CNN BLOG: Monday, May 7th

Monday is the official beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, and CNN Student News is looking to honor educators worldwide!

Your Question: We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life.  How has a teacher made your life better?


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  1. They have showed me things I have done wrong. They also helped me learn things. Thats about it.

  2. If there was one teacher who I respected it was Mr. Downes . I know a lot of kids would disagree with me that he was the best teacher ever, but still, he was my best teacher ever. He was tough and taught me discipline in many ways. he was also my track coach. a lot of people didn’t like him because they thought he was mean, but he was just being funny. he had a lot of good stuff about him and he really is my favorite teacher. he was sarcastic, intelligent, and strict but I appreciated everything he did.

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  4. No there has never been a teacher positively impact my life so that all i got to sat about that

  5. I have awesome teachers and I’ve had bad ones. The teachers who tell you aren’t smart and get you in trouble are the ones who never get appreciation. But the ones who tell good job and help get things right when you’re wrong are the ones who get positive feedback.

  6. The way that a teacher has made my life better was that in some classes, the way that we would have fun would have me work more. In others, when a teacher is strict, I work much better because for some reason, I like strict teachers. When they’re both brought together, I always work the best, and when I work the best I can, I don’t only like the teacher, but I get much better grades and I’d leave school with a lot much more knowledge than I would in the beginning of the year.

  7. my teachers make me try hard at school and they are their for me and they help me at school and they teach me new things that i never know they tall me what i need to get beater so next i know what to do

  8. Sometimes some of my teachers make me feel good. Sometimes I just talk to my teachers and have funny conversations. Or sometimes we just talk about random stuff. Sometimes just by talking with your teachers they can make you feel better.

  9. I have to say that my 7th grade math teacher has the biggest positive impact. I would have to say this because he made me like math. He was a good teacher and i think that i learned alot.

  10. I have had a lot of teachers who impacted my in a positive manner, and made my life better. My English teacher in seventh grade inspired me to write more and that made me better at writing. I’ve had band teachers that pushed me to better and that made a positive impact on my life because it made me a better musician and pushed me to play more instruments. I’ve had teachers who explained things in new ways and it has given me better ways to come about things.

  11. Even though teaching is a job, many if not all teachers treat it more than that. They help you become more involved with others through the classroom and are there for help. I think we need to tell teachers more often how well they are doing because they do that for us.

  12. Mrs. Perlman has been there for me when I’ve been dealing with difficult situations. I may not necessarily have him yet, but Mr. Oglesby is my tennis coach and runs the FCA program at HHS, and he’s always been eager to help me and I can tell that he’s really passionate about what he does. Mrs. Stoody has to be my absolute favorite though, crazy as that sounds, she helped me with some huge problems, is funny, and has a great (and sometimes brutal) personality. I think all of my teachers have impacted me in some way.

  13. how a teacher haves made my life better is by if i don’t get some thing that they would help me so i would get it.also they would give feedback on test or quiz hoe to maybe do better on some thing next time.

  14. They make my life better by allowing me to retake tests or to show me what I am doing wrong. Also they teach us new things. Also they allow us to work with people and talk or communicate.

  15. Many of my teachers have made a big impact on my life. Most of them motivate me to do my best in work but also in life. I think that is one of the best ways somebody can make your life better.

  16. One of my classes at my middle school out in Plymouth had to have a sub the rest of the year because my teacher was having her baby. The sub we had was really nice and very helpful. I had a problem that I had to tell my Councillor and since she wasn’t there I told the sub and she told the Councillor for me. That teacher is also the reason I attend Howell High School now.

  17. Some of my teachers give me positive feedback on my works and they tried their very best to make sure i learn what i needed to learn.

  18. A teacher impacts my life because they are here to teach and educate and that plays a major role in my life, to be educated and get a job. Teachers not only come in to do their job and get paid, but they also care about the students and want what’s best for them and getting them success.Mr.Andrews has positively because he has made the class all online which helps us learn typing and computer skills that are important for later in life.

  19. My teachers are varied. They all have their pros and cons. Some are better than others and some just bring me down. The ones that do help though will answer your questions, and not treat you like your stupid for asking it like other teachers do. They will take their time in teaching the subject so you understand it but don’t go so slow that you grow bored and loose focus. In general they actually care for you.

  20. I cant think of a teacher who has impacted my life. I mean a lot of my teachers have helped with anything else. All my teachers say stuff all the time that could help me in the future but i don’t really know if it has necessarily impacted my life.

  21. I like my teachers. I do because they Teach you many things. I like all of my teachers about the same.

  22. No, a teacher has never made my life any better and never will. Teachers make you fail and they never help me. Teachers make my life worse because they give me bad grade sometimes and it makes me feel bad about myself. The only time a teacher makes my life better is when they have given me candy or gave me extra credit. Most teachers don’t care for the students and just ignore the class.

  23. Most of my teachers just try to get me to work harder on things. However I think if the job gets done to a standard then I think it’s all fine. Some of my teachers have shown me that it will be more rewarding by perfecting some things. I agree with them. They made my life better by showing me the satisfaction you get from doing something amazingly.

  24. When teachers are nice and positive it makes going to school fun. This year my teachers that I pass in the hall always say hi to me and it’s nice. It’s just good having good teachers.

  25. If their was one teacher that has impacted me would be a band teacher. They have given me the best skills of all. He tough me how to play the clarinet.

  26. A teacher that has positively impacted my life is Ms. Cox. She made me try harder in class she didn’t let you slack. She made take school more seriously.

  27. In my life I have had many good teachers But their was one how stood out from the rest. He was my 7 grade E.A.L teacher I would put his name but I still can’t spell his name. He was kind, funny, and a little weird he always did what he could to help his students.

  28. i love all my teachers they are the best and they get me to doing things that i might not want to do and they help me if i need it and they all teach me different things my favorite teacher is still to come……jk all my teachers right know are my favorite #7thhour

  29. My 5th grade teacher Mrs, Dutcher always told me to work for my dreams and to never give up. She said you’re never too young to start planning your future, and she was right. Because of her I learned to love books and to eventually become a writer.

  30. Teachers have made a huge impact on my life. They always push me to do my best. If I don’t understand something then they will work with me until I get it. Teachers don’t let students just give up.

  31. My teachers are there for me and I can talk to a lot of them about stuff that is happening in my personal life. One teacher that I can talk to and has positively impacted my life is my ELA teacher. I can tell Mrs. Janiga about stuff like bullying and fights I get into with my family. Also I show her pictures I drew and stories I’m writing and get feedback.

  32. My kindergarten teacher impacted my life. She was very kind, and helped me do well in school. Also, as soon as i left her class for 1st grade, i began getting bullied. It is no coincidence.

  33. All of my teachers have gave me positive feedback on everything. They are all great, they have helped me realize everything is possible you just have to try your best.

  34. No teachers have ever really impacted my life. I mean, they teach me things that Ii’ll need in order to have a better future, if that’s what you call impacting. One teacher I really liked in 8th Grade was Mrs. Kellaher because she understood my talents and skills and allowed me to express them, and gave me good grades when I used what skills I have. I like teachers you can relate to.

    • I agree with you. I love teachers that let you do things to express your talents and skills. I also love teachers that you can either relate to or get along with.

  35. My teachers have made me strive for excellence in my academic career and my social life. They positively reinforce good grades and always help you, which makes me want to help people. They also give you feedback if you need improvements, Thank you teachers, now and past.

  36. My favorite teacher taught me many things. These things would be alot on the computers in class. This teacher is Mr. Andrews. He is the coolest teacher by far and is alot of fun!

  37. I have had many teachers that have impacted life. They have taught me so many different things throughout my school years. All of my teachers impact me in a different way. Like, they give my positive feedback on my work, give me a great education, and push you to be the best I can be.

  38. My favorite teacher actually motivates me to do good. Also they help me when i need it. They also tell me what i did wrong and how i can fix it.

  39. No teacher has impacted my life in a positive way. Most almost bore me to death with their lesson plans and others just give out so much homework that I don’t really like them. But my favorite teacher has always been Mr. J from Latson Elementary.

  40. Teachers help students by providing them with higher education. If a teacher doesn’t push his students they will be behind students at other schools both locally and regional.

  41. Teachers have impacted my life because most of them are very good role models and they help me out so i can succeed later in life. They make my life better by giving me educations and information to help me graduate, go to college, get a job, and so on. Most of my teachers make the classes interactive and fun too!

  42. All of are teachers have taught us skills and knowledge that makes an age of technology possible. Without teachers are 5technology levels would be brought back a hundred or more years. Also teachers teach kids good habits for the future and ways in how to succeed.

  43. A teacher has positively impacted my life by showing me how to improve my work. They made my life better because I do better at that now.

  44. I don’t think that teachers so much effect my life but they really do help make your day better if you have a good teacher. I think that if you have good teachers that they could greatly effect your mood but not so much in your life. but i have had some good teachers that help make the year and day go by a lot faster by being nice.

    • I have awesome teachers and I’ve had bad ones. The teachers who tell you aren’t smart and get you in trouble are the ones who never get appreciation

  45. I don’t think a teacher has really impacted my life but they do help me everyday. They help me when I don’t get something and are always nice to me. Maybe in the future one of my teachers will impact my life.

  46. Mr. Moore made my life better by have a full online class that helps me out a lot

  47. A teacher helped me get good grades. They help me learn the lesson better. Also they answer my questions when i need them too.

  48. All teachers have helped me in many many ways. I try at somethings and somethings i don’t and most of the teachers accept that. So thanks!! lol

  49. i think all of the teachers that i have had have been really positive and not given negative feedback . they have always been there.

  50. I get positive feedback when i do good on my work or tests. I don’t really need the feedback though. I know what to do most of the time and what to fix when i’m done with my work.But that’s what teachers are for, to help you and teach you how to do things.

  51. All of my teachers affect my life. Each teacher I’ve had have taught me something new/ I respect them all and i am happy that i had them to teach me. All of my teachers have contributed to my learning.

  52. They can positively impact your life by being funny and being relaxed. It has made my life better by not giving that much homework so i can do stuff on the weekend.

  53. My teachers really have not done much. They all have their pros, and they all have their cons. I would say that my 5Th grade teacher was one of my most favorite.
    Mrs. Carroll ( Southeast Elementary).

  54. My Grandpa is the teacher that made an impact on my life. He understands me, unlike everyone else in my house and he tells me stories of when he was a kid and how different it was.

  55. There are so many teachers that have made such a great impact on my life. They motivate me and always push me to do my best. I appreciate this so much because it has made me a more determined and hardworking person.

  56. i think that Mr. Moore has put a big big big influence on my life we used to make cool quotes but that stopped but its okay because it only made our friendship stronger. I think im going to give him a big big BIG present Friday to sum up this wonderful week to acknowledge all the great teachers that go out of there way to make my life and education better. i want to give a big shout out to Mr. Moore because hes better then everyone else. i hope this gives me Extra credit…..

    love kameron

  57. My teacher’s have made many positive impacts on my life because they have always pushed me to do my best. Even when I felt like I couldn’t do it or felt like giving up, they always helped me pursue whatever I was doing.

  58. All the teachers i had have made my life better not just academically, but also helped me build up skills i would need in life (and in school). Some of my teachers encouraged me to do things i thought i couldn’t do, or would even think of doing. My new and old teachers tried to help me work on assignments even though i was failing dramatically.

  59. in 4th grade i had a teacher that gave help and the drive the pass. she would never let me fail. then in 8th grade i had another teacher like that i hared that she was so mean, but when i got to the class she was streak but in a kind way and funny. i wish that my sis will have her next year.

  60. No teacher has truely made an impact on my life. My teachers don’t like me, and get mad when I make mistakes. I’ve always fought with all my teachers. But, I am always respectful to most of my teachers. I stop being respectful when they start disrespecting me. But I appreciate the things that some of my teachers do teach me.

  61. All of the teachers I have had have made my life better. They give me good advice about life and they help me learn things and get smarter. Teachers have a big impact on kids life’s. They keep you thinking positive.

  62. All of my teachers have taught me many things the deal with academics and also every day things. I would have to say that my first grade teacher and my 8th grade teachers were my favorite. They were the ones who made school fun.

  63. My teachers are there for me, well the ones that i’m close to. when they see that i’m acting different they come up to me and ask if im okay and i love that

  64. The teachers that inspired were really nice and helped me learn. The pushed to be me to be my best and inspire me to get good grades in school. This is all I learned from my teachers over the year of school.

  65. my teachers have helped me learn alot.

  66. My teachers have all had a positive impact on my life. There isn’t any specific teacher. Some of my teachers are better then others, but I appreciate all of them.

  67. I don’t think iv’e ever had a teacher impact my life but ive definitely had a favorite teacher her name was mrs.bullinger she helped me get all my work don all the time she was kinda my friend at the same time and she was 23 so that could be a reason and i showed her blue waffle and sshe flipped

  68. My teachers always try and to help me the best they can. They give me feedback. Iif I don’t understand something they’ll explain it to me in a simple way.

  69. My teacher Mrs. Black (my mom) has helped me with my homework so i get good grades.

  70. Teachers help everyone learn. the best teachers are the ones that give out the least amount of homework and are happy not yelling at you all the time.

  71. My teachers impacted me by giving me positive feedback and teaching me academics. My teachers have also taught me to respect others and keep my hands to myself. I’ve had a lot of good teachers, but my favorite would have to be Mr. Andrews.

  72. My teachers give me positive influences in many ways. They help me make better choices and help me face problems. They give me problem solving skills that help me in real life situations.

  73. None of my teachers have really impacted my life. Some have pushed me to be my best so i get good grades. But that’s really about it.

  74. a teacher can make the work easear if they teach it right in a positive way

  75. My 6th grade teachers were really positive at teaching and always helped you. Mr.Cobb was the teacher who had the most impact because he was the kind of teacher who really helped me when I struggled on an assignment or other subjects. Also he was a real joker when we had free time.

  76. I have had a few teachers that have impacted my life, but I would say that my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Miller impacted my life the most and taught me so many things. I’m so thankful to have had her as a teacher.

  77. Well the way I see it is that they teach you so you’re successful in life. That’s a huge impact. If your not successful, your life is going to suck. You could end up like a hobo.

  78. I haven’t really had a teacher that has changed my life, but I like when my teachers give me feedback. I also like when they actually help me with a question on an assignment, and when they talk through it and help me understand it. It helps me a lot when I can understand it.

  79. All of my teachers have impacted me differently, whether it was helping me to pass a class I struggled in, advice, or even a simple smile that would brighten my day. I think all of my teachers have impacted me somehow, whether I notice it right away, or maybe in the future.

  80. My favorite teacher would have to be Mrs. Rutherford. She always did so many fun activities. She also was a straight up teachers. She was awesome.

  81. my teachers give me positive feedback by telling me i did a good job on my work and other things

  82. Some of my teachers make boring classes fun like Mr. McCall. I’m glad there are teachers like that and they help me get threw the day. I also like when a teacher adds jokes makes it better.

  83. My teachers are such a great inspiration, especially Mr. Moore. They not only teach me, but become a role model. Mr. Moore is an amazing teacher who helps me through my work and studying.

  84. No teacher has made an impact on my life. I only look up to them to teach me whatever I need to learn. A lot of teachers are just mean and don’t fully teach what they need to, and they expect us to do everything ourselves.

  85. Teachers give me good feedback on my hard work. It makes me feel good about my work. I feel like my teacher care about how i do in school and if i understand the material.

  86. The teacher that has had the biggest impact on my life was my 5th grade teacher because she is the nicest person anyone will ever meet and she cares so much about her every single one of her students and she teaches things really well.

  87. My teachers help me through things I don’t understand. I inspire them, especially Mr. Moore.

  88. My teachers give me good feedback on stuff, there mostly fair on how they grade my work and pretty nice all a round

  89. When teachers positively encourage you, realize your effort and help you fix your mistakes. Also when they do’t get frustrated with you.

  90. my teacher encourage me and are nice to me it helps me feel good.they gave me anougther chance and support they put up there time for us as the students to become teachers ourselves not just with math or science. they should have there day because they give us our day all year.

  91. I think that teachers have made positive impacts in my life. Not only have they taught me academics, but they’ve also taught me common skills that I could possibly use throughout my life. Without teachers, our world would be a lot less organized and productive. Also without teachers the job market would be worse because they would be hiring people without a complete education and that wouldn’t be good.

  92. Some teachers that I have tell me that I’m doing good in school and to keep up the good work. When they say this, it gives makes me feel better about myself. If I’m not getting something right, they’ll keep supporting me and I try harder. Teachers teach me new things everyday that I can use later on in my life.

    • I like it also when teachers give me complements, it seems to make things easier for me. It’s also nice to hear that every once in awhile to, just to alarm you.

    • Its good to hear complements but it is better to hear negative things in a good way. That would help you better yourself and your work.

  93. Some teachers are good and give you a lot of feedback for all the hard work you have done. I didn’t really ever get a lot of feedback in the frost semester, because i didn’t do good at all. But now I’m doing great and get a lot of good complements.

  94. i was impacted by my teacher Mr. Moore he is the greatest teacher ever. he is super funny and he has a very awesome sense of humor. he is super chill and can get down to business in a heart beat.

  95. My teachers have gave me good information for the future and useful infromation for my jobs in the future i also wanna give an a appreciation for my science teachers hnow and for later in my school years and math but for all the others teachers i have had they are great and they give me a lot of support and the time they take to give us students the information we need to succeed in our life and they give us some life advice to let us succeed.

  96. My teachers have given me a good education, and have treated me with respect and understanding. They do us a great favor of teaching us to be successful, and I am grateful. Teachers are necessary. You can’t learn what you can from a teacher from a computer.

  97. Teachers have made many positive impacts in my life. Not only have they taught me academics, but they’ve also taught me common skills that I will use throughout my life. Without teachers, our world would be a lot less organized and productive.

  98. I have had a few teachers who helped me learn but were not nice and supportive. I have also had teachers that would support me and encouraged me to do my best. They were always there if i needed them and would make my day better.

  99. My 7th grade English teacher inspired me to write. I started writing storys because of him and now i’m a lot less stressed. He was my favorite teacher and i will never forget him. He impacted me the most out of all my teachers and because of him i write all the time and it helps me be me. I can be what i want in my storys and because of him i’m not as shy as i was.

  100. Teachers help us two not mak errers in hour righting. Without the teachers of hour lifes, we wood not hav the nolege that we ned. I want to thank all of my teachers!

  101. A couple teachers this year, and one or two last year, are the only teachers I’ve had who have positively impacted my life. I want to get work done as easily as possible, and I’m thankful for the teachers that actually explain things the simplest way to do them.

  102. i know thats every teacher has there own methods but the one thats has really impacted me the most would be mr. fisher from my old school he helped me get thought the hardest times with my school work.

  103. My teachers positively impacted my life on always being there for me when i needed it. They also helped me to treat others with respect.

  104. I don’t really have a favorite teacher but i do have alot of them that i liked more than others. Some of my teachers have helped me more than others. I have had alot of good teachers and some bad ones but i guess the worst teachers still have helped in someways.

  105. Ms.root all the way!!!!!

  106. I’ve had a lot of teachers that have helped push me to secede and that have inspired me. Some of my favorite teachers were Ms. Cox, Mrs. Thacker, Mr. Andrews, and Mr.Monro because they are all really nice and helped me. I appreciated every thing they have done.

  107. Mr Andrews has taught me to not hate everything. I still do but it helps because i learn to deal with what is irratating in my life and i learn to love things that i would normally hate. i used to hate computers but now i like them

  108. My teachers impact my life because they teach me something new everyday and I have a different teacher to teach me different things. I think teachers are a big part of are life.

  109. A lot of teachers are going to make an impact on your life, whether it’s good or bad. But a teacher that has defiantly made an impact on my life in a positive way would be Mrs. Durocher. She was extremely nice, kind, and always willing to listen to anything you needed to talk about. She helped me get through a lot in 8th grade. All the stupid drama, family problems, and understanding that some days are just hard. So I thank her for everything she has done for me. And she made me take a totally new perspective on my life.

  110. My eighth grade math teachers, Mrs. Buck and Mrs. Oski (I think thats what their names were:P) they got me interested in math. In the first two years of middle school I barely passed my math class with a low C but then then I got into eighth grade, my teachers helped me with any questions I had. And now I haven’t had anything lower than a 98% all this year. My lowest grade in both semesters on one assignment was a High B. Without them I would probably still be struggling in math.

  111. All my teachers have had a big impact on my life. some of them have told me to always be yourself and never be ashamed of who you are, and that is what made me who i am today. Also they help you a lot more when you ask questions and they make it personal for us to understand the subject. i still talk to some of my teachers from elementary school because i look up to them as people and they have always been there for me.

  112. Teachers have helped me allot. When I was in elementary school I would get trouble. They would tell me not to do that. This helped me to learn what was right and what was wrong. And my teachers in middle school and now have helped my prepare for college.

  113. One of my teachers are really good at teaching me a way I can understand and can do better than I usually do. She helped me do better on test, quizzes, and homework. She really helped me become a better student.

  114. I believe that teachers have a positive impact when they help them and compliment them when the students do something right. It is a great way to teach the students about respect. Plus, if the teachers show them respect, the students won’t disrespect the teachers.

  115. I have had many teachers that have had a positive impact on me. One teacher that has had the biggest impact on me is my mom. She is a math teacher so whenever I don’t understand a math problem she helps me. She has also made my life better by teaching me to never give up. There has been many more teachers that have impacted me positively but my mom just happens to stand out.

  116. I’ve had many teachers that have helped me throughout school. They give me good feedback on school work and have helped me when I have needed help.

  117. Teachers give positive feedback by saying things like “good job on your grades” or writing something on a test you just aced. Stuff like that gives me motivation to try harder in school. Teachers make my life better by being cool and chill. Nobody likes teachers that don’t ever have fun.

  118. Teachers positively impact my life when they truly care about their students and get into their work. The teachers who you can tell hate their job usually end up doing a bad job and people get bad grades from them.

  119. I think that all of my 7th grade teachers really helped me. I wanted to work hard and try my best. I really didn’t care about school before 7th grade but my teachers taught me that if I work hard and do my best I will succeed.

  120. When teachers help you understand difficult concepts that will show up later in life on standardized tests, that is a positive impact. Knowing how to handle what’s on the A.C.T. can’t hurt you. Even then, it’s up to you to remember and use that to your advantage.

  121. My Math teachers impacted my life. This is because i learn some stuff that i wont probably ever look at again. I also forget all the stuff like within a hour of it getting taught to me.

  122. My teachers give me positive feedback and help me. ESPECIALLY Mr. Moore 😀

  123. no i have never had any teacher help me to learn some thing other than the subject that they were tiring to tech me i don’t tack to them much i gist git my home work from them

  124. My teachers impacted my life by teaching me how to spell and interact with other people. And learning about other stuff in the world that i didn’t even know. And understanding more important things.

  125. A teacher that really impacted my life was Ms. Cox last year at Highlander Way. she impacted my life because she really helped me understand history better because Detroit public schools didn’t really teach what I needed to know so when I was behind she helped me understand more clearly. All my teachers though are very positive, really cool, and understandable.

  126. The only thing a teacher ever did to make my life better was teaching me to read and write in elementary school. Other than that, a teacher has never made an impact on my life.

  127. Some of my teachers like my English teacher gave feedback from just yelling it would scare the crap out of me into doing good in school. Some teachers can use positive motivation to help motivate you to do better but a lot of teachers don’t do that.

  128. My teachers have made an impact on my life because they help with whatever you need and they want you to succeed. If there is anything they can do to help, they find a way to make it happen. I think thats good.

  129. My teachers impacts my life because their, there to teach you and they give you back positive feedback what makes you a better person. Teachers teach you new things every day.

  130. Most of my teachers has helped me in school and make a better and positive me in school. They also have faith in me and gives me credit for trying my best. And that’s what that matters.

  131. My seventh grade math teacher has made me like math now. In sixth grade it was boring and a lot like elementary school math. Having this teacher last year, she showed me that I can do things to the best of my ability and not give up. She cared if I made it to school everyday because I was going through a rough time. She has really impacted my life a lot and I really am a better person for it.

  132. My teachers have helped me learn from my mistakes and have given me positive feedback. i really think that i have gotten some of the best teachers through middle school and now high school. They have really helped a lot.

  133. A teacher has taught me a lot and that is how i have more knowledge. If i didn’t have a teacher, I wouldn’t know how to spll. I wouldn’t know the past and i wouldn’t be who i am.

  134. I have never had a teacher that really impacted me. No teacher has ever really made my life better. Most of them don’t tell me when I do something right but when I do something wrong. But I have had some good teachers.

  135. When I was younger I lived with my teacher she would help me with all of my homework and she gave me a good environment to be in when there was no where else. To this day, I still thank her.

  136. I have had some pretty awesome teachers in the years I’ve been in school. Some teachers have really helped me when I needed it the most. Others have believed in me when others wouldn’t. That’s how teachers positively impacted me.

  137. My second grade teacher told me, before I went off to third grade, that if I tried my hardest, I could get all A’s. And he was right. I didn’t think I actually would, but I did. And I don’t think I could’ve done it without him telling me I could.

    • It was the same way with me. Except it happened in 8th grade. It seemed like she really cared about what I did with my life and where I am going. I really liked her and she will always have a special place in my heart.

  138. All my teachers have helped me out and made my life better. But the main thing I learned this year from all my teachers is how to study right and actually study because that is where your grades reflect on. I think they really push that and I appreciate that because it has made my life better because I have good grades.

  139. My middle school science and literature teacher helped me like science and reading much more than I had before. It has made my life better because I can now read at college levels and I am very good at chemistry and physics. They are both things that are helpful after college.

  140. A teacher that impacts my life is someone who loves to do what they do, because if you don’t like what you doing you wont be good at it. A teacher should be ready to help you, bot tell you to ask someone else or to figure it out on your own, because a teacher wants to help you learn, they encourage it.

  141. i know thats every teacher has there own methods but the one thats has really impacted me the most would be mr. fisher from my old school he helped me get thought the hardest times with my school work,

  142. My teachers give me positive feedback on my work and they try and give me the best education possible. They treat me with respect and I do the same for them.

  143. I had mostly positive teachers I also have had horrible teachers that are very negative but I think that as long that a teacher is positive to a student it will reflect on the student.

  144. most my teachers have been nice. not many have changed it for me. thats all i have to say.

  145. They teacher me new things everyday not only book smarts but street smarts too. They impact on every student even if the students don’t want to admit it.

  146. My teachers push me to succeed and they show me good social skills and how to treat people I don’t usually get along with.

  147. A teacher impacts my life because they are here to teach and educate and that plays a major role in my life, to be educated. Teachers not only come in to do their job and get paid, but they also care about the students and want what’s best for them and getting them success. A teacher has made my life better because they have given me more knowledge than What I might have had in the past.

  148. Teachers have made my life better because to me, everything I do is right but my teachers show me the things I do wrong. Also the little things like making a lesson or article more exciting help me more interested in the class.

  149. there is two teachers that has impacted my life in such a great way. The first is Mr. Salmeto. I had him in 7th grade and as i was going through chemo therapy he has supported me in so many ways. as a teacher he didnt teach that much but he was a really good friend. the next teacher is a teacher that i have currently Mrs. Schaffer

    because she see me as a normal student not one who has a harder time learning than others. she also is so dedicated to her job and her students. I alway look forward to 3rd hour with her.

  150. All of my teachers have had a positive impact on my life in some way. Every teacher contributes something, weather it’s what we learn or encouraging us to become more mature. When I was little I looked up to my teachers as role models, like how I should act or how to deal with certain things. I think that every teacher impacts us.

  151. I’ve never had a teacher impact my life, but educating me is good enough! I’ve learned some stuff that will help me out in the future, and i thank my teachers for doing a good job. Mr. Gillingham is the best

  152. I have had some very bad teachers and very good teachers. Mr. Diab is one of my favorites, i like how he teaches..because he isn’t always stressed and yelling at kids. He rarely will yell at kids, but if he does they deserve it. He has a very good life right now and has been very inspirational to me. I have learned a lot every year from one teacher. Whether they are bad or good. Not a lot of people will admit it but they give you great advice, because they became a teacher because they were good at school.

  153. Mr Parrish is constantly questioning my beliefs in interesting and fascinating new ways, and Mr Smigell has helped me set a track for my life. I very much appreciate both of them and their help.

  154. i had a really tough time lately and, well one of my teachers really helped me get out of the cycle of sad, depressed, and then sad again. without that boost i wouldn’t be who i am i would be a sad, unhappy person who doesn’t care about anything. she didn’t do anything super amazing but she made me feel like i wasn’t alone, that i am as unique as a letter in the alphabet, that no one can judge me because they aren’t me, and she also taught me that you are never truly alone, or by yourself, there is someone somewhere going through or who went through the same thing.

  155. I’ve had teachers that are really cool and really helped with their specialty, but then I’ve had some straight up freak for teachers. Like, if your teacher smells like B.O., coffee and mud, has a lisp, uses close pins to hold his fly shut, sexually harasses girls, and has long, greasy, slicked back hair in a ponytail. You know you got a problem. ANDREWS RULES THOUGH 🙂

  156. my teachers have helped me with work i never got and would always tell me the truth about what i need to do to do better the next time around

  157. I don’t have a certain teacher that impacted my life, almost all of them have. They all make me become a better student. And if i am not understanding something they will make sure that i get it before i move on with something different, i respect that a lot.

  158. We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life. How has a teacher made your life better? Ms. Cox is the best teacher ive ever had in my life! i wish all my teachers were just like her, She was so committed to her job and always wanted her students to do well.

  159. Teachers have a big impact on my life because i’m with 7 teachers a day five days a week for an hour each. having good teachers is an essential part about school so you can do good in high school and and furthermore do good in college so i can get a good job in the future.

  160. Teachers posotively effect my life because the help me when i am struggling and give me good feedback when i have done good.

  161. There are many different teachers you meet in your life. Some are bad….some are good……some are awesome…..then there’s those teachers that every single student hates. No matter what type of teacher you get they all have a way of affecting your life.

  162. I cannot recall the teachers name, she taught me how to read in 1st grade and it was helpful because no one else could and I didn’t understand anything I was told.

  163. There have only been a few teachers that have helped me or impacted me a lot. It’s mostly been my parents who have taught me the right things to do and when to and not do things. There’s always that one teacher that can relate to you and you get a long well with but I can’t recall teachers impacting my life a whole lot besides them helping me understand things I don’t understand that are school related.

  164. I would have to say teachers positively impact my life by just telling me how good i am getting at work and how they are proud they are of me to be getting it. And how they see the improvement in my skills in there class. It just puts a smile on my face just to know that they really care. (:
    And how if i need to talk to them they will sit down and talk to me about it !
    But they person who impacted my life the most this year for school is in the office and she has long black hair i forgot her name. She talked with me today because my mom wanted her to because i have been having a hard time laley and she understands what i am going through because she went through the same thing and i cried in front of her and she told me just to let it out and just talked to me and made me feel like i belong in Howell for once because i thought i did not fit in and why people are mean and stuff and she helped me through it and i honestly can say she has Impacted My Life ❤

  165. Teachers have positively impacted my life by teaching me lessons and values that will help me be successful in life. Good teachers are teachers who not only teach you the material well, but teach you how to be a good student and person as well. They’ve made my life better by being good role models and help me out when I struggle. Even if I don’t necessarily like all of them, I learn from the experience of working with them and dealing with people who I don’t particularly like. Teachers can change your perspective on things and are an important part of growing up and reaching your full potential.

  166. Teachers have impacted my life in many positive ways. We learned so much so far already because of them. Also not just learning, teachers teach you respect and also other things. If we did not have teachers I think our life would be very different because they teach us so much. I do not think we actually realize how much they do. We are going to be so much successful in life because of them. They answer our questions, teach respect, solve problems, and much more.

  167. They’re a good teachers and bad teachers. I have had some goo and bad teachers my teachers helped me set my life goals that I plan to achieve throughout my life. The teachers help make those goals become real.

  168. Teachers have impacted my life by teaching me everything i know. If there was no teachers, i would know nothing. But because of teachers i know stuff.

  169. Teachers have positively impacted my life by TEACHING me the important skills I need in life. Teachers have made my life better by teaching me the important facts I need to know in history, science, math, and English.

  170. I have had a few teachers were they have inspired me to work harder and put more time into things. One of them was willing to give up time after school to help me. That just shows that teachers want their students to do well. Even makes the class laugh. That makes a huge difference in my day.

  171. I really dont think that a lot of my teachers have but my coaches have. I guess there kinda like teachers they have taught me so much. My basketball coach diddnt teach me much but my rugby coaches have taught me so much and im glad they have. I dont think I could play rugby the way I do without them there. I had no clue what rugby was at the beginning of the season and now I might be playing for the Midwest all-star team. I would love if they had me ready to play it and be able to travel and play the sport that I love ❤

  172. I haven’t had many teachers that really have impacted me. I’v only had one. Ms.Colburn from highlander way. She helped me allot when my parents got divorced and she helped me realize that i wanted to be in front of the camera when i grow up. She pushed me to be my best and she was brutally honest with me when I needed it. She was a great teacher and i still visit her every once in a while.

  173. well teachers do many things that impact your life. Like teaching you things that you will carry with you for your entire life. Not just the basic school things that all teachers do, but the life lessons that only the champion teachers do. One of those teachers are Mr. Moore, he is the only reason that i don’t cry myself to sleep every night

  174. We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life. How has a teacher made your life better?
    teachers make my life better because if the help a student that needs help doing something like work because if we didn’t have teachers then who would teach us how to do work. And what if a kid was bullied a teacher would be there to keep the kid safe and what to do if it happens again. A teacher makes my life better because they help you no matter what and they will always be there for you when you need help.

  175. I have had some teachers in the past who have made great impacts on me. They don’t only teach the facts of school but also help by teaching you hard-word, responsibility, and the importance of having fun every once in a while. A few of my teachers that I have had in elementary or middle school are amazing people who love their job and I commend them for it.

    • I know what you mean, teachers teach you how to be successful in all areas of your life, not just the subjects they teach. I think teachers also do a better job when they like what they do like anyone does in any profession.

  176. I say all my teachers helped me in life. Because they taught me a lot me stuff. But some teachers were better than others.

  177. Well some teachers help me push myself to the fullest but there are also some teacher’s that make you feel isolated from everybody else and hate the class (6th grade). a lot/most of the teachers are really helpful helping in sections we don’t understand.

  178. Teachers really don’t inspire me too much. I’ve just had some really good teachers that have made that class fun. I don’t look at them to inspire me much i think that coaches or my parents inspire me the most.

  179. my favorite teacher is Mr.Bradner. He never had real grades, we always had fun. I really wish he would come to the high school. He made my 8th grade fun. In second has to be Mr.Andrews, he has made this class full of technology. He is very chill and plays some great music…..sometimes.

  180. a teacher helps me learn a new thing every day. they also teach me how to be successful in life. thank you guys.

  181. I don’t really get too much positive feedback from teachers. All of my teachers are awesome though.

  182. The only thing teachers that have done for me is try to make things fun even though were doing work, and they always try to makes things positive.

  183. I think all teachers I have had and will have in the future will/have impact my life because they will have different ways of teaching and most of it will be a fun learning.

  184. i think that the teacher that has helped me a lot was my middle school math teacher, because he didn’t rush through teacher the things that we needed to learn.

  185. Teachers make me create life goals and make me think of things i might want to do when im older. They also give on positive feedback on the work we do good on! Negative feedback inst a bad thing either because it tells us what we need to work on. Also some teachers are wiling to help you with non-school problems.

  186. Some teachers are really helpful and nice and try to make class fun, while others are just downright mean and unhelpful and shouldn’t be teaching. But if I have to pick a teacher that was my best teacher was probably my fourth grade teacher Mr. Potts because he made class fun while teaching us the material and life lessons. He incorporated pop culture like movies and music into his lessons too, which really helped me.

  187. I think most of my teachers have impacted my life somehow. Many of them know how to help with anything I need. And of course they are going to impact me because without them I wouldn’t have learned much of anything.

  188. My first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Dubay, impacted my life. She was my favorite teacher and she taught me a lot. I had her for two years in a row, so I got to know her pretty well. She was super nice and a good teacher. She cared for all her students and it was evident.

  189. My teachers give me positive feedback on my work i try really hard and they give me the credit for trying. Being there for me

  190. teachers have made my life better by making me realize that i actually have to do work. i cant just get by doing nothing. they have caused me to get better grades.

  191. The best teacher I ever had not only made the class entertaining and fun, but he taught us things that he’d learned from personal experience, stories he’d heard, and other connections that made the material very relatable for us. If all teachers were like this, it’d make school more enjoyable and efficient for all students.

  192. My teachers give me positive help because when I try on something like a project they usually give me some sort of a extra credit or something else to show that I did a good job.

  193. mr.moore has made me a better person

  194. No teacher really impacted my life. My favorite teacher is Mr. Gillingham who I had for Social Studies last year. The only thing Mr. Gillingham did was make Social Studies extremely fun and imprinting facts about American History in my brain.

  195. When I was in elementary school, I had just heard that my Grandpa had died, and I guess everyone in my school knew. The day I came back, my teacher had bought me a present to make me feel better. Me and my grandpa were really close, and when he died, I was out of school for a long time. I thought this was a really nice thing for my teacher to do.

  196. We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life. How has a teacher made your life better? In 4th grade my teacher was super cool and nice and that’s when my attention issues began to surface so she would pay special attention to me and she was really nice. She was practically family.

  197. There is not really one teacher that stands out to me. All of my teachers have been good. They have all taught me a lot.

  198. No teachers give positive feedback. I don’t ask for it nor want it. usually they put me down or ignore me. I have not really had a teacher who affected my life.

  199. It’s the little things that teachers do that impact our lives. It can be something as small as a teacher just teaching something that you requested of something as big as the teacher giving you a separate assignment because they believe it would suit you better. In my life it is the teachers who try to connect to their students and try to get to know them are the ones that make the impacts on their lives.

  200. Some teachers are cool and some teachers are just weird……and Mr.Moore is walking that fine line….He’s really helpful……but some people think he’s really cool……..he’s alright….but i don’t know what those fools were thinking….

  201. All of my teachers have impacted my life in a positive way. They have taught me right from wrong, and they helped me get skills that i can use later on in life. It would have been a lot harder to grow up without teachers.

  202. My English teacher from 7th grade positively impacted my life because he made class fun. By making class enjoyable to go to I actually began to work hard on my assignments and take pride in my work. He believed that everyone in our class could go above and beyond what was expected of us. Also my social studies teacher from last year impacted my life because he showed me a different way of learning. He didn’t really teach from a book, it was always him dressing up and creating a story instead of worksheets and taking notes.

  203. I don’t think a specific teacher impacted my life, but I do think many teachers were good educators. Most teachers I have had are willing to explain material rather than just teach it. When teachers do more with the material they are given it really shows that they are a good teacher, and students greatly appreciate that.

  204. Your Question: We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life. How has a teacher made your life better?

    Answer-) A teacher has impacted my like by teaching me and showing me so much about our understanding of things. The teachers that i have had made my life better by teaching me and I have gotten smarter from them and that will allow me to succeed in life.

  205. My favorite teacher was Mrs.Baker. She taught me a lot of things. I had a very fun time in that class. Teachers can have a big impact on little kids life’s because they are at school a long time.

  206. I dont think a teachers has really helped me. My favorite teacher would be Mrs. Peak because shes fun and laid back. Also really helpful on work. Her class is a lot of fun.

  207. I had a teacher that really inspired me. He was my 7th grade math teacher. He always pushed me to do my work. Whether or not if i knew the work he would help me understand it.

  208. A few teachers that I’ve had have impacted me in some way. They have taught me and they can answer any questions I might have. A couple of my teachers are always positive and happy about things which also make me happier.

  209. I have had many teachers that have positively influenced my life both as a student and as a person. One of these teachers was Mrs. Graf for 7th grade science. She was a very fair teacher who gave chances for extra credit, gave review for tests, and did not give too much homework. She gave just enough homework for us to learn the material, while still maintaining our personal lives. Another teacher that has positively impacted me is Mr. Diab. He is not only a good teacher, but he also gives you life lessons everyday. I always look forward to learning something new in 7th hour biology.

  210. How my teachers impacted my life is they gave me ambition to get good grades because i know how bad the economy is,and now i push myself to do well not only in school,but in life its self.

  211. Almost every teacher I have had has inspired in me in some way. Not all of my teachers this year have inspired me like they should, but almost all teachers teach the same values and impact kids in the same way. They teach you to work hard, respect each other, respect older people, and the prepare you for things like your parents do. They are almost like another set of parents that you have. Sometimes you hate them but sometimes you love them. Teachers impact on a kids life everyday in a good way.

  212. teachers haven’t really impact my life but they have helped me with all of my work and they have taught me how to be successful. without teachers we would not be able to learn what we need to know and then we would not be successful.

    • I get what your saying they only make you do stuff in school but they dont make decisions for you outside of school.

  213. They have taught me the skills and knowledge necessary for me to pass each grade, so that I am socially accepted, and well educated. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

  214. There has been a few teachers that i liked in the past and could trust. I don’t know if a teacher has ever impacted my life. Pretty much after the year was over i just kind of forgot about them.

  215. Many teachers have positively impacted my life. They give us knowledge and the smarts to do anything we want. Not every teacher is out to get students, some may, but its the good teachers that everyone gets something from.

  216. My teachers have encouraged me and helped me do my best in school and have helped me recognize my abilities in learning. They have also been understanding when I get really stressed out over trying to balance school and sports these past 6 years.

  217. Teachers have impacted my life in many ways and will continue to impact my life. They have taught me things that I will need in the future to get a job and make a living. Teachers are very important and should be appreciated.

  218. my teachers help me on things i don’t understand or know. they impact my life because i see them every day practically.

  219. I don’t really think a certain teacher impacted my life, because practically all of them have. They always give me feedback to make me a better student. If I don’t understand something my teachers go out of their way to help me, and i respect that so much.

  220. most of my teachers have positively impacted my life by letting students retake quizzes if they get below 70 and explaining how things are done in an understandable way.

  221. Some of my teachers give me credit for trying my hardest on work that i don’t really know how to do. When I don’t know how to do it they will give me examples and then help me do it. They all impact my life because they are giving new information that i never knew.

  222. Teachers have had a positive impact on my life, because they help me learn all of things I need to know, and most of them are patient when I don’t understand something. Some teachers also teach a lot of ways to cope in different situations.

  223. I’ve only really had one teacher make a huge positive impact on my life. He was my fourth and fifth grade teacher, Mr. Burke (I went to elementary school in Milford). He wasn’t really a family friend or anything, but it felt like it. He was like a second dad to me. I remember I still kept in touch with him after elementary, it was nice to hear things about my old elementary school after I had moved. He knew everything I was going through at home during elementary school, and he was always there to talk to. I think all teachers should be like that.

  224. my teachers are awesome, especially MR.MOORE because he plays cool music and makes fun of kids. He’s kind of my idol. I want to be him one day.

  225. Each teacher I’ve had has affected me in different ways throughout my life. my eighth grade math teacher affected me the most though. He taught me to look at life like a competition and to not care what those around me thought as long as I believed in what I was doing. If not for him I’d probably be trying to make everybody else happy instead of making me happy. He taught me to be my own person in life and to just live life to the fullest.

  226. no teachers did any thing in my life except for teaching me the basics.

  227. Some of my teachers have definitely impacted my life. Because the things I learn from my teachers, I will use in the future. There’s a few teachers that I will always remember because of them being nice, good at teaching, and always being positive.

  228. A teacher has made my life better by showing me the values of succeeding in school and the importance of getting good grades. That if students do good enough and take rigorous courses they can get scholarships which would help put the student through college. They helped me understand just how important school is.

  229. My teachers are always willing to help me with my work. They are always giving me feedback to help me be a better student. Mrs. Stoody is very encouraging when it comes to physical activity and softball (she’s my softball coach as well) and is always willing to go the extra mile to make me a better player.

  230. teachers have impacted my life. they impact my life by changing the way they teach that not just from a textbook one teacher that did this for me was my 7th grade teacher mr tapman. another teacher was my 5th grade teacher mr miller he was my gym teacher and made gym fun

  231. Teachers have impacted my life in a lot of ways. They have taught me well and made class fun while still teaching me new things. They also are usually nice and help me when I need it.

  232. i don’t think a teacher has ever positively impacted my life. i just don’t think that teachers have ever made my life better.

  233. I have had many teachers positively impact my life. One that stands out was my 8th grade science teacher. He made us do a ton of work sometimes, but it definitely payed off. I learned many new skills to help with learning in the future. In fact, that’s probably the only reason I’m passing science this year, so I’m thankful for that.

    • *paid: Yeah sometimes when you’re doing all that work, you feel like you hate it, but then later, you realize it was actually really good for you.

  234. Teachers are there for you and to help you graduate and make it to collage. All my teacher teach different things so they all impact my life.

  235. I think that teachers don’t have a big impact on my life. They could positively impact your life because they don’t give up on you when you think you can’t do something. They are always there to help if you need it. I don’t really have a favorite teacher but i did have some really nice ones who helped me in may ways.

  236. mr.moore…(jerk) has taught me to man up, after all the times he picked on me i managed to stop crying about it and just shrug it off. That is how he has positively affected me.

  237. I don’t have a teacher that has influenced me but all of my teachers have. My teachers give me support and help me get through work. My teachers also try to make something that is boring more fun to try and keep you interested.

  238. My teachers have provided encouragement to keep on going and to get more out of myself and my grades. They have told me what to improve and what I am doing good on which helps me to improve my education and grades.

    • Yes good points. Have there been any teacher that have impacted your life by giving you life lessons and other things like that?

  239. My teachers gave me a lot to do, which is good. It helped me get better prepared for the future the world has for me. My teachers helped me be able to be a better leader and and a smarter person. They help me grow and they are always there for me. My teachers are really nice and they are the ones who really help kids out a lot. They are the ones who help kids grow to be adults.

  240. I think that teaching is a very difficult task because of the diversity of how kids learn and how they do things. I believe that teachers who truly help students are very honorable and deserve to be dedicated to and appreciated. Teachers should be given more credit than just this one week. If it wasn’t for teachers we would not have good educations.

  241. A teacher has positively affected my life. They have done so by teaching me almost everything i know. If I didn’t have a teacher then i would be very dumb.

  242. My teachers helped me have the best education I could possibly have. I like how Mr. Munro explains things if someone has a question. I also like how he is very active with his students.

  243. Being a teacher can be a very tough but also rewarding professions. The kids teachers educate hold the future of the planet in their hands, and without education, that future would be grim. I am extremely thankful for all of my teachers for their support, and I don’t think it would be fair to name just one, because they have all helped me in their own individual way.

  244. There have been a lot of teachers that have made my education better. There is always that one teacher that gets you and you can learn really easy. I have only had a few teachers that have made a impact on my life.

  245. My teachers have helped me every weekday get the best education possible for me. They also have always helped me improve on being more organized, and teaching me grades are important. And everything the teachers are teaching me now is building up for my future.

  246. Teachers can have a lot of positive impacts on students. Some my favorite teachers were very encouraging and helpful. I like their teaching style and they would always help me to understand. A way that has impacted me is because I am not nervous to ask questions and to get help with understanding.

  247. I think that my teachers have all given me positive feedback, enough to make me push myself further until i get what is needed done. My teachers have given me skills and tools to use later in life and to move forward in life .

  248. Your Question: We’d like to get your feedback on how a teacher positively impacted your life. How has a teacher made your life better?

    A teacher has made my life better by teaching me things. If A teacher hadn’t taught me the stuff I know today, I would not know it.

  249. i don’t think any teachers made my life better except for learning.

  250. no teacher impacted my life but my old neighbor did. He tole me to stay in school were i can get a good job win i get older.

    • *when: Yeah it’s definitely extremely important to get an education, and without one, your future is not bright.

  251. Many teachers have impacted my life positively. The teacher that did this was Mr. McKale. He did this by teaching me many life lessons.

  252. Teachers throughout the years of school for me have been extremely different. One of my teachers in 6Th grade and one in 9Th grade have impacted me. These two teachers are Mr. Falls and Mr. Diab. They are really awesome teachers. They both have a very similar personalities. They both are very laid back chill teachers most of the time. They are fun to be around and bring joy even when there is little joy to be found. Mr. Diab is also very inspirational. Any time someone makes fun of another person, he stands up for them. He talks about how everyone is different and that they can’t help themselves. This shows me to stand up for what’s right or what i believe in and don’t let anyone give you bull. He also never leaves any students behind. Just like Mr. Falls, they both make sure every student understands and does good in his class. They both know students can be shy so they ask specifically people who look confused. This is great because if a student falls behind they could do bad on their tests. They are also always in a good mood, making the classroom a great place to be in. These two teachers have taught me a lot not just about school, but life lessons. These are only a few of the examples of the way these teachers have impacted my life in a good way.

  253. Teachers always make impacts on mine and other peoples life. They help people get on track and other things like that.

  254. I don’t think a teacher really made my life different but i have had a couple teachers that were my favorite. My 6th grade math teacher Mr. Hodge was my favorite teacher because he was really cool and we could always joke around.

  255. teachers make my life better by just listing to me when i need some one to. some of my teachers know what im going through in life. i know when i talk to that teacher i can tell that one any thing then she tells me what i need to hear

  256. A teacher has never had a positive effect on my life. Teachers always put stress on me and give homework that takes away time from my life. I believe most teachers these days are just in it for the money. They act like it is a huge stress and sigh constantly, when they should be more than happy to be working with us, if they truly signed up for what they were meant to do, develop our education and help us form into adults.

  257. Mrs. Root has got to be my favorite teacher. She’s always in a great mood, and isn’t nearly as strict as the other teachers. Mrs. Root will be a teacher i will always remember.

  258. teachers make my life better everyday by teaching me new skills to use later in life, and teaching me things that i may need at a job. teachers make life easier now and will help later when i have a task and i need to write formal letter with no errors. i may also need math or science or even history later in life.

  259. My 7th grade history teacher Mr. Tapman he tought me and my class a new way to learn instead of looking at a textbook we had class discussion where everyone could state their opinion. This was one of the best ways to learn for me. He also was a teacher where if you wanted to say something even if the answer was wrong he would make sure you understood it.

  260. teachers make my life better because if the help a student that needs help doing something like work because if we didn’t have teachers then who would teach us how to do work. And what if a kid was bullied a teacher would be there to keep the kid safe and what to do if it happens again. A teacher makes my life better because they help you no matter what and they will always be there for you when you need help.

  261. Well to start off all of my teachers have taught me many things. But i like all of them in their own way. They have all done great things. Like me preschool teacher Ms. Stacy she would help me when i fell and scraped my knees.

  262. I have had many teachers that have impacted my life. The teacher that impacted my life the most would have to be Mrs. Langley. I used to struggle a lot with math and Mrs. Langley helped me with so much.

  263. Teachers have impacted my life in a lot of ways. For one, I live with a teacher and she changes my life everyday. I have seen the inside scoop on what happens to teachers after the classes are over. It’s stressful, and a lot more work than teachers have ever given us to do on just one night for homeowrk. Sometimes they don’t have the nicest things said to them either, and that makes everything harder on them. Seeing this happen makes me realize that teachers deserve to be appreciated, no matter how much you like them or not.

  264. teachers can affect a life if they help a kid in trouble.give them some tips on how to handle problems. by making a class fun and teaching new games to there students. many teachers don’t do this.

  265. Well for most of us, they all taught us from right to wrong, and to all of the things that we needed in the beginning years of school.

  266. Some teachers can be good in a positive manner when you don’t get the work they will help you. Also teachers who wont let their students fail. But there are some other teachers who have no respect for their students and don’t help them understand the work and will just let their students fail.

  267. teachers have changed my life very little. My dad taught me everything i know and teachers just review that every day pretty much.i can figure stuff out on my own if i need to. most classes i will never need in my life. I will need math and English. With the computers the teacher isn’t really necessary because we learn everything from the computer.

  268. my third grade teacher was kind of harsh and traditional but whenever i didnt finish my work she made me stay until i finished and she lectured me it changed my habits and made me a better student

  269. Teachers have always been there and especially this year. There always caring for you and they look out what’s best for you, and the fact that they actually care in high school is pretty special cause we were told they wouldn’t care in middle school, so thank you for making school a little easier.

  270. I think anyone can say that at least one teacher has impacted their life greatly by either teaching the material or giving you some sort of other advice that has helped you. Without teachers, education would be a lot harder to obtain. Teachers are all experts at what they do and they need to be thanked for all the good they do.

  271. Teachers have impacted my life in a lot of ways. They have supported me, helped me and some are always there for me if I need help with anything. But I have since what it is like for a teacher after school and it looks really stressful getting all the grades into power-school on time.

  272. teachers impact my life positively when they help me when im struggling and when they encourage me to do good in school and motivate me to get a better grade.

  273. Teachers positively impact our lives because they are the ones who teach us everything that we need to know. They educate us so that we can go to college and then after that get a good job. Without them we wouldn’t have anyone to learn from because there wouldn’t be school without them.

  274. Not many teachers have affected my life that much. They probably just taught me a life lesson.

  275. I don’t recall ever having a teacher impacting my life. Teachers have always been the same to me. I have the teachers I like and enjoy being in their class. Then there are the teachers I don’t like very much and It’s a pain being in that class room for an hour.

  276. I’ve had a lot of great teachers that have taught me a lot of good things. My second grade teacher, Mrs.Bastian was really fun. She used to have us sing songs every day before class and had a fish named Elvis. I guess Mrs. Bastian taught me that you can still have fun and learn at the same time.

  277. Well, teachers have taught me my entire life, I wouldn’t know anything without them. Some would help me back when I had problems with bullying, almost all of them have been nice to me. Teachers have never failed to teach me something new everyday.

  278. Teachers have made my life better by giving me the best education they could provide. Without teachers I couldn’t read or right properly,and I wouldn’t know anything about are past.

  279. Teachers haven’t really made my life better, but without them i wouldn’t be able to learn. Some teachers though have been really nice and made school fun.

  280. Many teachers have made my life better. They have done that by teaching me in ways I can understand it. Also when we can have some fun while still learning.

  281. My teacher in second grade was the best. She made everything fun. She would always make sure you were doing the right thing.

  282. I have never had a teacher positively impact my life. They also have never made my life any better. They give me homework and make me worry all of the time about my grades.

  283. The teacher that impacted my life the most was my 4th grade teacher Mrs.Bradner. She always helped me when I didn’t understand things and was just a all around good person. She was very understanding about things and knew how to run a classroom.

  284. How a teacher has made my life better is by giving me more and more chances to get my grade up. I think that this is good because if I screw up earlier I can make up for by trying harder on something that is worth more. Also when a teacher explains something out and I understand it.

  285. Teachers have made school easier for me, but my teachers haven’t made a real difference in my life. Im glad we have teachers but they havent really impacted my life a whole lot.

  286. ive had nice teachers that made my day better, but never made a difference in my life.

  287. How teachers impact my life is when they teach us the way that we can understand it. Stuff can be very confusing to teens, but some teachers put it in a way that we can understand it because they know how we feel about things, so that’s one way they change my life. A teacher has made my life better by letting us have fun while we learn so were not bored and learning which can make students take things more seriously.

  288. My first grade teacher really helped me by teaching me type without looking at the keys. It came in handy to, since my first hour is mostly on the computers.

  289. Being there for me, even when it wasn’t school related. They had helped me get stuff done that i was too lazy to do before. There are very few teachers i get a long with, but theres like 2 or 3 that i actually consider an amazing teacher.

  290. I think a teacher has made my life better, by not giving up on me when I was going through hard times. When she helped me when i needed it, if I needed a better understanding of something, she would help me. And even out of school of I ever needed anything I know she would be there to help.

  291. Mrs. Root, Mr. Moore, Mr. Munro, have impacted my life. They are really good teachers and very nice! I want them to my teachers next year!

  292. Mr.Moore always explains things well, and he doesn’t want to have just a few of the same students do all the work for the class, so he has different people give answers instead of those same people. Also if we don’t understand something he will explain it even more until we understand it. Also the fact that we can retake a quiz when we get below a 70% is good because that way it won’t make our grade bad.

  293. I think that I have had a lot of nice teachers they all really have fun but I think that the teachers that are the best are the teachers that get along and i also think that the teachers that cheer for you to do better are the best

  294. the teacher was very supportive and active in his lessons. he put effort into everything he did and had a great work ethic. he helped me bring my worst subject to my best in a matter of months

  295. My teachers has helped me get the best education possible. They make a big impact on my life just because they are giving me knowledge that could be helpful in the future. The teachers treat me with respect and i treat them the same way.

  296. All of my teachers impact my life because they all teach me different things everyday. I do have teachers i like better than others, but i appreciate them all and every they do for me.

  297. My teachers give me positive feedback on my work i try really hard and they give me the credit for trying.

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