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Unit 2: World Religions and Religious Interactions

Student Assignment Checklist

Focus Questions

Identify the approximate founding date of each major religion.

Identify  the location(s) of each major religion.

Identify major historical figures for each major religion.

Describe the core beliefs of each major religion.

Level 2 Focus Question

Identify the causes of major interactions between the major religions.

    • Muslims and Christians during the Crusades
    • Christianity moving to the Americas
    • Islam spreading to India

Unit Vocabulary

Topics & Textbook Alignment

Roots of Judaism 2.5

Hinduism & Buddhism 3.2

The Rise of Christianity 5.4

The Rise Of Islam 10.1

Video Lectures

Lecture PowerPoints

Other Resources

History of Religion

Power Standards:

4.1.2 World Religions – Using historical and modern maps and other documents, analyze the continuing spread of major world religions during this era and describe encounters between religious groups including

  • Islam and Christianity (Roman Catholic and Orthodox) – increased trade and the Crusades
  • Islam and Hinduism in South Asia (See 5.3.3 – South Asia/India to 18th Century)
  • continuing tensions between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity

5.1.2 World Religions – Use historical and modern maps to analyze major territorial transformations and movements of world religions including the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain, Christianity to the Americas, and Islam to Southeast Asia, and evaluate the impact of these transformations / movements on the respective human systems. (See 4.1.2)

Other Standards

F3 Growth and Development of World Religions
Explain the way that the world religions or belief systems of Hinduism, Judaism, Confucianism, Buddhism,  Christianity, and Islam grew, including:

  • spatial representations of that growth
  • interactions with culturally diverse peoples
  • responses to the challenges offered by contact with different faiths
  • ways they influenced people’s perceptions of the world.

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