family will make the decision regarding further study of his brain for possible damage from head injuries during his long football career.

Your Question: Based on the information above, do you think High School football should be banned? Or should serious rule changes to the sport be made to protect America’s youth? Why or Why not?


CNN BLOG: Thursday, May 3rd

The U.S. Women`s Field Hockey team is hard at work getting ready for the games. And one way they`re doing that, they`re training with Navy SEALs, the elite special forces unit. Katie Reinprecht, a midfielder on the team, talked about the experience: I think there`s a lot to learn training with the Navy SEALs, obviously not really skill- based and focused on field hockey, but there`s a lot to learn, not only about yourself, but the teammates around you and I think it`s been a really good team building exercise for us.

You learn a lot about leadership and what works and how to stay calm in extremely stressful situations. So I think we`ve been able to pull a lot from our sessions with the Navy SEALs and apply them into game-like situations.

It`s just a mental test the whole time. You`re — physically, you`re pushed to your limits. And you just have to learn how to cope with it and take it step by step. And you learn a lot about yourself and the person next to you. And you learn what way to push each other to get the best results.

And I think each time we`ve gone with the SEALs, we`ve learned some sort of new lesson about what we`re capable of convincing our minds. And I think that`s been really important for us on the field, and I think it`ll continue to be beneficial for this team, heading into the London Games.


Your Question: After taking a look at how U.S. students are performing compared to the rest of the world in the info-graphic above, Do you think American public schools should implement a Navy Seal type training regiment for students to teach discipline and leadership? Why or why not?


CNN BLOG: Wednesday May 2nd

Carl Azuz explained the U.S. government will present it’s monthly unemployment numbers Friday. Take a look at the info-graphic below:

Your Question: Based on the information above, how do you plan to prepare for your future? Your response MUST (include/reflect upon) at least one piece of data from the visual aid! What job field are you going to seek?


CNN Blog – Tuesday, May 1

A school in California is offering students an opportunity to learn how to become a pilot after school for FREE.

Your Question:

What kind of free (or paid for) after school program would you be interested in if it was offered at Howell High School? Why?

This could be strictly for fun, or for something that interests you in a future career!

Remember, write in complete sentences using capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and check your spelling before posting.

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