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Unit 5: Revolution

Student Checklist

Learning Goals

1: Explain what factors lead to the major Political Revolution in France.
2. Explain the social and political reforms that took place in France during the  Revolution.
3: Explain the long-lasting results/impact (5 MAJOR) of the French Revolution?

Topics & Textbook Alignment

Causes of the French Revolution
France During the Revolution
The Reign of Terror and After the Revolution

Prezi Presentations

Cause of the French Revolution

Power Standards:

6.1.3  Increasing Global Interconnections – Describe increasing global interconnections between societies, through the emergence and spread of ideas, innovations, and commodities including

•  constitutionalism, communism and socialism, republicanism, nationalism, capitalism, human rights, and secularization

 the global spread of major innovations, technologies, and commodities via new global networks

6.1.1  Global Revolutions – Analyze the causes and global consequences of major political and industrial revolutions focusing on changes in relative political and military power, economic production, and commerce. (See 6.2.1; 6.2.3; 6.3.1; 6.3.2)

6.1.4  Changes in Economic and Political Systems – Compare the emerging economic and political systems (industrialism and democracy) with the economic and political systems of the previous era (agriculture and absolutism). (See 5.3.5)


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