Mr. Moore

Unit Four – The Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution

The second quarter starts off with a look at some major innovations and changes in Europe after the Middle Ages. We will be looking at the Renaissance which started in Italy and spread throughout Europe changing art, science, architecture and more. The Protestant Reformation which changed religion forever both in Europe and around the world. […]

CNN Blog – May 16, 2012

Facebook is having its Initial Public Offering (IPO) this week, meaning this is the first time people will be able to buy stock (buy part ownership) in the company. Your Question is Below: Your Question: If you had money, would you buy stock in Facebook? Why or why not? Do you have any ideas that […]

CNN Blog: Monday, May 14

Recent issues in Greece and Spain highlighted protests by citizens of those respected countries against their governments. These protests mostly come from very poor economic situations in both countries. Your Question: In your opinion what is a responsible way to protest what your government is doing (whether it involves the economy, civil rights, or other […]

Mr. Moore’s Study Guide Turn In

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR GOOGLE DOC IS SHARED WITH ME AT MOOREC@HOWELLSCHOOLS.COM BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT. Follow the directions below. Use the URL address from the address bar in Google Chrome in the “Link to Assignment” box at the very bottom.  

CNN Blog – Tuesday, May 1

A school in California is offering students an opportunity to learn how to become a pilot after school for FREE. Your Question: What kind of free (or paid for) after school program would you be interested in if it was offered at Howell High School? Why? This could be strictly for fun, or for something […]

CNN Blog – Monday, April 30

Fighting escalated over the weekend between Sudan and South Sudan. Sudan was formerly the largest country in Africa, until a peace deal was reached in 2005 which would create the new country of South Sudan in 2011. Fighting between the two sides has continued for decades now and is escalating due to disputes over oil. […]

CNN Blog, Thursday April 26

SB 1070 is a law in Arizona which allows Arizona police to check people’s immigration status if the police have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the country illegally. There is a battle currently going on in the Supreme Court over who is responsible for enforcing immigration laws, the federal government or individual state governments. Your […]